Friday, 7 March 2014

Four nice things .....

..... that are seeking my attention today

Number One ~ RainboHexies
these will {one day} become a baby quilt

Number Two ~ My Nordic Shawl
seen first and fell head~over~heels~in~love with here
Vanessa has that magic touch with everything
as so does my lovely Chrissie
The beautiful pattern is from this clever lady
I still consider myself a beginner
I've done a lot of you~tubeing to learn the stitches
but once you know them
it's pretty straight forward

Number Three ~ March's Cross Stitch
Hmmmm ..... say no more!

Number Four ~ Chocolate orange cake
baked this morning in the wrong size tin
(I have just two cake tins which have not been packed away)
hence it's flatness
but I will never let it be said that I discriminate against cake.

I can hardly bear to mention the other
 not so lovely
things that are also seeking my attention

The laundry basket
The ironing basket
Kitchen cupboard dismantling
The beds that need changing
The grubby bathroom
blah ~ de ~ blah ~ de ~ blah

Thank you Thank you Thank you
I was so very touched by all the heartwarming comments on my last post
thank you for sharing so much with me
it really does mean a lot
It was a tricky one for me to publish
but I am so very glad that I did
It seems there are quite a few of us out there
and I am in very good company indeed

Wishing you all a crafty and cake filled weekend

BIG love

x Jooles x


  1. Everything lovely, especially the little cross stitch, so darling!!

  2. Those rainbow hexies are soooo pretty, what a beautiful baby quilt they will make, look forward to seeing it finished. I like the colours you've chosen for your Nordic shawl - I'm making one of these too, but haven't got as far as you. I'm sure your March cross-stitch mojo will kick in soon :o) Have a lovely weekend.
    Jane x

  3. Hi Jooles, so many pretty rainbows and that watercolour app.....lovely! I could just eat a slice of that cake, please send some my way. Have a lovely weekend, Sarah xo

  4. I love your array of rainbow hexies, they look delicious! Your new header design is so pretty. And your new shawl.....gorgeous!! Happy weekend, lovely Jooles!
    Helen xox

  5. So many pretties, love the hexies, and your nordic shawl is beautiful Jooles!
    Gill xx

  6. So many pretty makes on the go the hexi are gorgeous as is the shawl
    Clare xx

  7. Good Morning Jooles, as always you put out another incredible post. Your projects are always so pretty . . . the colors in these are perfect for spring and they all look so soft and yummy :)
    Thank you for a beautiful post . . . candy for my eyes.
    Connie :)

  8. Your bright patches look so gorgeous, lucky baby x

  9. Oh Lovely Jooles you write the most enchanting posts which is why I always look forward to reading your wonderful blog. The photographs and colours of everything are quite unusual and just stunning Jooles. You are such a lovely person and I hope you have a fantastic weekend. Big hugs and loves Jooles

  10. Your hexies and shawl are looking wonderful, you are nearly there with your shawl, not long now!! I hope that you have a good and peaceful weekend. xx

  11. The colours you have used in your shawl are lovely.

  12. Oh my the colours of your shawl are scrumptious! You do know how to put a gorgeous palette together...and I love all your other happy things today, cake and hexies, what more do we need? ;-) Cx

  13. your shawl is beautiful!!!!! good work!
    happy weekend, xxxxxx Ale

  14. So much loveliness. The ironing can wait!! Hope you have a lovely weekend.xx

  15. Hi Jooles - your projects are always so pretty and so extremely neat. You really are an inspiration. xxx

  16. Such pretty colourful pictures! Forget about the boring bits on the list, and just give your attention to the fun stuff!! Maria x

  17. Those are four very nice things indeed!
    That shawl is drop dead gorgeous! You have such a talent for picking colors!

  18. The hexies, the crochet, the cake - all lovely things. While you're working on the less exciting chores, you can look forward to getting back to the nice things. I read somewhere, something along the lines of "Iron fast so you can embroider slow."

  19. Love your hexies - so fresh and Summery! I'm stuck on hexies myself all of a sudden too. Just read your last post and can relate to a lot of that, though as time has gone on (I am a lot older than you) I have got a lot better and stronger. xCathy

  20. Four wonderful things especially the shawl!! Looks lovely and warm. Will share this post with my aunt and niece. They are quilters (and my aunt makes many baby quilts).
    Anne xx
    PlumCreek Studio

  21. Such lovely colours here Jooles! Have you been playing with that fun watercolour app again...? I wish I could get one for my android phone but I haven't found one as good as this. Love the hexies, love the Nordic Shawl (a lot). I keep seeing these everywhere and am very tempted indeed.

    I read your previous post with interest and think you were brave to share so much of yourself with us. You do seem like an all-round lovely person, I have to say. x


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