Friday, 28 February 2014

My Cross Stitch Challenge :: February

Hello there
notice anything different about me?
No ~ I've not had my hair done
but I have been prettified
here on my blog
I hope you like what you see so far
I keep popping back to see if I'm still looking as pretty
and yes I am!
(but more on that in a mo)

Well ..... by the skin of my teeth
(such an odd saying)
here is February's cross stitch
~ hot out of the hoop ~

He is such a cute little fellow
look at those eyes .....
my only small gripe is that 'February' is not so easy to read
but maybe that's just me
I used the suggested colours 
but actually I wish I had changed that one
I thought about it
I knew when I was stitching it, but I stupidly carried on
I blame it on that stressful day when the plumbers were here!
However I LOVE the silver sparkly thread
Sparkly is my favourite colour.
You can read more about my Cross Stitch Challenge here if you like

I'm loving my new look
I'm hoping that you like it too?
I feel light and airy
pretty and fresh
I felt like I had grown out of my old look
It did me well though
I'd had it for almost three years, since the very beginning in fact

The very clever (and patient!) Angie Spurgeon did all of this for me
I'd had my heart set on a watercolour wreath
so Angie set to work with her real watercolours
painting beautiful violets
SO clever
Oh ..... please take note of the teeny tiny bee ..... he was a MUST

Thank you so much Angie
I  AbSoLuTeLy  adore it

I still have lots of 'tweaking' to do over the next few weeks
changing bits and bobs around
I'll do a bit here and there whenever I have a little spare time.

An exciting package arrived in the post a few days ago .....

Tilda have launched some new fabrics
Oh My Goodness ..... they are beyond pretty

I've decided to make my Mum a hot water bottle cover
for Mother's day with them
I just hope I can get it done in time

My lovely boy is doing well but is mighty glad that it's Friday
poor thing is shattered.
Sweet B will be coming home later for the weekend
Some lovely girl time is in store
a shopping trip is planned for tomorrow

Thank you for popping by
and for all of your kind messages on my last post
Have a gorgeous weekend my bloggy friends

BIG love
x Jooles x


  1. I love your new look, but never would have guessed the 'old' one had been with you that long as it, too, looked fresh as a daisy to me! But I am rather partial to visions of little bees visiting flowers, so this is just perfect! Lovely fabric - I've got some plans for some of those too - but most of all I'm pleased to hear your boy is doing well. Enjoy your girly shopping trip!

  2. Oh my goodness isn't this a very, very *pretty* blog! I love your new look, the wreath, the bee, it's all perfect! I've been mulling over a makeover, since I'm almost one whole year old! Let me check out your friend's site...and oooooeeeee those Tilda fabrics! I'm swooning...Cxxx

  3. I am loving your new look Jooles, so very pretty indeed. A change is good as a rest they say - another funny saying, although it seems to make more sense that the teeth one! Your cross stitch is beautiful and as for the fabrics, just gorgeous. Glad to hear lovely G is feeling better and have a fantabulous weekend with sweet B xxx

  4. It looks lovely, I had to scroll back up to spot the bee & yes he is very sweet. I love the little deer in your cross stitch, it is something I haven't done for yonks.

  5. I love your new look Jooles, the little wreath is just beautiful! Lovely cross-stitch and those fabrics are lovely too (Tilda?). I notice that bees feature quite a bit (your lovely new fabric and little bee fluttering in the side bar) and the new April edition of Period Living magazine features bees a lot - articles, wallpaper, china, free bee-friendly flower seeds if you haven't seen it already. Have a lovely weekend.
    Jane xx

  6. Love your new look - sweeet! I wish you would share where you got the Tilda fabrics - they are beyond gorgeous!

    1. I got them from Panduro but if you google tilda fabrics you'll find lots of suppliers.
      love Jooles x x x

  7. Hello Lovely Jooles, glad your little chap is on the up and up, have a restful weekend, sounds as if you all need it. Adore your stitching Jooles, it is just fabulous and the Tilda fabrics have me drooling. I just love the water bottle cover, I have just crocheted a new one for myself but love the old fashioned look of yours, I am sure you will just adore making it and your Mum will be over the moon. A wonderful post as always Jooles, have a great weekend, big hugs

  8. The new look is gorgeous, and oh my the fabrics are pretty I'm sure your mum will be thrilled. Have a great weekend, my favourite colour is sparkly too
    Clare x

  9. Oh my I am LOVING the new look. I love the layout and design of your blog, it really looks so professional and it is always useful to know of another person who is gifted to fiddle around with blogs, it might come in handy one day. Love your cross stitch, well done on getting it done on time and I must say I love the new Tilda fabrics too, I am feeling a real NEED to do a little spending now, but I have to be good, yes keep repeating this mantra, I have to be good...... I am pleased to hear that your boy is better and I hope that you all have a lovely weekend and you enjoy some lovely girlie time with your special girl. Sending much love xoxo

  10. I love your new banner, it's so sweet and so you ... ;-)!
    The embroidery is very pretty; I agree that "february" is not very easy to read but it's o.k. because the overall picture is so great it doesn't matter at all!
    Have a lovely shopping time, see you soon :-), hugs from Mirjam.

  11. I love your new look Jooles, simple yet extremely effective....that Angie is a clever girl, she has worked wonders for my blog and shops! Love your cross-stitch too, so cute. Glad you lovely boy is well :) Enjoy your weekend with Sweet B.
    Caroline x x x

  12. Your new look is beautiful. I love those new fabrics, they're so soft and feminine.

  13. Perfect little stitches and such pretty fabric......looking forward to seeing what you make of them! :) x

  14. the cross stitch is looking great. Love those fabrics, my local fabric shop used to stock Tilda fabric, then last time I went in they told me they've now stopped - what! how dare they!

  15. The cross stitch is so sweet, as is your new logo. Have a super week, Sarah xo

  16. Ohh, I love the blog's new look ❤ and that hot bottle cover in the last photo, too! I'm sure your mom is going to be so very happy for Mother's day. Hugs xx

  17. Hooray February is cute! If it bugs you that you can't read it, you could always unpick the letters and re-do but I would wait til the end to see what it all looks like, it might be more readable with the other 11 months. Looking forward to March :-)

  18. Loving the new look here - especially the tiny little bee. :-)
    The cross stitch project is gorgeous - I think it's something I'd like to try one day.

  19. Hi Jooles, Very pretty stitching for January AND February. I noticed your new look here and finally noticed the new look at your Etsy shop, too. So delicate and pretty. Hoping your son is feeling much better.
    Where are the months going??!!
    Happy March,
    Anne xxx

  20. Absolutely LOVE your new header Jooles! It's so "you". What a talented artist Angie Spurgeon is. Love the bee detail too. x


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