Monday, 14 April 2014

An almost forgotten Ta ~ Dah .....

Amidst the humongous chaotic chaos here
I had almost forgotten to show you my finished Nordic Shawl
I happened upon my photos yesterday
I first wrote about it way back here

My shawl came about after a visit here
(one of my fave blogs)
I was blown away when I saw the delightful Mrs. Coco Rose's shawl
it was one of those moments when I nearly fell off of my chair in love
she does that to me a LOT
and I know I'm not alone

The pattern is designed by the very clever Annette
and even as a beginner I found it pretty easy to follow.

Way back last summer
I happened upon a knockout colour combination in my garden
it literally took my breath away

I kept popping outside just to drink it in
soft violet Plum Peach
So DeLiCiOuS
I teamed those colours with pale grey

Although I adore the colours
I wish I hadn't been such a cheapskate
I used yarn that I already had lurking around for the colour border
they were all different thicknesses which made it a little uneven
I'm cross with myself about that
but I've told myself that .....
'it really doesn't notice when I'm wearing it so stop being cross with yourself silly'
I wish I would listen to me.

~ the edging pattern is SO pretty ~

But I do Lve it so
It's just perfect to throw on in the evening
when there is just a bit of a nip in the air
and it's great when I'm working too

I have such a snotty cold
Really Really snotty
I'm sorry to say that but
I have never had SO much snot in all my life!
Where does it all come from?!

Our kitchen fitter is back again today
he'll be here tomorrow
and the next day
then the plumbers
(affectionally known as 'the plums')
then the electrician
then my lovely brother-in-law carpenter
then next week the flooring will be going down
THEN I will be in
But goodness it's been hard going
washing up in the bath is no longer fun
it stopped being fun after day one
it is now day eight.

We have done lots of the work ourselves
my lovely boy and Mr Sweet have done most of the electrics
but we thought we should hire an expert for the final wiring up
otherwise it would be too scary for words!
I took on the unenviable roll as head sander
(I won't be turning professional)
it has been all hands to the deck
I can't wait to have something pretty to show you.

Just the thought of filling a little vase with freshly picked blooms
and placing them in my kitchen fills me with joy and excitement
I keep telling myself
'Not long now'

I've decided to take a little break
I need to get stuck into the tiling
make bumble bee blinds
and fill my new kitchen .....

but I'll be back soon with a shiny new kitchen and laundry room tour
(Sooooooo excited.....)

BIG love

x Jooles x


  1. Your shawl is beautiful Jooles and I love the floral inspiration that started it off for you! I hope that the kitchen works go really well and that you are up and running again in spectacular style very soon! xx

  2. Good luck with your kitchen- it will be such a relief for you when it is finished. I hope you recover quickly from your cold. Your shawl is beautiful:) Lots of love.xx

  3. Your shawl is bey-oooo-tiful, Jooles, and I adore the fact you got your inspiration from the garden. I think we are our own biggest critics when it comes to making things - I wouldn't have been able to tell from your photographs at all.

    Sorry you're 'snot' feeling great (haha!) and hope you feel less moist soon! ;-)

    Dying to see your kitchen pics!

    Heather xx

  4. Just catching up with your lovely posts after a holiday in the Lake District, you have been busy! Your shawl is beautiful Jooles, the colours are very pretty. Hope you are feeling better soon, not what you need when all around you isn't normal. Can't wait to see your new kitchen pics, the end is in sight! xxx

  5. Gorgeous shawl, and those colours are beautiful....perfect floral inspiration in your garden! Glad your kitchen is getting done but sorry you have a horrible cold! Hope you feel better soon, dear Jooles, and good luck with the tiling. Looking forward to seeing your pix when all is complete :)
    Take care.
    Helen xox

  6. Lovely Jooles I am in love with your gorgeous shawl how divine it is and I am sure you will look just beautiful in it. Can't wait to see all your changes, love it when we do anything to our house - I am sure that your changes will be just lovely. Have a great week Jooles, big hugs and loves

  7. Your shawl is beautiful Jooles and the colours you chose all look gorgeous together. I hope you feel much better soon....can't wait to see your new kitchen, so exciting!
    Take care, Caroline xxx

  8. Very pretty shawl. I keep telling myself the same thing -- buy the right yarn; you'll be glad you did. Sometimes I do and I am glad. Sometimes the get sticker shock at the store and cheap out and regret it.

    Feel better soon and get someone else to wash up in the tub tonight.

