Tuesday, 4 March 2014

High sensitivity .....

When sweet B came home this weekend
she told me about a website that she had come across

Well this was quite a revelation to me
a relief in fact
it may even change my life to a certain degree
I know that may sound dramatic but it's true
I have arrived at the age of 42 and a half
(or is it 41 and half? I can never quite remember these days)
believing that I was just a very shy and anxious person
and if I am to be totally honest
I can find life quite scary and overwhelming at times
I often feel a great need to 'hide away' for a while
Sweet B is VERY similar to me too
but much braver thank goodness

I wanted to write about this here on my blog in the hope that
it may help others feel better too
I remember as a child feeling very 'different' to my friends.

I now feel like it's a 'real' thing
and not just me being "over-sensitive"
well, it's only taken 40 or so years!

Here's a test you can take if you think this could be you too
if you score higher than 14 it could mean you're a highly sensitive person
I scored 20

Here are just a few signs .....

 Sometimes knowing what people need before they ask

 People's moods affect your own

 Your nervous system sometimes feels so frazzled

 that you just have to go off by yourself

 Finding it unpleasant to have a lot going on at once

  Getting 'overwhelmed' by joy when you experience great beauty

 Feeling threatened or uneasy in large crowds or big cities

 Being extremely detail orientated

It can take you a long time to make a decision

  Having an 'emotional radar' that picks up on what others are feeling

Picking up physical symptoms from other people

(this is a big one for Sweet B and I, we OFTEN have the same symptoms)

I know that most of these symptoms(?)are very common

and most people experience them
but it's when you have lots of them together
that it can make life quite difficult at times

As you can see it's not all bad 
and I have come to see that .....

 Being empathic is always good
(unless of course you are watching a scary film
which is why most highly sensitive people avoid them like the plague
 ..... me included, I thought I was just a wuss)

Reading about this has put so many of my feelings into words
when I didn't think there were the right words to describe how I was feeling

Here is some more reading if you're interested

I have just ordered this book
I'll let you now what it's like
(if anyones interested!) 
I'm hoping it's going to be helpful and enlightening

Thank you for reading
I hope it has been of some interest to some of you

I must admit, I feel a little nervous
thinking about hitting 'publish' in a minute
but I'm going to do it!

Back soon

BIG love
x Jooles x


  1. Do you know your post strikes a chord with me. I always felt anxious as a child & out of place. I'm certainly not the same person I was back then but it is intriguing all the same. Perhaps it is why you are so creative now, take care xx

  2. Hello from another highly sensitive person! 22 on that test for me . . . but I'm not at all surprised. All the things you mentioned where like a personal check list of me, yup-me, uh huh, me too! I consider the way we're made to be a gift. I spent years trying to change some of these things about myself only to get older and go- you know what? I like myself! It's cool that I need lots of time out. It's okay that I hate watching certain kinds of movies. I don't need to lead an 'exciting' life (though I DO think my life is exciting- just not the way the world would describe it) I may be a 'priss' (my husband's title for it) but I am at my happiest when I'm being that way . . . not to mention I completely disagree with his definition! ;)

  3. Thanks for sharing this and being brave and hitting the post button, I'm going to pop over and have a look at the questions
    Clare x

  4. Hi - question about that initial cross stitch photo above - do you free hand or do you work from a pattern. If a pattern, I'd love to know which one.


    1. Hi There
      I used the alphabet cross stitch chart in Alicia Paulson's book Embroidery Companion ..... one of my favourite books without a doubt.
      love Jooles x x x

  5. Lovely Jooles I have always felt different, always standing outside the circle looking in wishing I was with everyone else, yet knowing that I would be uncomfortable if I was. I thought I would 'grow out of it' when I was younger but still feel that same. Thank you for this lovely brave post, it meant a lot to me and I identified with everything you have written - you are not alone, I know that there are many people like us - together we are strong. Big hugs to you soul sister.

  6. You're not alone, I empathise with you entirely. Thanks for sharing.
    J x

  7. I think that lots of creative people are like this.....
    I fully understand what you mean, life can be very overwhelming! The good thing though, in my opinion,
    is that you can also enjoy the little things in life like no other!
    At first I thought it was a weakness, but now I now it's a strength.
    Big hugs from Mirjam.

