Tuesday, 10 June 2014

An Overdose Of Pretty .....

Hello my lovely friends
before we go any further .....
Please prepare your eyeballs for some excitement

Is there such thing as 'Too Much' pretty?
No ..... I didn't think so
although these views sent me sky~high on beauty
 and giddy with exhilaration

Mr Sweet and I had a lovely visit to the New Forest Lavender Farm this weekend
It's quite a small place but Oh. Wow.
The quote ~ 'The best things come in small packages'
springs to mind here
It's not only breathtaking but very friendly and family run
it also has a really great little nursery packed with amazing plants
If you live close by ..... GO!
We shall definitely be returning with Sweet B and my mum this summer~time
(my Sweet B is home for good this weekend  ..... three years of uni ~ Done :o)

Lavender cream tea ..... Oh. My. Gosh .....

These photos came straight out of my camera ..... no editing required
Oh the joy that brings

I seem to have unintentionally mislead you on my last post
my birthday is actually


Whoooop de whooooooo

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart
for all of your sweet B'day wishes on my last post
YOU are wonderful

I am very much hoping that my Mr. Sweet has arranged some cake
and not tried to bake one this year!
the thought was very sweet but the cake was not

Back Soon

BIG love
x Jooles x


  1. It looks beautiful Jooles! The cream tea = delicious, flowers = stunning, planting combinations = amazing and no doubt the scent was fabulous!! Glad that you are so happy having your daughter home, I hope that whatever the next stage of life brings for her it is wonderful! xx

  2. Happy Birthday sweet Jooles! It's my husbands Birthday today as well!
    Those pictures are sooooo very pretty... Pictures of heaven actually; must look something like this ;-).
    Have a great day with a lovely cake ;), lots of love from Mirjam.

  3. Happy Birthday to you! The New Forest Lavender Farm looks absolutely gorgeous as does the weather! Have they got bees there taking advantage of the pollen? We've had 4 thunder storms this bank holiday we! x

  4. Happy Birthday!!! Absolutely beautiful photos - I think I'll add a visit to the lavender farm to our Summer 'To Do' list. Enjoy your day and, hopefully, the cake! x

  5. Happy Birthday for today lovely Jooles! Wow, you are right, you can never have too much pretty! That place looks utterly amazing. I dream of having a garden that looks reasonable one day! ha ha!

    Hope you get a good cake!

    Love vanessa x

  6. Have a Wonderful Birthday...be the Queen for the day! The Lavender Farm looks lovely, I can feel the warm sunshine & sweet breezes :)
    Smiles, DianeM

  7. It does look pretty & a cream tea always ends the day nicely. Looks like you had wonderful weather for it too!

  8. Happy Birthday Jooles!! Wishing you lots of loveliness. I am sitting here DROOLING over your post- oh those flowers! And OH MY those scones!!! You have brightened my day (and made my tummy rumble!)

  9. Happy Birthday...........lovely photos and what looks like a delicious cream tea.

  10. Oh my goodness *_* Too much beauty, my eyes are gonna pop out! Thank you for sharing such amazing pics with us! Have a fantastic birthday my dear ❤

  11. Happy Birthday! Those alliums are simply stunning! We went to a lavender farm in Devon a few years ago. It was raining so didn't get to see the beautiful lavender drills, but we had THE most amazing cream tea there - strawberry & lavender jam, mountains of clotted cream & warm lavender-scented scones. I don't think I've ever had a better one (and I've tried many, as I am a little addicted to cream teas!)

  12. What beautiful gardens Jooles! The plants and flowers are just what I would have in my ideal garden, thise gorgeous poppies and alliums, and of course the lavenders. It looks a lovely place to visit and you were certainly lucky with the weather.
    Hope you have a wonderful birthday and you get a yummy cake!
    Gill xx


  14. Oh my goodness, lavender cream tea......love! ❤️
    What an amazing place, those alliums are stunning!!!
    Three years of uni over, I remember you telling us (very sadly) that she was going, time flies!
    Happy birthday lovely!
    V x

  15. Happy birthday, Jooles! Lovely photos, they look like picture postcards.

  16. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you …

    What a gorgeous place - I want to hurl myself into those flower beds and inhale their prettiness!

    Enjoy the rest of your special day, Jooles.


  17. Happy Birthday! That lavender tea looks about as good as cake.

  18. Happy, happy, happy birthday my dear! Looks like the fun outings have continued - that place is simply glorious! And the cream tea...mmmm...let me know how it goes with the cake, no doubt it's Sweet B to the rescue! Lots of love to you, cxxx

  19. Hope you had a gorgeous birthday Jooles. Lovely pictures and no, you can never have too much loveliness!

  20. Happiest of birthdays to you, Jooles (although it's likely the day after now). Such pretty, pretty flowers, but oh, that cream tea made my mouth water. Love the little lavender springs across the cream. I hope you've had a happy day (with delicious cake).

  21. Oh- the poppies! And the view. Yes- certainly ideal for tea time. How incredibly gorgeous! Another place to go on my 'When I Visit England' wish list! (must add that my wish list also includes a one-way ticket) ;)

    Happy Birthday and many good wishes to wish for on a non-husband-baked-cake! ;)

  22. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! What a wonderful place to visit, that garden looks gorgeous. And lavendel tea with scones must be delicious!

  23. What a place! I love your photos Jooles, so full of colour and greenery and big blue skies. It pretty much sounds like my perfect day: sunshine, flowers, a cream tea and a nosy round a nursery too. Heaven. x

  24. Happy Birthday, Jooles!! Looks so beautiful at the lavender farm. Thanks for taking us along. Here's to more sunny days and flowers.
    With love, Anne xxx

  25. Happy Birthday, dear Jooles!! And thank you for this post filled with the most gorgeous photos....they made my heart skip a beat!! Just love the colours of the flowers against the blue sky.....and the lavender cream tea looks so delicious, reminding me of a lavender farm we went to in Devon! Such a heavenly place to visit :)
    Enjoy the rest of your birthday week....and so glad that your Sweet B will soon be home for good!!
    Helen xox

  26. Oh no lovely Jooles, I'm so sorry I missed this post on your birthday, my blogland visits have been few and far between over the last couple of weeks. Wishing you a very happy birthday. Fabulous photos, the flowers are just gorgeous and my eyeballs were indeed very excited!
    Jane xx

  27. A belated Happy Birthday. What a fabulous place to spend a celebratory day! I do love lavender farms :)


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