Wednesday, 19 February 2014

February is coming along nicely .....

..... on the cross stitch front that is

this is a cute one
I can't wait to show you when it's finished
it makes me feel all mushy.
You can read about my little cross stitch challenge here if you like

But I've been struggling a bit
suffering from bad headaches
I'm not quite myself
I've been worrying about my lovely boy so much
I think that's what it is.

We have plumbers here today
they are super nice
but I do struggle having workmen in my home
it's unsettling and I am on edge
~ sawing drilling bang bang bang ~
do they ever shut doors???
It's freezing in here
We're having radiators moved and some new ones put in
some of this is in preparation for our new kitchen
so I had better get used to it I guess
there will be lots more to come!

My head has not just been filled with poorly boy worry
but with kitchen planning too
Soooo many decisions to make
I had a bit of a melt~down a couple of days ago
So Silly
poor Mr Sweet
but all is good now

I find it really exciting choosing all the pretty small things
that's just fun ..... and easy .....
tiles and blinds have been happily decided

This will be the blind fabric ..... bee~autiful
how could I resist?

It's from Peony & Sage
it's pricey but I shall make the blind myself
that's how I'm justifying it anyway!

I'll also be using this one .....

in our utility/shower room
which is also getting some love

 when it comes to the BIG stuff ..... Woah!
Brain Explosion.
It all costs So much money too
it makes me feel a bit sick when I think about it
we've been shaving costs
left right and centre
and I've been going around in circles .....

Make a decision ..... Change my mind
Make a decision ..... Change my mind
Make a decision ..... Change my mind

Anyhow, I think after two whole days of not changing my mind
~ a small miracle ~
a decision has actually been properly made on the kitchen design
Wooo ..... Hooo

Well, I have snuck upstairs .....
 with a packet of Cadbury chocolate fingers
and my cross stitch
..... a girl has to find a bit of sanity somewhere!

Wishing you a lovely week my sweets
and thank you for the Posh carrot love

Back soon

BIG love
x Jooles x


  1. I owe you an email. Thank you for writing to me about the lovely pillow/cushion. :)

    I hope you (and your son) are soon doing better. That quote about how parents are only as happy as their least happy child, comes to mind. I hope things improve.

    Cute cake. :)

    And I feel the same way when there are work-people in my home. Most people probably feel that way. Chocolate, needlework, and ear plugs are a fine remedy, though, I would think. :)

    Have a good day--I will email you in the next couple days. :)

  2. Oh dear - poor you! I hope the headaches fade now some of the major decisions are made, as I hope your boy is soon feeling much brighter. That fabric is gorgeous, and the cross-stitch looks super cute!

  3. The fabric is divine, I've popped over to the site to have a look & I'm now glad that my house has small windows. The smaller details are more fun to choose but I share your pain over the larger decisions. It took us over a year just to agree on kitchen units! Anyway I hope your headaches now disappear & your son will get there in the end.

  4. {{Jooles}} Glandular Fever is awful isn't it and it can take some time to go away! Luckily it is one of those things that you only get once. Hope he feels better soon and that your headaches go too. Best wishes, Pj x

  5. Dear, lovely Jooles,

    I am sending you a big hug from across the sea. This horrid, lingering Glandular Fever WILL pass! I completely understand your fretting over your sweet son; it is perfectly understandable.

    I've been having headaches and feeling anxious too recently. In my case I know a visit to the osteopath's will make a huge difference. Perhaps it might help you too, Jooles?

    Your bee fabric is simply perfect for you and your lovely family.



  6. I can totally get your stress Jooles. I've been having bad stress related headaches. Too many things to worry about at the moment. It's half term. The bears are making mess and half my kitchen is in my living room and we haven't even started with the units. I'm trying to keep calm this week but it's hard! I hope your son gets better so your worries are eased on that front. As for your kitchen? It will totally be worth it! Just take deep breaths and it'll be okay! Your stitching is divine!

    Have a lovely rest of a week and wear some ear plugs and put on an extra layer!!!!!!!!