  8. Dear Jooles
    I can totally sympathise. I always thought that I was just shy and under-confident (or may be a bit low self-esteem) but I thought as I'd get older, this would change. It hasn't, so may be this could apply to me too. I'm off to read up now. Thank you for posting about this.
    Best wishes

  9. Thank you for sharing this, so insightful, and I'm so glad you hit that publish button. Your sensitivity and empathy shines through in all you do, I know at times it's a struggle, but your home is filled with love like no other, and your creativity is thanks in great part to your sensitive nature as well! Cxxxx

  10. That is very interesting- looks like I'm up there with you in q a few respects. I've also got chronic pain which is made worse by many of the situations in the question survey- even if they are nice things! It feels like my system just gets overstimulated at times! I'm definitely not an adrenaline junkie. Your blog is such a soothing place to pause.xx

  11. oohh that does make interesting reading (yey so glad I found your blog again and you are now added to my bloglovin board :-)). I am still rather shy (although friends who know me laugh at that) ... it can be so annoying, I have talked myself out of many opportunities because of it but reading that maybe I am slightly over sensitive too ..... hmmmmm

  12. I understand exactly where you are coming from Jooles and I, like many of those who have commented, think that this is very common in creative people. Perhaps that is why we enjoy reading each others blogs. Thank you for sharing, I'm glad you pressed that publish button! Sarah xo

  13. Thank you for being brave and posting this. I realized a few years ago that I react more strongly to my environment and other stimuli than most people and began adapting my lifestyle to suit my temperament. I didn't know there was a name for people like you and me. It helps to know that we're not alone.

    Have you read the book Quiet, by Susan Cain? It's not aimed at high sensitivity people, per se, but at introverts. I found it extremely interesting, and helpful in accepting my quiet nature as a positive thing in a world that values extroversion so highly.

    1. Ahhh thank you Lorrie x
      No I haven't but I shall be adding to my wish list, thank you it sounds perfect.
      love Jooles x x x

  14. Hi Jooles, it was such an interesting post and one that really resonates very well with me. I was brought up to be super confident and always having to perform well and just be incredibly independent and to be honest I always felt very different to everyone else, but would never have thought that I was a sensitive person, until I fell ill and I really started to unravel some of my life and my mind and my views and I know firmly know that I need quiet, calm, I need my own time, I don't fit in with others, but that's ok even though it can make me feel a little insecure at times. I find the perfect way to deal with this is to allow yourself half an hour every day just to sit and meditate or just to be still and really be mindful of what is happening to you, your body, outside it and to your thoughts, it is so very powerful. I am so much happier in my skin these days and I honestly think I have meditation to thank for it. Out of interest I did the test and I scored 20 too!! Let me know if you want a few tips for some lovely meditation cd's. You are beautiful and enjoy embracing the fact that you are sensitive, it is such a wonderful way to be!! xoxo

  15. Wow - I scored 21 on the test. I always knew that I was very sensitive but didn't know that all those things were connected. Crazy. I am getting gentler on myself but this was definitely an interesting read - thank you for sharing! J9 x

  16. hi ...
    Came across your blog today ... and that too with this post, maybe it was meant to be ...
    thanks for writing n hitting publish n changing my perspective ...
    wishing tons of creative happiness to u

  17. Thank you for sharing this Jooles. Your sensitive nature comes through in your blog posts and in the beautiful things you create and share with us. It's ok to be sensitive, so well done for hitting the post button. Hugs.
    Jane x

  18. Thank you from me too Jules, this is so interesting . I scored 20 as well . One of my boys definitely has a highly sensitive character as well. It's a relief to see that it's a recognised character type and not just us being too highly strung or neurotic. I'm most pleased to discover this for my boy, I hope it will help him cope with his feelings....thank you so much.
    Jacquie xxx

  19. How interesting, this is me to a tee! I almost take on other people's feelings, my little ones the same. I've learnt to deal with the stress this can generate, thank goodness! I love, love, love the hexies you've made by the way, very pretty! :) x

  20. I scored 16 Jools, a most interesting excercise! What I find as I move through my later in life years is that I like to be alone for periods of time, I enjoy my own company, just pootling around, listening to the river nearby, and all the bird life around me (I am lucky to live where I do .. I know) ... I do know of myself, that I am not highly strung, do not panic easily, am quite easy going, but I can stress out a lot if there is more than I can handle on my plate. Thanks for the link .. and I love the hexies too! Pat x

  21. My score is 23 :(( I am depressed too, maybe that's why is so high. I appreciate that you hit the button. Thank you.


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