  9. beautiful shawl!!!!!!
    have a nice break Jooles, xxxxx Ale

  10. Such a beautiful shawl and lovely colors!! xo Heather

  11. You have such a knack for pretty colour combinations - this is a beautiful shawl! Sorry about the nasty bug, you need to get the dishes out of the tub and get yourself in there with bubbles! There is light at the end of the tunnel, hang in there a bit longer! Cxxx

  12. Beautiful shawl Jooles, such lovely colours! Glad to hear the end of the building work is in sight. Can't wait to see the bumble bee blinds, that fabric is so pretty. Get well soon.
    Jane xx

  13. Aahh, the beautiful Nordic Shawl is calling me, I shall have to make one for our next winter - April/May next year. Hope you are feeling better Pat :) xxx

  14. I love it Jooles! You should be pleased that you've used up 'old' yarn, think of it as being thrifty :-) You definitely can't tell. I'd watch out though, do you think B might want to steal it?

    We've had snotty colds here too (J is worse than I am) Hopefully this nice sunny weather will sort us all out :-)

    Really looking forward to seeing your kitchen! x

  15. Gorgeous colour choice for the shawl, I'm right there with you with the cold virus blah feel better soon and have a great Easter
    Clare xx

  16. Hi Jooles (sorry for such a late comment!!) gorgeous gorgeous shawl...your colour choice is lovely. I have purchased the pattern too and I'm thinking it would make a great summer holiday project! Hope the end is in sight. With you on the whole cold thing....I've been feeling rubbish! xo

  17. Hi Jooles, That is true that My rose valley blog (one of my favorite too) is very beautiful and I was wondering to do a shawl with this pattern, you encourage me to do it.
    thank you for all your beautiful posts.

  18. Gosh, that's so beautiful! Looking forward to the kitchen pics too...

    Jo x

  19. Hi Jooles :) I do hope you're feeling better and that your sparkly new kitchen is on target. That's such a sweet shawl, and so very you. If you are really bothered about the edge - you shouldn't be but as a fellow perfectionist I understand how hard not minding these tiny imperfections that only we see is - have you thought of giving it a really hard wet blocking ... it will open the lace up more and should even out those differences in yarn weight:)

    1. Thanks Annie ..... that's a brilliant idea and one I shall definitely try!
      love Jooles x x x

  20. Lovely shawl - I get what you mean about gob-smackingly gorgeousness!! Enjoy your prettifying - can't wait to see the pictures. Mine has been finished since November and I've still not managed to finish - procrastination is a real weakness. Happy Easter. J9 x

  21. Your shawl is so pretty Jooles, and so clever to get your inspiration for colour the way you did. Your kitchen plans all sound so exciting - and yes, I can imagine that you are chomping at the bit for it to be done.
    Have a lovely Easter weekend

  22. Beautiful shawl, Jooles. Thank you for sharing it with us and the lovely poppy. Both are inspiring. It is still chilly here--- good days and evenings for a shawl or scarf. I hope you're feeling much better. Happy Easter from my family to yours.....
    Anne xxx
    PlumCreek Studio

  23. A gorgeous shawl and perfect for keeping you snug as you get through your cold. You sound so busy, so don't forget to take time out and get over this bug. Looking forward to seeing the new kitchen! Have a wonderful Easter xx

  24. Ooh, your shawl is just beautiful and so lovely too that you found your colour inspiration right there in your gorgeous garden..x
    Looking forward to seeing your new exciting for you!
    Hope your feeling much better soon, Jooles,
    Happy Easter!
    Susan x

  25. Dearest Jooles,

    I just wanted to pop in and wish you a very happy Easter! I do hope your cold is much, much better now. I truly hope your home life is a little more settled after all the work you have had done to your kitchen. It is going to be so amazing once it's truly completed. And the thrill of washing up in the kitchen sink again! :-)

    Your shawl, Jooles, is truly beautiful. I love the soft colours you have used. You are so very clever.

    Hugs from France,


  26. I just LOVE your shawl. I've seen a few of these Nordic shawls on blogs and I love the way that each one is so different and full of the maker's personality, even though it's the same pattern. I am very tempted to order this pattern, I have to say. Hang in there with the kitchen, just think how lush it will be in the end, when you can work your magic on it and prettify it all.

    Happy Easter to you and yours lovely Jooles. xx

  27. It cannot be said enough just how GORGEOUS your shawl is! Those colors are fantastic- nature does it again!! And you, of course! :)

    Hope the kitchen is coming along- can't wait to see the end result!

  28. The shawl is just beautiful Jooles, such pretty pretty colours!
    Good luck with the tiling and finishing off!
    Gill xx

  29. Well done Jooles it turned out beautifully. I made one whilst we were away in South African, but for some reason the top is like a triangle, rather than straight, so really NOT sure what and where I went wrong. It seems I might have to pull it all out and start again. A gorgeous make and love the colours xoxo


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