Wednesday, 12 March 2014

..... and two finished things

Hello my sweets

You may remember me showing you my lovely new
Tilda fabric stack
a while ago
Oh. So. Pretty.

I made my lovely mum this hot water bottle cover with them

It was going to be for Mother's day
until I found a mothers day gift for her that I had already stashed away
 I had completely forgotten about it
so I've decided to save the hottie for her birthday

I also made this cute little drawstring bag
 for my god~daughter a while back too

The little fox cross stitch pattern is from
What Delilah did ~ Storyland Cross stitch
such a delightful book and I have VERY high hopes
 of stitching lots more from it

Orders are coming in thick and fast for Mother's day now
so here's a little taster of some goodies I have in my shops
perfect for that very occaision

Handmade loveliness for all those lovely mums out there

Kind of a Mini Market Mosaic

..... Mother's day treats available here and here

I'll leave you with some pretty pictures
 a jug of hellebores
which have filled my heart with joy
they are sitting on my kitchen windowsill
the only small part of my kitchen that is looking pretty right now!

Please ignore my dirty windows .....
I've given up with all the dust and rubble flying about these days!

those colours are just luscious

I've always had trouble with hellebores in the past
they'ed just flop after a couple of hours in water
but then I read in Sarah Raven's book
that you should sear the ends in boiling water for twenty seconds
before plonking them in a vase
I thought it seemed a little harsh but to my amazement it really works!

As always thank you for popping in to see me
and for leaving such wonderfully kind comments
they always brighten my day

Back Soon

BIG love
x Jooles x


  1. Oh such a lovely read today Jooles. Love, love, love your hot water in awe of your talent! I read about searing stems a while back and started doing it to my flowers before I put them in water. It works doesn't it! Your blog is full of so much sunshine....I love it!

    Have a great rest of a day

    Love Vanessa x

  2. So many pretty things that you have made. Love the flowers too! Have a wonderful day!

  3. Beautiful makes! Your Mum is going to love those gifts. Your shawl is gorgeous too. You have been so busy! Best wishes, Pj x

  4. I really love the hot water bottle and the foxy bag! I've never cross stitched directly on to linen before but the result is so effective! The searing stem thing is a top tip too - never heard of that - only covering parsley seeds in boiling water before planting them! Little tips help eh?! Your blog is looking more beautiful each time I visit - I do love the new header! Enjoy your hellebores, J9 x

  5. the drawstring bag….. awwwwww!!!!!! ;oD
    xxxxxx Ale

  6. Who on earth - and how on earth - discovered the boiling water tip? Amazing - I had hellebores in a vase two weeks ago, they lasted maybe two hours. Now I'll try again! The hottie cover is pretty beyond words, those fabrics, that craftsmanship, wonderful! Cxxx

  7. Hi Jooles, such a lovely hottie- I'm sure your Mum will love it. Mr Fox is very cute too. I find this lovely sunny weather shows up the windows something rotten:) x

  8. I love your posts Jooles, always filled with gorgeous photos and clever makes :0) I love your hot water bottle cover, such pretty fabric and the little fox drawstring bag is very cute, you are one very talented lady xxx

  9. Such lovely makes, I do like the little foxy cross stitch.

  10. that little drawstring bag is the cutest thing ever *_*

  11. You have inspired me to learn how to cross stitch! I particularly love your initials. I also wanted to tell you that I found your blog from a link to one of your lovely sachets. You should do a simple tutorial for them sometime. Thanks for all the lovely pictures!

  12. Your finished projects are so lovely and well-made. I think the English attachment to, and use of hot water bottles is utterly endearing. My hot water bottle sprang a leak a few years ago and I've not replaced it, relying instead on heating grain bags in the microwave. It's not nearly as pretty as your cover.

  13. Lovely lovely hottie cover Jooles and so too is little foxy drawstring bag. Enjoy the rest of your week.
    Jane x

  14. Oh Jooles your mum is going to be thrilled - that cosy is gorgeous! There's nothing like a bit of sunshine to show up the dirt on the windows is there but I find if I squint a bit I manage to ignore until the sun goes back in again! Beautiful flowers ( I think you can do the boiling water thing with roses too) x Jane

  15. So many lovely makes, and the hot waterbottle cover is gorgeous so fab
    Clare x

  16. Beautiful hottie and little bag - bet the recipients will be delighted! Thanks for the hellebore tip - I always bemoan the fact that my nicest ones are tucked away where I don't see them much, but if I brought some indoors - bingo!

  17. Love all the pretty spring time flowers:)
    I adore that fox bag. SO cute!

  18. Beautiful flowers, fabric and always cross stitch. Thank you Jooles for sharing your creations.
    Happy Wednesday,
    Anne xx
    PlumCreek Studio

  19. thanks for the tip about the hellibore's. I'm off to pick some immediately!
    Jacqui x

  20. Beautiful flowers, beautiful makes - you are so talented. I'm glad to hear you're busy for mother's day. xx

  21. Your hottie cover is beautiful and I am sure that your Mum will love it whenever she receives it!! I have never heard of that tip for hellebores, but I had heard of it for poppies, so if you get any poppies later in the year, give that a try on them too!! xx

  22. Hi Jooles, I just love your hottie cover your Mum is very lucky!. I am in love with Tilda fabrics & hope to make a quilt for my son & his fiancee for a wedding present. I have bought a few pieces of Tilda & love the selection you have bought. Can you let me know where its best to buy Tilda & also the colour name of the blues you have used. Kind regards Claire.

    1. Hi Claire ..... thank you x
      Tilda make such gorgeous fabrics don't they?!
      I find Panduro Hobby very good and they sometimes have discounts on Tilda too, the fabrics I used for my mum's hot water bottle cover were from their new ranges 'All that is spring' and 'summer fair' in the blue-slate colour way and also the blue-grey colour way. I hope that helps.

      Have fun making the wedding quilt, such a lovely idea.
      love Jooles x x x

  23. Loving the finish hotty, it looks gorgeous and as always love everything you make, it is always so so pretty. Aren't these Hellebores just gorgeous. I was very tempted to buy some the other day and now I am kicking myself, I should have! xoxo

  24. Lots of loveliness here Jooles ... the little bag is adorable ... I have the book too and love it ... happy stitching ... Bee xx

  25. such lovely stitching. Love the hot water bottle, I adore Tilda fabric but it's so expensive!


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