  7. Hi Jooles - I completely understand about having workmen in your house. I always feel like I need to look busy when they are working away (why? I don't know) and I also hate it when they use the bathroom which is mighty unfair considering they are working hard. I spent months having three bathrooms replaced and by the end of it I thought I may strangle the builder with his radio aerial. Loud tinny music for weeks on end! Poor man, he's very nice actually. I am loving the bee fabric for the blinds. How exciting to see it all coming together. Hope your headaches

  8. Hi Jooles,
    Welcome to the headache club....mine are still here too, it must definitely be stress!! I hope they go away soon, sending you some virtual hugs :) I bet your kitchen will be fabulous when it's all finished, can't wait to see, and I L-O-V-E your beautiful bee fabric, what a find! Happy stitching....xx

  9. Ooooh I hear your pain. I've been going through it too! Thankfully the end is in sight for us. There is still tiling to do but we've started getting things in the cupboards and using the kitchen. I have definitely had a couple of melt downs and those same sick feelings about the cost! Good luck, you'll get there in the end! Maria x

  10. Good Morning Jooles, Oh, I do hope that by the time you read this . . . that your headache will be gone. We just sign an agreement to purchase a new (old) home, but we still have time to back out after the inspection. We are going into this knowing that money will have to be spend, but until the inspection, we have no idea how much. So, in that way I know what you are going through.
    I love the fabric you picked. The little bees and the very soft color is lovely. Isn't it wonderful when you can make things yourself. Not only can you save a little money, but you can customize and make everything reflex who you are :) I can not wait to see your finished kitchen.
    Have a wonderful week.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  11. Hello lovely Jools, I am so sorry to hear that you are feeling out of sorts and I can completely understand. Having a poorly child is so unsettling and distressing. I am sure you are doing everything you can to support him, but you must know that recovering from GF takes quite some time. Boost his little body with heaps of added vitamins, especially B12 and also try if you can to get him to have as much raw veg as possible, hiding them in smoothies works a charm here. If he won't eat it raw try and steam them, but not for long. You most probably don't want any of this advice, so I will move on to your pretty cross stitch the very annoying workmen. Like you I find it really hard to have them in the house and we have had two serious bouts of them over the last year and a half, one to do our kitchen, goodluck! and the other for a conservatory. It really does get on ones nerves, but the best thing is to just give into it. The idea of a little cross stitch sounds like the perfect antidote for it all. Sending you much love sweetie xoxo

    1. Thanks Hannapat for all your tips, it's so sweet of you x I think I am driving him mad fussing and getting him to eat and drink well, maybe that in itself will speed his recovery ..... the thought of escape!
      and I'm trying to do as you say and 'give into it' with the building work ..... not easy though!
      love Jooles x x x

  12. I can never settle when we have workmen at the house, The cross stitch looks lovely, as does the fabric you have choosen, wishing your son a speedy recover, lots of rest.
    Clare x

  13. Hello Jools, Sometimes a good cry/meltdown does wonders to relieve the tension. Goodness knows there's enough going on to cause plenty around your house. Your boy, the plumbers, decision upon decision and weighing the cost of it all. I hope that your headache has subsided and you've indulged in a lovely bit of stitching and chocolate. Take care.

  14. Hello my lovely, Internet woes and computers down gave me a headache yesterday (oh and the weather front, too, you know my weird pressure headaches), so I'm only now able to read your post. The ups and downs of life seem to be taking you on quite a roller coaster ride of late! You have so many nice comments here from people who care...all I can offer to my dear friend is my home - and lots of cake! - so you can sit in silence and stitch, hidden away from the world, and builders, and illness...bring that fabric and the plans so I can oooo and ahhhh! Lots of love to you, and especially your poor boy, Cx xoxo

  15. Hi Jooles, your poor boy...I hope that he is on the mend soon. Headaches are so debilitating, having spent yesterday afternoon in bed recovering from another migraine I sympathize. On a brighter note, your fabric choices are lovely, so appropriate and just keeping thinking positive and dreaming of cooking delicious cakes in your brand new kitchen! Sarah xo

  16. We did a barn conversion and I still remember the decisions! Especially where the plug sockets should go .... A nightmare. I feel for you worrying about your lovely boy

