Monday, 31 March 2014

Gifting .....

..... I LOVE making and giving gifts
REALLY love it

I made this seaside mobile for Sweet B
it was supposed to be for her birthday in a couple of weeks
I did my usual though .....
got so excited as I knew she would LOVE it SO much
that when she came home from uni on Friday
I made her follow me
I laid the prettily wrapped gift in her hands
and said 
"Open it!"

Sweet B  "REALLY?"
Me  "YES go on!"
Sweet B  "Shall I?"
Me  "YES"

I'm just so impatient and couldn't wait a moment longer
Does anyone else do this? please say yes.

She did!

Just as I thought
she LOVED it!

When I saw the idea in this beautiful book
I just knew that it would be perfect for her
I love it when that happens, don't you?

I used some of the treasure that she brought back from her gap year trip
 to Costa Rica a few years back
to make it extra special for her

Those little tiny whales were fiddly
but REALLY cute!

I hope all you lovely mums out there had a wonderful day yesterday
you deserve to be treasured

I was spoilt .....

with pretty flowers

A WHOLE tin of chocolate
from my lovely boy

and Sweet B made me this cross stitch Blue Tit
Bertie Blue
beautiful isn't he?
she's such a clever girl

I'm looking forward to enjoying my choccies
whilst turning that beautiful birdie into a new cushion!

Back soon

BIG love
x Jooles x


  1. Hi Jooles, what a beautiful mobile. I have just popped over to my local library database and place a hold on that lovely book. The whales are so precious! I sometimes spoil a surprise if I just get sooo excited that I can't wait. the cross stitch is lovely. happy week to you. Jane x

  2. I love to come here. Your blog ALWAYS makes me feel surrounded by beauty, love and grace. From the projects (that mobile is amazing!) to the photos, and the way you describe everything... Perfection. :)
    Hand made gifts are the best (I am sooo impatient, too! and sometimes even more excited than who receives my gift ^_^) and Sweet B is super-talented! That tit is adorable!
    Hugs x x

  3. I find that the gifts I giveaway are by far the best things I make.
    Love those whales x

  4. Hi Jooles
    I do do that all the time, Ican never wait and I'm terrible with surprises too!
    It is adorable and how clever is she with that cross stitch too
    glad you had a super day
    bestest daisy j x

  5. Lovely, lovely post Jooles. The mobile is beautiful as are your lovely Mothers Day gifts. Just to let you know, you are the winner of my giveaway! I have emailed you...
    Marianne x

  6. Such a gorgeous mobile, dear Jooles!! You are so clever at making lovely things, and this is just my cup of tea. I can see why Sweet B was so thrilled! I am the same when I have made something for someone, I want to give it to them straight away! Sweet B's cross stitch is so well done too.....she must take after you :) So glad you had a Happy Mother''s Day......wishing you a wonderful week ahead.
    Helen xox

  7. What a beautiful mobile!! I can see why you wanted to hand it over straight away, I love the little whales, they are so cute! Your mothers day presents are beautiful too - especially the cross stitch! xx

  8. Joules this is beautiful, so sweet! :) x

  9. Gorgeous Jooles!! I know exactly what you mean, making gifts for your nearest and dearest is such fun!! have a lovely week, Sarah xo

  10. The mobile is lovely & it's a lovely feeling making things for others.

  11. Oh Jooles, that is just beautiful, no wonder Sweet B loved it so much! I love her gorgeous cross stitch and those choccies look delicious, yum!
    Have a good week,
    Caroline xxx

  12. Beautiful mobile. I'm glad you were treated right by your family.

  13. The mobile is so lovely, hand made gifts are always the best xx

  14. Oh that is a gorgeous mobile, and yes indeed, absolutely suits her to a 'T'! (Or is it 'B'?) Lovely pressies for you, too, my friend, you are greatly loved!!! Cxxx

  15. That mobile is so, so lovely. Those little fabric whales are adorable, it really is a very special gift indeed. You seem to have such a close and happy relationship with Sweet B and I really hope that I am that close to Bella when she is older. And her cross stitch blue tit is delightful, she has inherited your talents with a needle and thread! x

  16. I'm in love with those whales! What a wonderful gift you've made for your girl :)

  17. Gorgeous especially the whales

  18. You are funny Jooles ... you remind me of my mum ... we always got our presents early because my mum couldn't wait to give them to us ... the whales are beautiful ... Bee xx

  19. Oh Jooles, this post almost reduced me to tears (perhaps I'm just feeling a bit sensitive today). The mobile is lovely in itself but made all the more so by the treasures from a significant time in Sweet B's life, what a lovely gift. She seems to have inherited your sewing skills; looks like you were spoilt on Mother's Day and deservedly so I'd say. Have a lovely weekend.
    Jane x

  20. Wow - what gorgeous pics are in this post today!! I completely love that mobile - and yes, you are not alone in giving presents early - it's the joy of giving!! I do love that blue tit cross stitch too. Inspires me to have a go - looking forward to seeing the finished cushion! J9 x

  21. Just popped over from Amy at love made my home as I fell in love with her gift from you. I then fell in love with the mobile, what a beautiful gift.

  22. Such a pretty mobile for your Sweet B...the colours are just lovely...I'm sure she was thrilled!...x Ooh, Bertie Blue is gorgeous...your lovely daughter has clearly inherited your talents!
    Lovely Mother's Day treats too...x
    Happy Weekend!
    Susan x

  23. This mobile is the cutest thing ever!!!! Colors, treasures and whales.......

  24. Lovely Jooles what perfect gifts and so well deserved. You know I give out gifts early all the time because I cannot wait to see the person's face - then of course I have to go and get another gift for the actual day itself! Giving gifts is such a wonderful thing to do and we get so much pleasure from doing it - it is obvious that you are exactly same Jooles, you are a lovely lady. Have a fabulous week, sending you big hugs
    Dorothy :-)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  25. Thank you Jooles for replying, I went to site you referred me to, thinking I'd see your kitchen renovation,but didn't see it,is there another web site that shows it and where your pattern for patchwork cover for hot water bottle will be avail in a few weeks? I've not done quilt work, but Inhave material I use for embroidery projects, quilting batten, and lots of floss, I'd like to try something new for hot water bottles my daughter uses daily for pain,will be fun, a summer project and chance to put to fun use floral fabric I have and get checkered, polka dot, and gingham fabric, am excited now to go to fabric store, best area I look for is the remnants, really good prices and find rickrack,and other fun notions,I embellish everything, Canada's Birthday this July 1, 150.years,We were once more a part of England, still are in many ways, we sing God Save The Queen, at many events, I was. Boy Scout Leader and Girl Guide leader, learned a lot about Lord and Lady Baden Powell,I follow the Royal Family, am interested in many things British, since coming to Canada fron the USA, in 1970.I feel multicultural in many ways, Hope you have an enjoyable weekend as well,Bonnie Bee


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