Friday, 2 May 2014

No kitchen photos just yet .....

..... but lets take a beautiful bluebell walk together instead

My Sweet B was home for the Easter holidays
(she'll be home for good soon :o)
we made the most of the bluebell season

Heavenly Heavenly Heavenly

Bluebells are like food for the soul ..... don't you agree?
I feel greedy for them
like a greedy bingeing bluebell gazer
I just can't get enough

we took every path we could
not wanting to miss a single breathtaking view

chatting away happily
between Oooooohs & Aaaaaahs
chatting about bee keeping too

There she is ..... my sweetheart

Such a beautiful day

The kitchen is coming along
it's almost there
but not quite
It's looking beautiful
I can't believe it's mine to be honest
although I have a lot more grey hairs now!

Wishing you all a beautiful weekend
we have a long one here in the UK
and I'm looking forward to just waking up in my own sweet time
without having to let the kitcheneers in at the crack of dawn
I bet they are looking forward to a lay in too

Back soon

BIG love
x Jooles x


  1. much beauty! The bluebells have been amazing this year havent they? What a lovely walk, and such beautiful countryside too Jooles. I bet your daughter must love her trips home to all this.
    I've really enjoyed that walk with you! Thankyou for sharing those lovely photos, today especially as it is so grey and chilly here in Kent at the moment.
    Hopefully the weather is going to be sunny this BH weekend, so have a lovely one Jooles, free from the workmen!
    Gill xx

  2. Wow, what an awesome pictures!!
    Those grey hairs are probably from all the dust, don't you think ;-)?
    Lots of love from Mirjam.

  3. Lovely to hear from you! Looks as though you had a great walk, your pictures are beautiful, and I especially like the bumble bee ones. They are amazing. Hope that the kitchen is finished soon and that you have a good weekend. xx

  4. Wow those bluebells are just gorgeous. Geeaty pictures!

  5. What beautiful photos. Can't wait to see the new kitchen - I'm sure it's worth every grey hair! x

  6. Oh what pretty pictures Jooles. I love the bluebell season too. Their vibrant blue/purple set against the deepest green is just incredibly pretty. They are very photogenic too.

    Ahhhhhh it's lovely that you have Sweet B home........and that your kitchen is almost finished! yay! I'm glad your chaos is coming to an end and you are loving what your kitchen has been transformed into! Cannot wait to see it in all it's glory!

    Have a super lovely long weekend sweet Jooles

    love Vanessa xxx

  7. Hi Jooles, thank you for sharing your lovely walk. I agree wholeheartedly that bluebells are like food for the soul, but sadly I haven't had many bluebell walks this year. It's lovely to hear from you again, I hope you've had a lovely time with Sweet B. Have a great weekend.
    Jane x

  8. What a treat------lovely woods and bluebells. I'm so happy to see Spring flower, esp bluebells. Hoping your kitchen is finished soon. Happiest May to you and your family.....
    Anne xx

  9. Hello lovely Jooles.....thank you for taking us on your beautiful bluebell walk! Your pictures are exquisite! I loved them all :) it was nice to have a glimpse of your sweet Sweet B as well. I am pleased to hear that your kitchen is nearly done, and that you will have a respite from 'the men' working on it this weekend!
    Wishing you happy spring days!
    Helen xox

  10. I think I recognise that road - I'm taking the girls on a bluebell walk tomorrow, a picnic is being planned, hope we find the same wood as you and Sweet B! Cxxx

  11. Aren't we so lucky to have bluebell season, they really are stunning en masse and your photos perfectly capture their beauty - thanks for taking us along on your walk.

    I hope you have a good bank holiday weekend Jooles with lovely long lie-ins. Very much looking forward to seeing kitchen pictures x

  12. Beautiful post with wonderful flowers.
    Take Pictures with animals is funny.
    I like yours with cows.
    I made Pictures with lamas This week and It was Great , You Can see them on my blog.
    Have a Great weekend Jooles.
    Miss xx

  13. Lovely photos of the bluebells & you must be so relieved your kitchen is nearly finished. Have a good weekend.

  14. A bluebell pretty and so magical!
    Happy Bank Holiday Weekend,
    Susan x

  15. Beautiful bluebells! They're blooming here too and I have a big bunch of them on my kitchen window sill. Enjoy your long weekend.

  16. Absolutely beautiful! Thank you. Em x

  17. Bluebells are blooming in our woods, too, and a few in my garden. I'm greedy for them and want them everywhere. Your forests are carpeted with loveliness.
    Enjoy your long weekend.

  18. Beautiful bluebells- such a vibrant blue. It looks like a lovely walk, tho my daughter would be a bit scared by the cows! Glad your kitchen is coming along nicely. You'll be all posh when it's finished:) Have a lovely weekend.xx

  19. It's such a shame that the bluebell season is so short. The cows are always so curious, but be careful, I have been surrounded by some before and it was quite scary. Have a wonderful long weekend. xx

  20. I have missed your beautiful blog! Thank you for sharing your bluebell looks stunning and the colours are so pretty. Isn't spring wonderful! Victoria xxx

  21. Oh Jooles what a perfectly lovely post which I really enjoyed - the colours of the flowers are just stunning and serve to remind us all how perfect Mother Nature really is - she is the top dog when it comes to colours. Your lovely daughter is gorgeous, just like you Jooles, have a fabulous weekend. Big hugs and loves, Dorothyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  22. Oh! Your spot in the world is just breathtaking!! What beautiful lands you get to wander . . .
    I have never seen such a display of bluebells. Incredible! We know them as 'English Hyacinth' in my neck of the woods- now I know why! :)

  23. They are especially beautiful this year I think Jooles. I wonder if it is something to do with our mild, if wet, winter? I have even noticed them along the hedgerows here.

  24. I live bluebells too and your photos are gorgeous, shame it hadn't been sunny here this weekend!

  25. Gorgeous Gorgeous photo's and what a wonderful way to spend a happy few hours! I hope you're enjoying the bank holiday weekend. S xo

  26. Looks like a beautiful walk. I'm currently doing a bee keeping course, I've finished the theory part and am currently doing the practical. It is amazing, I'm loving every second of it x x x x

  27. Thanks so much for sharing all that bluebell beauty with us, Jooles! I've always dreamed of being in your neck of the woods during bluebell season... But, for now, all I hope for is that the bluebells in my garden keep spreading all over!

    Beata xox

  28. aaaah lovely lovely bluebells, we went on a similar walk last weekend, just heavenly colour everywhere :)
    And also a walk through a very similar field of cows lol


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