Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Crochet :: Flowers :: Apples

Hello my lovely friends

I made this
Oh yes, I really did.
A cosy case for my phone
A couple of weeks ago the fabulous Heather
made a tutorial for this cute little phone case
I fell in love with the sweet ones that she'd made
crochet and cross stitch ..... whats not to love?

Now my crochet skills are a little rusty
and I still consider myself a beginner
but Heather's instructions made it Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy
Thank you Heather
you are wondrous

after my initial success I REALLY wanted to make another
 I bet you can't guess who this one's for?

as I said before my crochet skills are very rusty
but I REALLY wanted to give Sweet Bee's case some little wings.
I found a pattern for a flower petal in one of my (way too many) craft books
gosh, it involved single, double, half double, half treble ..... 
all in all ..... a bit scary 

not to be deterred
I googled YouTube videos for all the different stitches
(thank you kind people who make these videos x)
 I ended up with almost a million windows open
It got a bit messy ..... but I got there in the end.

As a swap for poached eggs on toast
Mr Sweet put my beloved flower shelf back up at the weekend
I have missed it so

Allium Nectaroscordum bulgaricum

Isn't it sensational?
you really need to look up at it to see all of its astonishing beauty

I rescued some pretty blooms from the rain today ..... 
is it ever going to stop I wonder?
it's been so SO grey
I really LOVE rain but I think we've had enough now ~ thank you very much.

I've been in my sewing room most of the time recently
it's cosy in there
(and I have treats in my desk drawer)

I've been stitching up teacher gifts
I can't believe it's that time of year again.

I made some teacher supply pockets last year and they went down a storm
I like to change it up a bit ..... get bored easily
so this year I came up with a slightly different design
in three juicy apple varieties .....

So if your little one has a special teacher who deserves a lovely gift
personalised especially of course
maybe this could be what you're looking for
just choose your favourite variety

A Fresh Granny Smith

A Juicy Red Delicious

A Luscious Pink Lady

Mmmmmmm .....

They are available in both my Etsy and NOTHS shops

Back soon

BIG love
x Jooles x


  1. Love your crochet phone cases - your crochet skills don't look at all rusty! Your garden is looking lovely too - I'm sure all this rain we're having is doing our gardens lots of good. That is a really unusual allium, and so beautiful! Sun is forecast for us here for the weekend - fingers crosses anyway...

  2. Oh my, you have been busy! Love the phone cases- so neat. Your shelf looks lovely & it's so nice to bring some pretty flowers inside. We need a bit of brightening up today- the rain seems to have taken hold.xx

  3. Those apple cases are brilliant!! So cute, Jooles! As is Sweet B's phone case- such a clever one you are!

    I had never seen your flower shelf but I am SO inspired to make one myself! If I do, I'll send you a photo! Thanks for all the loveliness!
    And rain, rain . . . go away!!

  4. I think I must have one of those violet phone cases. Too cute!!! And I LOVE your new teacher pockets - Bunny's teacher still enjoys her pocket from last year, it hangs beside her desk for all to see! Apparently the children sneak treats into it to surprise her...Chrissie xxx

  5. Well done you on the crochet phone cases, so sweet!
    I think such a shelf with vases is the perfect idea for our home actually... Because our cat Betsy always steals my flowers! If I hang it somewhere where she can't reach... Perfect!!
    Lots of love from Mirjam.

  6. Your phone cases are both beautiful!!! I love the little wings on the bee, that is such a fun touch. The flower shelf is so pretty and makes a great addition to your kitchen I am sure. xx

  7. You made again so many creative things. The bee phone case with wings is just stunning, your sweet bee will be so proud. Your flowers in the bottles look lovely on the shelf but when I see your beautiful pictures of the Allium bulgaricum I think of something what happened a few years ago. I had some flowering Alliums bulgaricum and was proud on them. I had planted the bulbs in front of the border at the edge of the grass. Then my husband went mowing the grass and he mowed my Alliums too, you understand I was not amused at that time. But end good all good, the Alliums are still there and have even multiplied themselves.

