Saturday, 22 March 2014

My Three Year Giveaway .....

Happy Saturday to you my friends

I'm not normally around here at the weekends
but today is a bit special
Today is my three year blogging anniversary!

I really can't believe that it was three years ago today
when I tentatively wrote my very first blog post 
I nearly hyperventilated when I hit 'publish'
but here I am three years on
and loving it
Blogging has utterly enriched my life
and I am so glad that I managed to muster up the courage that day
I have made so many wonderful, caring and inspirational new friends
aka ..... YOU
I feel very lucky indeed

So as a thank you to you for being so incredible
here's a little giveaway from me

It's one of my new 'make a wish!' mini canvases
(these are not even in my shops yet :o)
they're just like my new baby mini canvases
except they send out a little wish making magic
made from linen and beautiful Liberty of London fabrics

I'll be making one of these to go in my shiny new kitchen one day soon
(it feels a whole world away at the moment, if only you could see the mess right now!)
it will remind me to make a happy wish everyday
and to be thankful for all that I have

You can choose your favourite colour ~

Bright Pink
Blue Violet
Green Turquoise
Pale Pink

(please ignore the names and dates on the canvases below, its just the colour that you'll be choosing)

I've even added a some fairy dust to up the magic!

If you'd like to win a 'wish making' mini canvas
here's what you have to do 

♥  For one entry  ♥ 
Just leave me a comment on this post telling me which colour
 you'd like if you are my winner ..... Simples.

♥ For a second entry ♥
It would be really wonderful if you could share my giveaway
perhaps on your blog or facebook page or any other way 
(there are so many now!) 
and then just leave me a separate comment on this post
telling me you have done so
(and I will send you a BIG kiss and a hug for doing that)

 The giveaway will be open for one week
 until Saturday 29th March
I will post anywhere in the whole wide world


Wishing you a fantabulous weekend!

Back soon

BIG love
x Jooles x

UPDATE ..... This giveaway is now closed
Thank you to all who entered


  1. I love all the colours but I think paler pink is my favourite, fingers crossed!

  2. What a beautiful idea. Well done on 3 years of blogging. Very hard to choose but think I would like the turquoise one :) fingers crossed x

  3. Fabulous! Congratulations on your three years in blogging. I remember being so nervous when I started too! If I win, I would love the bright pink one - they are all gorgeous!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  4. Congratulations Jooles for your third Anniversary!!!!!
    I really like the green turquoise version of your mini canvases!!!!!
    thank you and happy weekend, xxxxxx Ale

  5. Congratulations on three years of blogging, and what a lovely giveaway!
    I would love a chance to win the pretty green/turquoise one!
    Have a lovely weekend Jooles!
    Gill xx

  6. these are so pretty!! I would pick the Green Turquoise xx

  7. have tweeted for you too

  8. Congratulations, my friend! What a wonderful three years it has been! And a fantastic giveaway, I look forward to seeing one of these beautiful butterfly canvases in your new gorgeous kitchen (the day will come, oh yes it will)! Cxxx

  9. Congrats on 3 years!
    Great giveaway!
    Love the violet colour!


  10. Congratulations!!
    I love the green/turquoise too!

  11. Congratulations on three years of this lovely blog!!
    I'd love a chance to win a real "Jooles", and if I'm lucky I'd choose the turquoise please....
    Love from Mirjam.

  12. These are lovely Jooles! Thanks so much for the chance to win:) My heart is set on the green turquoise<3

  13. Congratulations on three years of blogging...what a beautiful and generous giveaway. I think I like the blue violet...fingers crossed

  14. Love this and all the colors......probably pale pink would be my choice. Thanks for offering.

  15. Congratulations Jooles, and happy blog-aversary!! I have loved reading your lovely blog for the last 3 years :) I would love to be in with a chance.....I can't decide between the peach or the green turquoise, love them both!!
    Caroline xxx

  16. Congratulations on three years of blogging! It's something that has enriched my life, too. Your canvases are lovely - my choice would be the pale pink. Or maybe the blue.

  17. I also shared on Facebook and Pinterest

  18. Bright pink would be lovely in my daughter's room!

  19. Happy 3rd Blog Anniversary, lovely Jooles! I have enjoyed your sweet posts ever since you began and love the things you make. This is such a gorgeous and generous giveaway, please put my name in the hat. (If I was the lucky winner I would choose bright pink please!)
    Wishing you a happy weekend.
    Helen xox

  20. Congratulations on 3 years of blogging! I think most of us will agree with you blogging has enriched our lives.
    Did you say 'Faerie dust' included? (As Corgi lovers), we think it would have a special place in our home, the Corgi and I (faeries ride on his back occasionally as with all Corgis)!
    Aqua would be our first colour choice and thank you!.

