Thursday, 22 May 2014

My Cross Stitch Challenge :: April & May

Hello lovely readers!

I'm all behind in posting about my cross stitch challenge
so here is an update

April .....

and May .....

love that little gnome but my absolute fave bit are those little sprigs
they are such a cute shape.

You may remember me saying that I wasn't happy with the colour of 'February'
it just didn't stand out

so I VERY carefully unpicked it and re~stitched in lipstick pink
..... ahhhh much better ..... don't you think?
this is my total progress so far

We have our plums (plumbers) here today
they are working in the laundry room
it used to be a downstairs cloakroom
with loo, shower and wash basin
during the kitchen renovation we moved a wall 
and managed to fit in the washing machine and tumble dryer
plus a huge and magnificently useful storage cupboard
we replaced the old loo and changed the shower
anyway by the end of today
 we should have a working loo and a tap with water coming out of it
such luxury.

I still have to tile the shower
which, if I'm to be honest, I have been putting off
I think it's because the tiles are just plain white
 so no pretty patterns to inspire me
I know exactly what it will look like already.
but I will do it soon.

Before I go
I thought I'd share a few of my Instagram photos from this week

I have been picking lots ..... sorry mum

another bedside posie

this little nook in my garden smells like heaven

I also made a cake .....
my dear friend Chrissie came to visit yesterday
and Of Course we needed cake.
I wanted to share it with you as it was a VERY good cake indeed
and is now firmly in my Top Ten scrumptious cakes list

Almond & orange syrup cake

It's from Rachel Allen's 'Cake' book
and Oh. My. Goodness.
It Is Good my friends

My Sweet B has the first of her final exams this afternoon
my stomach is in knots for her
she works so hard
she's been revising for weeks
..... hours on end .....
I hope lady luck will be on her side today

You were all so kind about my 'Mother's day' cushion
thank you SO much
your comments filled me with joy

Well I'm off to put the kettle on ..... again .....

Back soon

BIG love
x Jooles x


  1. What a lovely post! Your cross-stitch is looking great, I'm considering looking into doing one of them next year - I like the manageability (hopefully!) of doing one section a month - and ending up with a lovely full picture at the end of the year. As I was looking at your April and May pictures, I started thinking about the 'February' and wondering if it was still annoying you - and lo and behold, you've fixed it! Definitely worth doing, as it would have bothered you forever whenever you looked at it! Lovely! Maria xx

  2. I adore your cross stitch. And please can we have photos of the laundry day, hopefully, one day, I too will have such a thing!

  3. Oh Jooles, I do feel for Sweet B and I have my fingers crossed for her - such a stressful time but she sounds well prepared.
    That was such a good move on your February cross stitch - the perfect accent colour to make it stand out and all of the months look beautiful laid out there - makes me want to give cross stitch a try.
    The flowers are beautiful and it's so lovely to have some around the house so you can appreciate them all day long And as for the cake - it looks delicious, thanks for the recommendation.

    Good luck with the tiling (not a fun job as you say) and enjoy the coming together of your new laundry room x

  4. Love your Instagram pics - I love the way Instagram gives a vintage look to even the most mundane photos!

    That cake looks delicious. I may have to give it a whirl as I have that Rachel Allen book. I'm often not keen to try new recipes just in case they're not nice & tend to stick with tried & tested ones when I'm baking.

  5. I agree, the new February looks better; and I love the gnome, he looks so funny!
    That corner in your garden looks so cosy, I can imagine it will smell delicious....
    Have a great weekend and good luck for B! Love from Mirjam.

  6. You always post such happy looking photos. Is the cross stitch to your own designs?, it looks absolutely lovely.

    1. Hi Joanne ..... the designs are from the frosted pumpkin stitchery ..... they have SO many so cute designs!
      love Jooles x x x

  7. Good luck to Sweet B xx We never stop worrying about our children do we? Your cross stitch is beautiful. x

  8. Your cross stitch work is lovely and I agree that February stands out much better in pink. I hope Sweet B does well on her exams - such a stressful time. Delicious cake, beautiful flowers - lots of pretty in this post.

