Friday, 11 April 2014

Bits & Bobs .....

Hello lovely readers
I have some lovely bits and bobs to share
but not many words today I'm afraid
I am a weary~head
chaos surrounds me
and I have a cold sniff sniff

Progress on my cushion

Lovely giveaway treats .....
I have been a very lucky girl
winning a FAB~U~LOUS giveaway
from the very kind Marianne of Ladybird diaries
look how beautifully wrapped my goodies were
it was like Christmas ~ it really was

such a pretty crochet scarf with sparkly bits in
Oooooh I love a bit of sparkle, it's very soft too
just beautiful
A beautiful crochet rose brooch 
(Marianne you are so clever, your makes are just perfect x)
the cutest little rose earrings and a very useful and utterly pretty little CK purse

last but not least
 a sweet heart brooch which looks wonderful on my spotty jacket

I feel so lucky
What a treat
Thank you Marianne

I adore every thing and will be keeping a close eye on the sparkly scarf
Sweet B has been spotted gazing lovingly at it!

A new baby pocket
which I made for our lovely kitchen man's new baby
I LOVE the name Ralph ..... adorable.

and before I say bye bye for today
here are a few Easter goodies available in my shops

Wishing you a Happy Happy Happy weekend

Back soon!

BIG love
x Jooles x


  1. such a lucky winner!!!!!
    take care, xxxxx Ale

  2. Lucky you, Jooles! Such a sweet goodies! Love the Ralph's pocket as well. It looks so lovely and cute. Well done to you!
    Happy weekend to you too

  3. Ooooh, and I do love your daughter's cross stitch too :0)

  4. Lovely makes as always! Get well soon - I so love that blue tit cushion!! I have a serious case of cushion envy ;0) J9 x

  5. how lucky to win the giveaway!...the baby pocket is sooo cute.

  6. Such lovely little parcels congrats on the giveaway, some beautiful sewing to, the blue tit cushion is gorgeous. Hope you feel better soon.
    Clare x

  7. Such beautiful goodies today Jooles. Can't wait to see the completed patchwork cushion, love the colours and Sweet B's cross stitch. Congratulations on your giveaway win, gorgeous goodies from Marianne. The baby pocket is just adorable. Hope you're feeling better soon.
    Jane xx

  8. Very fun to see your cushion --in--progress, Jooles. Thinking of you during your house renovations.
    Enjoy your lucky winnings.
    Happy Spring.....
    Anne xxx

  9. Such lovely things from Marianne! Your cushion is looking lovely, especially with the addition of the beautiful cross stitch! Hope that the cold is gone and you are feeling better soon. xx

  10. Your cushion is I going to be fantastic, I just know it! Great to see all the fun and cheer . . . love your baby pocket! I am sure your kitchen man will be very touched! Happy Weekend!

  11. What gorgeous treats id certainly be over the moon
    I love the baby pocket so cute. Im making a few
    Baby bits for my brother and his wife who are
    Having their first. ......exciting
    Have a great weekend
    Karen x

  12. that cushion is going to be AMAZING (it does look so already!)
    I'm in awe of that baby pocket *_* the perfection of the stitching in impressive... and the fabrics are sooo nice. I really love that colour combo, reds and blues = ❤

  13. Love the birdie cushion and the baby bear are so clever, Jooles! Such a sweet giveaway win too....and well deserved :)
    Wishing you a lovely weekend.
    Helen xox

  14. So lovely that you won Marianne's gorgeous giveaway ... and your bird cushion is looking beautiful ... Bee xx

  15. What fabulous giveaway treats, lucky girl!
    Love your birdie cushion and hanging pocket for baby Ralph :)))
    Caroline xxx

  16. Lovely Jooles what wonderful pictures and well done on the win, you are a lucky girl but well deserved too. I adore the little bird, wow it is a knockout and the baby makes are just adorable. It sounds as if you need a bit of TLC so take care, put your feet up and enjoy the weekend. Always a pleasure to visit you Jooles and catch up with all your news. Big hugs and loves

  17. What a super bunch of goodies you received!
    And your cushion is looking super-cute, too.
    Wishing you a great week (with slightly less chaos!)
    Sarah xx

  18. I am so glad that you like your giveaway goodies! I love your birdie pretty.
    Marianne x

  19. What a fab giveaway, you lucky thing! That cushion is looking very nice, I love the cross stitch so much, and that baby pocket - oh my, it's too cute. It makes me want another baby, just so I can order one (but everything makes me want another baby these days...) xx


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