Monday, 19 May 2014

A Mother's Day cushion .....

Hello my lovelies
Did you have a wonderful weekend?
The weather here has been ~ and still is ~ AMAZING

You may remember this cute little Bertie Blue cross stitch from a previous post
it was my mother's day gift from Sweet B
he is so adorable
(and so is she ..... of course)
I decided to make it into a cushion
 that way I can see him often
and appreciate my special gift every time I sit in my chair

Oh I do love a pretty cushion back

I'm really thrilled with how it has turned out and will treasure my gift always


I have been SUPER busy with orders lately
my NOTHS shop has gone bonkers
I've been trying hard to be ultra organised and efficient

I've upgraded my cake bunting sticks too
I'd had a couple of damaged orders
the boxes that I post them out in had literally been snapped in half
..... how I do not know
Royal mail were no help what~so~ever
The last thing I want is disappointed customers
customer service is a top priority in my book
anyway, I have switched the sticks to these lovely sturdy birch wood ones
for some reason I am very excited by them.

May is now officially my favourite month of all ..... By Far.

Now please prepare for your heart to sing .....

Thank you so much for visiting me here
there are always so many kind and lovely comments for me to read
you make blogging so wonderful
Thank you

Back soon

BIG love
x Jooles x


  1. Gorgeous flowery photos! May seems to be especially beautiful this year - I've not really noticed in previous years. Love your cushion too!

  2. I like the way you finish your cushion with a great bow. It is a wonderful idea and your cushion is beautiful both sides.
    Have a great week
    Miss xx

  3. Your cushion is truly gorgeous Jooles. I just love everything about it. The flowers too.......oh just make my heart sing. It really has been a lovely few days hasn't it!

    Let's hope the weeks stays okay!


  4. Beauty all around Jooles, especially sweet little Bertie Blue. He looks just like the bluetits that are hard at work feeding their growing family in my garden. Wasn't the weekend wonderful weatherwise? I do hope it's a taste of summer to come. Sounds like you're busy, busy, busy so I hope you have time for a quiet cuppa in the garden to enjoy those beautiful flowers x

  5. Dear, lovely Jooles,

    What a gorgeous post you have shared with us! Your cushion is truly beautiful (and inspiring) and yes indeed the back is as lovely as the front!

    And your flowers, oh my! Such a sight to behold. I can almost see fairies traipsing from bloom to bloom on tiptoes...

    Sorry to hear about your delivery problems. Trust me, I can totally imagine how annoyed you must have felt.

    Warmest wishes from a gloriously sunny Monday,


  6. I wish I could smell the scent of those beautiful flowers through the Internet... If there were a way to do so, your blog would smell like heaven! ^_^
    And oh-my-goodnes, the cushion turned out AMAZING!

  7. Beautiful cushion- I love the way you incorporate cross stitch into patchwork and the colours are gorgeous. Thanks for the feast of flowers too!x

  8. Your cushion is lovely. That was a nice way to display the stitching. The back is beautiful too.

  9. What a gorgeous cushion and I love that bow!! My heart is singing too, what beautiful flowers xo

  10. Oh that cushion! it is just utterly perfectly pretty! I bet Sweet B is happy with it, too! Such a keepsake...hmmm, I think I'll be wanting some of that heart cake bunting with its new sturdy pillars, please get some ready! I love your garden, I bet it has been even more special to you this year, as it serves as a place of beauty and peace amidst the kitchen mayhem... Chrissie xxx

  11. Your cushion is beautiful Jooles and I love the colours in the patchwork, what a lovely treasure to have. Breathtaking blooms too!
    Jane xx

  12. Your cushion is beautiful - as are the flowers!
    Maria x

  13. This comment needs to be just one long list of oohs and aahs, and beautifuls, and breathtakings. I'm just catching up here and everything from your bedside posy of Lily of the Valley to your cushion to your kitchen is just so perfectly pretty. Lovely posts lately Jooles :)

  14. Such a great way to display a pretty piece of embroidery, especially one that means so much!
    Gorgeous flowers, so much happening in the garden - the flowers in those first few photos are wonderful!
    Enjoy the sunshine Jooles!
    Gill xx

  15. Your cushion is beautiful and even more so with the addition of the embroidery, what a great way to display it! Your flower photos are beautiful and so lovely to see. I hope that the new poles work well for your bunting, it is very annoying when things mysteriously get damaged in the post, hopefully these will be a little more resilient to the urges of the postman! xx

  16. Oh, not sure about the last bit of my comment, please ignore it. I hope that you know what I meant! xx

  17. Lovely photos & the cushion is just lovely.

  18. Oh Jooles, you're such a wonderful seamstress. Your cushion is just beautiful and the most heavenly colours - like summer skies.

    Stunning photographs too. xx

  19. Jooles! I LOVE that cushion! You are so clever! I love how you've pieced the front together, incorporating the beautiful little birdie. And the back of the cushion is amazing!!! Clever, clever, clever!!! :-)

  20. Oh sweetie just a little breathless after seeing this beautiful mothers day creation, wow wow wow!!! This really is something very special and I love all the detail, even the back is so pretty. You clever gal!! Your garden is looking so pretty with that gorgeous lilac and rose, oh how lovely it is to see a little life and Sun, long may it last. Hope you have a lovely week xoxo

  21. Your cushion is gorgeous compliments sweet B's cross stitch perfectly.
    I loved seeing your beautiful flowers too....yes, a perfect time of year.
    Jacquie x

  22. My heart was singing and hasn't stopped!! GORGEOUS blossoms!! Yes- May is a wonderful month. That's why I got married in the merry month of May :)

    That cushion is too special for words. LOVE it! And the back is terrific . . . I sure wish I had a way with my sewing machine half as well as you. Of course, if I used it regularly, maybe I would ;)

    So happy for you that your shop is busy! Blessings lovely gal!

  23. Your cushion looks very beautiful, and a perfect way to display the sweet cross stitch birdie! I love your pretty cake bunting and am so glad your shop is busy......and not a bit surprised! And oh such gorgeous flowers too......thank you for these wonderful pictures, dear Jooles!
    Happy week!
    Helen xox

  24. Such pretty flowers. You've inspired me to hit the garden with my camera.

  25. I love your flower photos, you capture them so well, just a shame we can't smell them! Such a pretty cushion, the Blue Tit looks perfect on it xxx

  26. I love the cushion, the colours really do sing. The bow on the back is a wonderful idea too. x


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