  17. Cross stitch looks lovely - looking forward to seeing the finished product! Haven't done any cross stitch for ages, but you have put me in the mood to do some ... right now!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  18. Hello lovely Jooles...I am sorry you are still worried about your boy, and do hope he'll be better very soon. I so sympathise too with having house renovations matter how nice the workmen may be it is still sooo stressful having them in your space all day, and as for the open doors and freezing draughts.....I have been there many times! Cross stitching and quilting have been the way to get through for me often as well! Your cross stitch is looking lovely, and your new bee fabrics are delightful! All the kitchen stress will be worth it in the end.
    Sending love.
    Helen xox

  19. I am so sorry that you are feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment Jooles, I can sympathise, as I feel just the same about workmen, no matter how nice they are, hard they work, good they are, you still feel invaded and unsettled as life just gets turned upside down. I can do nothing other than say that I understand that you are not alone, it is perfectly normal and it will pass in time. I don't know if you can leave them to get on with things and escape for a little while, but if you can, do so as they will still be there when you get back, but the distraction will be good for you in the meantime. Also, trying to focus on the things that you do enjoy such as choosing fabrics and thinking about how lovely it will be when it is done might help too. Overall, don't beat yourself up about feeling like this, you have a lot on your plate and with your son as well it is not surprising that you have a headache! If all else fails, go and hide in your bedroom with a good book or DVD, a cup of tea and a nice snack and just try and ignore them! Take care. xx

  20. Not sure if I added xx at the end! I meant to!! xx

  21. I'm with you on the works thing, it is so unsettling having the upheaval - i have put off having a new shower and bathroom flooring for too long as i can't face all the decisions and upheaval! Silly really!
    Love the needlework, so pretty, and your fabrics choices are lovely!
    It'll all be worth it when you can admire and enjoy the finished room!
    Hang in there!
    Gill xx

  22. Sssssshhhh - are they still there? Have you eaten all the Cadbury's fingers yet? I'm sure we could smuggle some supplies up to you if you're still in your room! Plans sound great and what fab fabric! Jane x

  23. Gorgeous blind fabric you've chosen.

    I loved designing our kitchen a few years back ... the chap in the kitchen shop kept telling me I couldn't do what I wanted but I was having none of it, and eventually came up with an asymmetrical design they asked afterwards if they could have a copy of so they could suggest it to other people.

    I do hope you're feeling better soon x

  24. Hi Jooles, Can't wait to see your finished cross-stitch. Renovations are so stressful, I hate the upheaval too, but it will all be worth it in the end. I love your new fabric, thank you for sharing the link. Hope the headaches go soon - chocolate fingers and cross-stitch with sounds from the outside world blocked out sounds like a good way to send them on their way! Have a lovely weekend.
    Jane xx

  25. Grit your teeth lovely, think about that gorgeous kitchen at the end of this chilly, noisy tunnel! The fabric you've chosen is beautiful - so you!

    Nothing like worrying about one of your babies to cast a shadow over your world too - glandular fever is such a horrid long drawn-out illness. He will get there, I know it.

    Loveliest cross stitch - thanks so much for your advice. xxx

  26. Hi Lovely Jooles, apologies for being absent this week but it has been a busy one. I hope your little one is feeling better, what a time of it you have had. I love your cross stitch it is just stunning. How I wish I could do this but I don't seem to have the patience. Yours is a dream. Hope you are feeling well and happier soon, will be catching up with your posts over the next few days. Big hugs and loves

  27. Hi Jooles. Well no wonder you've had a headache. Renovating is so noisy and messy isn't it! I remember when we did your kitchen about 5 years ago, using a makeshift kitchen for a month while all the tradies did their thing. uuuggggh! I'm sure the current pain will be worth the gain in the end for you. Good on you for going the choccie biccies! have a good week. Jane x

  28. Well no wonder you have a headache! That's a lot of stress flying around there. I would be pouring myself a large glass of wine. Kitchen planning sounds like fun for about five minutes but I can imagine it's a nightmare, all those decisions to be made. You're like me, I just want to choose tea towels and pots and pretty things. Take it easy lovely Jooles! And I hope your boy is improving too. xx

  29. That could really be disorienting, what with all of the people making noises when fixing up things. For some reason, that's the way it is; you can take solace to the fact that everything will be done soon! That means not just a quieter home but a more efficient one too.
    Michelle Johnson @


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