Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Snapshots .....

..... of the pretty

..... and the not so

It's been a hard few days ..... actually make that weeks
it got a LOT worse after I took those photos!
I've struggled
we're now moving forward at a speedy pace
we have three velux windows now installed
and how I absolutely and utterly LOVE them
Oh the light
it's just beautiful. Magical.
I'm feeling excited
and like a very lucky girl indeed

A very nice man is plastering as I type
and it feels like the end of the mess and chaos is nearing a close
soon I will be able to find things again
and a sparkly new kitchen is almost within my grasp

By the way .....
If you've come here looking for my giveaway
you can find it right here
Thank you to everyone who has already entered and
Good luck!

Back soon

BIG love 
x Jooles x


  1. i like the photos contrast : the beauty and the beast!!!!! ;oD
    xxxxxxx Ale

  2. Such prettiness Jooles, and your kitchen is really coming along. I'm sure it will look totally amazing when it's done and all the stress and chaos will be worth it. Mine is taking forever, although I suppose that comes with the territory when you do the fitting yourself! I've realised i'm not a great tiler or grouter! ha ha! I'm calling it 'unique'! But I too can see light at the end of the tunnel and it's a nice feeling!

    Have a super rest of a week my lovely xxxxxx

  3. Hello Jooles, such pretty cross stitch and those little birds on the bunting are adorable. You have a flowering currant I see - I love buds and unfurling leaves. But then, Oh! Poor you, it's hard living with disruption, but hang in there, it's going to be fine (I know it doesn't seem like it at the time). Have a good week.
    Jane xx

  4. Hopefully your work will be finished will be all worth it in the end!

  5. Oh my.....that chick bunting is just too glorious for words....I am in love x

  6. It will be worth it! Your new makes are so pretty - I just love the pudgy little blue birds!


  7. Love all your pretty stitching....and I can sympathise about the house renovations, we have lived through plenty of those and it is no fun at all! But it will all be lovely when it is finished and well worth it. Wishing you a happy week, lovely Jooles, and enjoy your gorgeous stitching!
    Helen xox


  9. I'm glad that things are starting to look up a bit and that your house is getting back together again. The new windows sound lovely and will let in so much light I'm sure!! Hope that you can find some sort of normality again before too much longer. xx

  10. What a big contrast between the pretty and the not so..... , the pretty pictures are so sweet and lovely!!
    And your kitchen to be WILL be lovely, love those roof windows!
    That toilet is very handy too... ;-)
    Hugs from Mirjam.

  11. It's all beautiful! A beautiful mess that will reveal an amazing kitchen! ;-) your stitching is gorgeous, love the bunting! Cxxx

  12. I love that little bird . . , how cute!
    Congratulations on your make-over. The mess will be gone soon and you'll have a fresh new room :)
    Have a lovely day,
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  13. that bookmark is GORGEOUS *_*

  14. Love your pretty stitches. Little by little your kitchen is taking shape. Looking forward to seeing the finished project. Have a wonderful day - hope the mess doesn't affect you too much.

  15. Those velux windows will give you so much light and I'm sure it will all be worth it in the end. Loving all your stitchyness, very pretty!! S xo

  16. Oh wow, they have been very busy at your end and I have been thinking about you as I know how it did my head in when they did our kitchen. It is just that one room in the house we so desperately need and not to mention all that fine dust EVERYWHERE!!! I must say those velux windows, wow they sound and look great and will be bringing you so much joy all year round. We don't have them, but we have some good light in our kitchen and it makes all the difference during the winter months. I do hope that everything starts falling into place. Once the plastering is done, its time for all the exciting things like painting and finishing touches, enjoy every minute of it! Looking forward to see the progress xoxo

  17. I'd be heading outside too! We redid out kitchen a couple of years ago and the chaos seemed to linger forever, BUT it was so worth it. I'm sure you're will be beautiful.

  18. Gorgeous, gorgeous stitching. The mess will all be totally worth it in the end when you will have a gorgeous kitchen!
    Marianne x

  19. You lucky girl. I'd love to have velux windows to let the light stream in. I'm sure it will be worth all the mess! At least your reaching the fun, decorating bit where all your visions come to life.

    Ps. I love your new blog header.

  20. Beautiful makes Jooles, I love the sweet cross stitch monogram!
    Sounds like you are getting over the worst stage there and before you know it, all will be finished and new and shiny!
    Gill xx

  21. I love your cross stitchings, as my hands don't like these small needles anymore because I am always rooting, digging and rummaging in the soil I enjoy watching your gorgeous needlework. First a mess but you can happily look forward to the finish of all your house renewal projects.

  22. I really like the bookmark, it is so simple but beautiful. xx

  23. So many lovely things Jooles. The not so beautiful made me feel "EEK!" I can understand that it has been difficult! Hope it is all soon finished and lovely for you.xx

  24. Such lovely snapshots of the pretty!! Brought even more so than the touch of reality! Amazing light space you will have! Exciting! Hope that dust situation improves for your soon! J9 x

  25. Perfect stitches, I've done a little appliqué myself today.....very tricky, I need to practice! Oh those renovations, gonna be fab! :) x

  26. Just discovered your lovely blog via Pinterest :) Love the "S" up top.

    I'm sure all the natural light will be more than worth the mess!

  27. Your cross stitch is always, so, so flawless and beautiful, I live in hope that one day I'll be able to sew like you Jooles!

    I am massively jealous of your kitchen roof lights. We have some in our playroom/extension and, even though it's a north facing room, the light they let in is fabulous. xx


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