  21. Hello Jooles, Big Congratulations on 3 years of blogging. Very happy to find your blog and shops.
    These butterflies are so cheery. Please put my name in the hat. My Fave is the peach butterfly.
    Happy weekend,
    Anne D.T. xx

  22. Hello again, I just put a notice on my blog's sidebar about your giveaway. Fingers crossed.....
    Anne D.T. xx

  23. So lovely congrat on the bloggy birthday pale pink please I do love a bit of fairy dust
    Clare x

  24. Hi have shared on my facebook too
    Clare x

  25. Congratulations on your three years Jooles!!! I expect that it has gone a lot faster than you imagined it might! I missed your last post somehow on the cross stitch, but just wanted to say that it was very interesting, I always wondered how people did such fine work, now I know!! Here's to hoping that you have many more happy years of blogging and that your building work is completed very soon! xx

  26. We share a blogiversary Jooles, I'm five today!! :)
    Thank you so much for the beautiful giveaway, fingers crossed for green/ turquoise!
    V xxx

  27. Happy 3rd Blog Birthday! I would love the bright pink colour way canvas :)

  28. Congrats on the three year anniversary, I am a relative newcomer to your blog. As for choosing one colour being simple - ha! Because I would have to choose I think it would be Turquoise, but they are all gorgeous!

  29. Congratulations!!!

    Green Turquoise :-)

  30. Ohh, so much beauty *_* I especially love the peach fabric. Thank you for such a lovely giveaway ❤

  31. P.s. Link on my Facebook page just shared ^_^

  32. Hi Jooles, Happy 3rd Bloggie Birthday! I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts. I have my fingers and toes crossed for a pretty peach one if I were the lucky winner. Have a lovely Sunday. Sarah xo

  33. Happy 3rd Bloggy Birthday, I just love the blue one...thank you my dear! :) x

  34. Congratulations on 3 super pretty years! I hope you're having some cake to celebrate ;0)
    The bright pink one tickles my fancy! x

  35. Happy third bloggiversary to you and your lovely blog Jooles. Have a lovely week.
    Jane xx
    (PS: green and turquoise are my favourite colours)

  36. Happy Blogoversary Jooles! I hope you got to celebrate with some cake ;-)

    My favourite is the turquoise, so if by some miracle I happen to win I'd love that one x

  37. Congratulations, Three years, how wonderful!
    These are all sew pretty, but my favorite is the pale pink :)
    Thanks for the opportunity to win one.
    Your blogging sister, Connie)

  38. Happy 3rd blogging anniversary Jooles and here's to many more to come! I love your canvases, I'd adore the pale pink one, although they are all very pretty. The 29th is Chloe's birthday, so maybe we'll have some birthday luck :0) xxx

  39. Thanks for this opportunity, i wish you happy third anniversary as a blogger! The green turquoise is my favourite one!

  40. Happy Anniversary! Three years... WOW. I love all the colours but blue has to be my favourite.

  41. Congratulation! Such a Great site. Pale Pink for me. Thank you !

  42. Oh wow, congratulations on 3 years, a fab achievement! All the canvas's are gorgeous but the turquoise is my favourite. xx

  43. Love your colours and ideas. Great giveaway. Pale pink please.

  44. Congratulations! After much deliberation I think I'd like the pale pink one if I were lucky enough to win please :) x

  45. Happy Blogaversary Jooles!
    What a lovely prize :o) Blue violet please.
    Rose H

  46. Congratulations on your blogiversary. I love the blue one the best :O)x

  47. Green turquoise looks great

  48. Wow!! Congratulations!! I can't believe its only been 3 years! It feels like your blog has been here forever! I'd love the green turquoise if I won - if only ;0) Hope you continue to enjoy your blogging journey and that the sun shines on you today! J9 x

  49. What a lovely give away, I love the hot pink one x

  50. Happy blogging anniversary. Time flies doesn't it. I totally get what you mean about the blogging community though, isn't it just fantastic. So many wonderful people and so many brilliant opportunities :) It has boosted my confidence massively and I only hope it continues to do the same for many more years to come.
    If I were to win I would love the Pale Pink, although they are all so gorgeous it is hard to choose.
    Off now to share it on my blog.
    Much love x x x

  51. I've just added a button onto my blog sidebar for you too x x x

  52. Dear Jooles,

    How on earth did I miss this celebratory post? Congratulations on enriching our lives with your beautiful blog and creations for three years now. Mine wll be three in June, I believe! Goodness where does the time fly?

