Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Allsorts (with a little liquorice) .....

Thank you SO much for all of your kind comments on my new kitchen
I was so happy to read them
thank you
I'm so glad you like it too
especially it seems, my mug shelf
I'll tell you more about that another day
if you'd like

Today I wanted to share with you some flowers
 I picked from the garden this weekend
it felt quite naughty picking these beautiful treasures.
When I was little, my mum liked to leave the flowers out in the garden
she'd tell me that they'd last longer out there
and of course, she had a point
but I think I've rebelled rather
I LOVE to bring flowers inside
I appreciate them SO much
their close up beauty and their fragrance gives me endless joy

Just four .....

One Allium
One Lilic
One Viburnun sprig
One Peony

and ..... Om My .....

the anticipation waiting for this plump beauty to open is almost more than I can bear!

Can you see the Welsh poppies through the kitchen window?

aren't they P R E T T Y ?
I really love the flowers of spring
they just knock yer socks off!

Just as Mr Sweet had promised
the blinds were hung at the weekend
it was a little tensiony at times (!)
but they are now up 
and looking pretty
I'm so pleased they fit ..... phew

I love the fabric so much
I ordered it from here
I'd love to buy more ..... much more .....

and this is the fabric I used in the laundry room
but more on that another day too

Luckily I had some fabric left over
(I accidentally~on~purpose ordered a bit too much. Naughty girl)
I remembered a while ago that the VERY lovely Gillian
mine was falling apart
so on Sunday afternoon
while the boys were messing around with light fittings
 I set to
I'm thrilled with my new peg bag
and it's a really great tutorial
thank you Gillian

Today is my lovely boys birthday!!!!
he's twenty 
I really can't believe that
I decided to make him a really grown up cake this year
as he is no longer even a teenager


Incidentally, Minion's hair is the 'liquorice' part of the title

I tip~toed back to Instagram this weekend after a Loooong break
if you fancy a look at my posts there's a link to them on my sidebar
I'm having fun over there
I MUST NOT get obsessed
 I didn't sleep well last night as I was on there too late
I have now set myself a curfew
no joke.
I still love blogging best

Back soon!

BIG love
x Jooles x


  1. I wish we had smellablogging. I think your flowers must smell heavenly.
    And the cake seems perfectly suitable for a 20 year old! In fact, I might use the idea for my own 46th birthday cake later this month!

  2. gorgeous flowers, blinds and peg bag!!!!!
    The "grown up " cake is so witty ( and yummy, I suppose!!!) : Buon Compleanno!!!!!!!
    xxxxxxxxx Ale

  3. Twenty??? Really??? Oh my, I can't actually believe it! I also can't believe those blinds - they are *too lovely*. Pom pom border! It's almost too much for me to bear! The loveliness of it all!!! Enjoy those flowers, my friend, you certainly deserve fresh pretty blooms in your kitchen after all you've been through...Cxxx

  4. How wonderful to see your kitchen, the blinds look fantastic and I love the trimming along the bottom edge and the matching peg bag! Happy Birthday to your Mr 20 year old!! The cake looks wonderful, I hope that he has a great day. Lovely to see you Jooles. xx

  5. I never think to bring the flowers from the garden inside, I always feel a bit 'naughty' about it, but I think you've persuaded me, those are beautiful. Looking at those poppies are beautiful to look at whilst standing at the kitchen sink. Your kitchen is truly perfection x

  6. Happy birthday to your 20 year old, my eldest son will be 20 next month also! Time has certainly flown by. I love the cake, my son works in my department when home from uni where he is known as the minion. I might just have to copy your idea, I've already looked at the link. I always feel slightly regretful when I cut flowers for the house, even with the cut & come again ones. You have to though every so often & they do look wonderful

  7. Oh those flowers.......heavenly. I've made the decision to pick my only three peonies in my garden and put them in a vase indoors. I only had one last year (from plating from root), and that wasn't great as the heavy rain got to it. I want to take pleasure in these ones this year.

    Your blinds are gorgeous, such pretty, pretty fabric Jooles.......and your boy is twenty? Wow, time flies fast doesn't it. It suddenly hit me yesterday that my eldest Bear will be learning to drive in a couple of years. Eeeek. Suddenly everything will change......sigh.....

    Have a super rest of a week!


  8. I can almost smell that lilac! I too always feel "naughty" about cutting flowers from the garden, especially things like alliums that I don't have too many of. We have 3 very old rose bushes at the front of our house, one of which produces the most beautifully scented pale yellow blooms, the other two being almost red and a cerise pink. I have to confess to cutting plenty of these blooms and dotting them around the house, as it seems such a shame for the scent not to be enjoyed indoors. I adore peonies too - I really must plant some in our garden...

  9. Happy birthday to your lovely boy! :) Great cake!!
    Your blinds and peg bag are gorgeous as are those amazing flowers!
    Lovely to see on IG!
    V x

  10. Beautiful Jooles! I love the blinds and I'm quite envious of how tidy your new kitchen looks! I love your son's birthday cake- Happy Birthday to him.xx

  11. Such lovely flowers Jooles, that peony certainly looks as though it could go pop at any minute! I do love your blinds, they're just beautiful. Great Minion too - happy birthday to your boy. Have a great week.
    Jane x

  12. So much prettiness to enjoy here today. Bringing flowers indoors makes a room come alive, I think. Love the lilac and peony and allium and viburnum all combined so sweetly. The minion makes me smile.

  13. So pretty your kitchen looks lovely and the flowers to, my Mum says the same about leaving them in the garden. A happy birithday to your son.
    Clare xx

  14. Hello lovely Jooles....I noticed we were back in sync too....so glad!! What a post full of lovely things this is....I love your sweet flowers and I can imagine their delicious scent. Your kitchen blinds are perfect....the bees and the pom pom border are adorable. Love the word 'tensiony' so perfect for describing the atmosphere of husband and wife diy moments :) And happy belated birthday to your son...what a fab cake!
    Wishing you a happy week!
    Helen xox

  15. omg those blinds are amazing *_* your kitchen is a dream... it's always such a pleasure to come here and see all the wonderful things you make ❤

  16. I too need a curfew. Always online far too late but so many lovely blogs to read and so little time!!
    Happy Birthday to your no- longer-teenager! Came looks great!!

  17. Gasps......love your kitchen Jooles and that fabric.....it is just perfect...enjoy! lol S xo PS I just joined Instagram this weekend...it is indeed a slippery slope

  18. Those "welsh poppies" remind me of "buttercups" only they look much bigger from your kitchen window.
    Your thing for bumble bees is so serendipitous! I love it.

  19. The minion cake is fab Jooles ... my boys would love it ... and I love flowers inside too ... Bee xx

  20. Hi Jooles, Ohhhhh your kitchen is looking more wonderful all the time. Light and airy...... Love your bouquet. I like to bring the flowers inside too. happy birthday G.
    Happy almost Mid-May!!
    PlumCreek Studio

  21. Happy birthday to your boy. The cake is awesome!! And your kitchen is looking just gorgeous.

    I know exactly what you mean about cutting flowers - I always wobble between leaving them in the garden and bringing them inside. You've picked some beauties. Xx


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