  9. A very pretty post, Jooles. I'm impressed that you still find time for picking flowers, baking cakes (yum!) and cross stitching in the midst of renovations. Good luck to Sweet B.

  10. Gorgeous cake, gorgeous flowers and your sampler is looking gorgeous too, the newly stitched February shows up perfectly! I have often undone cross stitch if parts of didn't stand out enough......I have even once undone and re stitched a bit after framing! ( very stressful but ok in the end!) Your new laundry room sounds lovely......hope the tiling goes well too.
    Happy week, lovely Jooles!
    Helen xox

  11. Mmm that cake looks divine! Your cross stitch is looking lovely.
    Good luck with the rest of the renovations!
    And best of luck to your daughter too with her finals.
    Have a great BH weekend Jooles, lets hope the sun comes back!
    Gill xx

  12. I hope that your plumbing is all sorted out now and that you have facilities again and that it will all be finished soon! Your embroidery is very pretty indeed and the new months are lovely. I think that your idea of changing the colour for the February stitches is a great one and it does indeed show up so much more which is the idea of the piece really to see each month isn't it. Then end for all the renovations will be in sight very soon I hope! xx

  13. That cake was so scrumptious...the recipe book was clicked into my Wish List when I got home! Thank you! Cxxx

  14. Your cross stitch is so cute Jooles, it's lovely to catch up on what you've done. Hoping sweet B's exams go well for her xxx

  15. So sweet! I agree, the pink lettering looks much better. I long for roses, so it is lovely to share your beautiful flowers as we head for winter. xxx

  16. Hello lovely Jooles I wish I could cross stitch as I love your work - it just gets better and better. You are doing such a wonderful job on this Jooles and it will look fab once completed. Your photographs are wonderful and I love the colours, can almost smell them. What a scrumptious cake, I could do with a piece of that just now Jooles. You are so clever Jooles - sorry I have not popped over to see you so much lately, hopefully work will be a little quieter for a while and I can come and visit you every post. Have a wonderful weekend Jooles, big hugs, Dorothyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  17. I wish Sweet B lots of luck with her finals, fingers crossed for her, although I doubt she'll need it as she sounds like a bright young woman with her head screwed on right, so I bet she'll be fine.

    I just love love LOVE your monthly cross stitch sampler, and you were totally right to re-do the lettering in February. It's always a joy to stop by your blog lovely Jooles, I wish I could pop round for cake. x

  18. Hi Jooles, hope you've had a lovely Bank Holiday. Your cross stitch is gorgeous and that cake, yummy!!! Good luck to Sweet B! love Sarah xo

  19. Hi Jooles, gorgeous, gorgeous cross stitch...I definitely prefer the pink stitching on February, it really pops and looks so pretty. Have a great week!
    Marianne s

  20. heeheehee May is brilliant, I love him! I think I might have missed March somewhere too because I don't remember the smiley mushroom, he's lovely. Feb is looking much better in pink too, good idea re-doing it :-)

    Hope your plumbing is all in order now and that B did alright in her exams :-)

    Nicole x

  21. Hi Jooles, wow your cross stitch looks gorgeous and it has made me feel very inspired to put this top of my crafting list for 2015! The pink looks perfect and matches your very pretty roses. I hope that Sweet B's exams are now finished and she's been able to relax. It's such a stressful time and I remember it like it was yesterday. xxxxxx ps the cake looked sooo good!!!

  22. Lovely cross stitch, May's gnome is adorable. Your garden nook looks beautiful, I wish the scent would come through the computer, I bet it's heavenly with the roses and wisteria - mmm.....
    Have a great week.
    Jane x

  23. Hi Jooles, just a little message to say that I just received yesterday my Mollie makes edition and I saw your fabric roll.
    Congratulations for being in this magazine!
    Good week
    Miss xx😊


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