Saturday, 29 March 2014

My cross stitch challenge :: March. And a winner!

Goodness me it's almost the end of March
and you know what that means?
..... I need to show you this months cross stitch

Very cute isn't he?
It was a quick one to stitch too
 which was lucky
free time has been in short supply this month

Now onto giveaway news .....
Thank you so much to everyone who entered
I think that was the most entries I'd ever had in a giveaway!
Quite shocked and very happy

The winner is .....

* * *  The very sweet Amy from Love made my home   * *

I'll be in touch for your details soon Amy

My Sweet B is home for Easter

I've decided to close my shops
 just for a little while
two weeks maybe
there is just TOO much going on
I could feel a 'meltdown' coming on this afternoon
that, and I can't find a thing.

Here's wishing you a beautiful weekend
and thanks for visiting

Back soon

BIG love 
x Jooles x


  1. Jooles that is lovely however did you learn to sew like that....?? Daisy xx

  2. Well done lovely Amy what a wonderful prize. Jooles your work is just adorable and you are so talented, well done, I cannot wait to see it all finished. I wish I could sew like you Jooles, just perfect. Have a wonderful Sunday sending you big hugs and loves

  3. Congrats to the winner!!!!!
    happy weekend Jooles, xxxxx Ale

  4. Congratulations to Amy. Enjoy your break away from your shop, Jooles.

  5. Congratultions Amy. Love the cross stitch.
    Jacqui x

  6. Congrats to Amy. Thanks for the fun giveaway, Jooles. Your monthly cross stitch gets better and better. How do you do it?? Hope you're having a lovely Mother's Day weekend and a good break from your shops.
    From (finally) sunny America,
    PlumCreek Studio

  7. It's looking really lovely! Enjoy your break, it can be so difficult to find time for yourself when you work from home, so have a super break, you deserve it x

  8. Thank you so much Jooles, this is so kind of you. I hope that the shop break gives you a chance to catch your breath a little and that things will settle down for you very soon. xx

  9. Enjoy your break and your time with Sweet B. I love your March cross stitch, each one is adorable. x

  10. Enjoy your break Jooles, I hope you get plenty of quality time with Sweet B. Little March cross stitch is lovely.
    Jane x

  11. Congratulations to you Amy, lucky woman ;-)!
    I love your little March embroidery Jooles... so sweet.
    Enjoy your little time off! Love from Mirjam.

  12. Congratulations Amy - am happy for you! Enjoy your well earned break Jooles! J9 x


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