  8. How beautiful is the bee case????? Really love it!!!!!
    xxxxxxx Ale

  9. Lovely little makes there, everything you make is always done to such a good quality, I love your little flower shelf too! :) x

  10. Oh my goodness, Jooles! Those teacher supply pockets are AMAZING *_* And the phone cases are super-sweet. Love the cross-stitched one, it's adorable!
    The flower shelf is lovely ❤

  11. I LOVE your phone cases and am utterly delighted (and relieved!) you were able to follow my little tutorial, Jooles. The violet is so pretty; something about the combination of the colours you've used too, it's just gorgeous. Sweet Bee's case is genius!

    I am totally coveting your flower shelf, well worth the poached eggs I should say!

    The teacher pockets are exquisite. You really do have magic in your fingers.

    Thanks so much for saying such kind things my friend. You're so lovely.


  12. They are such lovely makes, the bee case is an inspired idea & I just love your flower shelf.

  13. I'm loving the phone cases, and teacher's gifts Jooles, and your garden is looking fabulous, all those things must take hours of work, you're clearly a busy bee yourself :)

  14. I love your new apple-y ideas, Jooles! And your phone cases are fantastic....a sweet violet and a sweet bee, both adorable! So pleased you have your flower shelf back up, it is really pretty and a lovely way to show off the latest garden blooms.
    Happy weekend, hope it's sunny for you!
    Helen xox

  15. Love those teacher presents, and thanks for the reminder that its time to think about that!
    I love your flower shelf - and again another reminder - to do something with some little glass bottles I've saved :)

  16. Clever Jooles, the crochet phone cases are sweet! Love all the teacher pressies too, beautiful as all your makes are!
    Lovely flower photos, the flower shelf is such a lovely idea and they look gorgeous.
    Thanks for sharing all this prettiness on yet another grey day - still, its supposed to be better at the weekend!
    Gill xx

  17. As always, your post is packed with pretty. My flowers have been coming about a week behind yours all spring, so it's a treat to see your pictures and look forward to what's coming. I planted Allium for the first time this year and it's almost ready to open. Your teacher pockets are lovely too. I certainly never got a gift like that when I was teaching.

  18. Gorgeous blooms as always, they really make me smile :0) Loving your phone case and I bet Sweet B loves hers too! The fabrics you've used on the teacher gifts are beautiful, Pink Lady is my favourite xxx

  19. The lily of the valley and violets are finally blooming here. Jooles, Your violet and bee case are fantastic. ((I got a new phone as a surprise present, so have been looking for case ideas.)) Thanks for sharing all of your flower pics and teacher pockets. Love your fabrics. Happy late May// almost June!!
    Anne xxx

  20. Hello! I loved your phone cases and also have a crush on cross stitch on crochet. I am only a beginner but have recently made some jam jar covers that are a bit wonky (those bits can go to the back!) and I've got some plans for some cross stitch roses to make them pretty. Your teacher gifts are very special and I love the fabric choices....especially Pink Lady. Have a lovely weekend. xxxxx

  21. I love your teacher pockets Jooles, your work is so beautiful. Your garden is looking beautiful too and I love the allium on your flower shelf. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.
    Jane xx

  22. Dear Jooles,

    How did I miss this post? There's so much to smile about here - there ALWAYS is on your sweet, beautiful blog. Your crochet skills look pretty amazing to me, infinitely better than mine and your flower pictures have made me feel a little giddy with excitement. I hope you are well and happy, dear Jooles, and not too swamped with work.


  23. Well done Jooles, your phone cases are really sweet and your crochet skills look very accomplished to me. I'm glad you've got your lovely little flower shelf back, it looks so pretty especially with such stunning blooms to display. Your teachers pockets are perfection and bound to be very popular over the next few weeks - I can't believe we're almost at the end of another school year!

  24. Gorgeous post! I love your little phone cases...the little bee wings are so sweet. Your teacher gifts are just beautiful.
    Marianne x

  25. I also admired Heather's phone case and think yours is extremely pretty, so very you. Your teacher gifts are so, so lovely - you are very good at what you do. x


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