    I also think you are one of the sweetest ladies I've encountered in this wonderful, rich blogging world of ours :-)

    And this giveaway? Oh my! It is absolutely gorgeous, dear Jooles. How hard to chose - in the nicest possible way of course - but I think I would love to opt for the pale pink. I must stay true to my nature.

    Thank you so much and happy spring to you.


  53. well done , i love the bright pink

  54. Fabulous giveaway and a HUGE congrats on three blogging years!! I REALLY enjoy your posts- you make and share beautiful, cheery things mixed with the real which I appreciate. Your canvases are really gorgeous so I hope I win!! :)
    Thanks for being a bloggy friend!!

  55. Happy birthday to your wonderful blog - I hope you celebrated with pleny of cake! Your posts are one of the reasons why I started blogging and your beautiful makes are very inspiring. I've shared details of your giveaway over on my blog and think my favourite is green turqouise. Good luck everyone xxxxxx

  56. Hello Lovely Jooles happy birthday sorry I have been a stranger but I am so glad to be back. What a wonderful achievement, I have not yet reached my 1 year so you have done so well. I would love to be in with a chance of winning and bright pink would be my favourite. Have a wonderful week Jooles, big hugs and loves

  57. Happy 3 years anniversary, Jooles! The blue violet one would match my bedroom perfectly. they are so cute - I think I will have to buy one when they go in your shop anyway. xxx

  58. Shared on FB (claire samuel), Google+ (clairew137) and Twitter (@clairewoods32)

  59. Congrats on 3 years blogging :) I always enjoy your posts & pics. Please enter me for a chance to win your beautiful canvas...even though ALL of the colors are beautiful, the violet one really speaks to me :)
    Thanks so much!
    Smiles, DianeM

  60. Happy three year anniversary. I like the Blue.

  61. Just got here through today's post on your blog. Hang on in there, your house will be yours again soon! The velux windows do look lovely...
    I would like to join in the giveaway and love the bright pink one (having two boys at home, a bit of pink would do me good) :-)

  62. I have just found your lovely blog and how exciting - a giveaway. I like the green.

  63. How nice! I like pale pink best, but it was really hard to decide!

    Jenn @JennsCraftyWorld

  64. I'd love Green Turquoise please but they're all pretty!

  65. Shared on Twitter @Isis1981uk

  66. Oh dear I am so hopelessly behind in catching up with everyone's lovely blogs and I have clearly missed this lovely post too! Happy 3rd bloggiversary my dear, wow that is quite some going. You must feel just a tad proud and so you should!! I love these little gorgeous frames and would love to win one, so please pop my name in the hat. For me it is the soft pink one and I am just about to tweet it too! Sending you much love xoxo

  67. Ok so I couldn't tweet it, so I shared it on Facebook xoxo

  68. green turquoise x
    twannywun at hotmail dot com

  69. Jooles you are one very talented lady. I agree they are all great but pale pink is my favourite.

  70. Congrats on 3 years!! Thank you for a sweet giveaway too. I love them all but would go with the pale pink because it would go best in my bedroom. xx

  71. Bright pink please :) Oh and congrats on 3 Years!!!! :) x


    I posted it on facebook too :) x

  73. Dear Jooles,
    congretulations! It is always a pleasure for me to visit your Blog.
    Thank you for your Give Away I loved the bright pink one!
    Thank you and have a great weekend!

  74. Hello Jooles. Congratulations on your 3rd blog year. I do love your sewing and lovely blog, and would be so pleased to be included in your generous and pretty giveaway. I like them all but choose the bright pink one. Love Pat .

  75. Hi, They are all lovely but I'd pick Peach if I had to choose.

  76. Happy Anniversary! These are so pretty!! I would pick the Green Turquoise x

  77. Congrats on your 3 yes x My favourite colour is green turquoise but they are all beautiful

  78. Congrats! x
    These are all so pretty ... I love blue so I'd go with the blue violet if I win! :-)

  79. I shared your giveaway on Facebook :-)

  80. shared on FB & Twitter

  81. These are lovely, I would choose the turquoise!


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