Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Dreaming of spring things .....

Hello my sweets
I hope you are staying dry and cosy
The weather has been so fierce 
and quite unbelievable
My heart goes out to all the poor people who are flooded
with more rain on the way
it must be absolutely heart breaking
I just can't begin to imagine what it must be like

Just lately, to lift my waning raining spirits
I find myself dreaming 
(and making ..... but more on that next time)
of Spring Things .....

A posy of Ranunculus from Mr Sweet
these are my absolute (of the moment) favourite flowers

Raindrops on snowdrops

A posy beside my bed

Brave little crocus

Spring vegetables

Sunshine inside

Pretty butterflies

A trip to the beach
so windy it nearly blew my hat off!

I still have a poorly boy at home
this Glandular fever is a beast
it's been a worrying time
my head and heart full of woe
my poor love

Thank you for all of you kind comments on my butterflies
those little things have multiplied
I'm working on lots of new things for my shops
Mrs Sweet Violet has been busy!

Well I must be off
lots of orders to stitch

Back Soon

 BIG love 
x x x


  1. beautiful flowers!!!!! I love these little hints of Spring!!!
    hope your boy is feeling better and stronger asap!!!!
    xxxxx Ale

  2. Lovely flowers. I hope your boy's better soon, Jooles. ♥

    And I just tonight found your post about the pretty goodies you exchanged with ("sugar, sweet, and pink") Paula. If you're in touch with her soon, please tell her I said hello. We used to email but lost touch when she moved last year. I hope she's doing well. And I loooooooooove the pillow you made for her. If you ever make another for your etsy shop, or if/when you have time to do custom work again, I would love one with a "V" in the center. It's one of the prettiest things I've ever seen. I'm sure Paula treasures it. :)

    'Hope you have a good day, and a healing one for your boy. ♥

    1. Hi Val ..... thank you x
      I will email you later this evening
      love Jooles x x x

  3. I love your little carrot!! Sorry that your boy is still not well, I hope that he makes a full recovery. xx

  4. I'm always dreaming of very favourite time of year! Love the carrot. :)
    Sending healing thoughts to that lovely boy of yours!
    V xxx

  5. So many pretty things in this post lovely Jools. Loving the gorgeous fleurs and the beautiful photo of the snowdrop, how very pretty. How sweet is that carrot!! Wishing you a happy a week and wishes here for healing February for your little man. xoxo

  6. Your beautiful photos cheer up any dreary, rainy day :0) Can't wait to see your new makes, the carrot is cute! Big get well hugs for G, hope he gets better soon xxx

  7. Those ranunculus are so pretty - such fleeting beauties they seem to be! All your makes are lovely, like you I am rather partial to those flashes of Liberty print! I do so hope your poor boy is well again very soon - horrid thing, glandular fever...

  8. Lovely spring dreams, here! The ranunculus are one of my favourites at the moment too, and I love your pretty makes today, including the little carrot and the sweet butterfly! So sorry your boy is still unwell....glandular fever is a long slow thing to get rid of, I hope he feels better soon.
    Take care, lovely Jooles!
    Helen xox

  9. Lovely flowers not long now till spring. Hope your son makes a full recovery.

  10. Such lovely flowers Jooles, that Ranunculus is a beautiful colour. Love your little carrot and butterfly. I'm sorry that your boy is suffering so much, I hope he shakes it off soon.
    Jane xx

  11. Sweet, cheering flowers. It sounds like they are just what you need. All good wishes to that boy of yours x

  12. Dear, lovelly Jooles,

    Your butterfly is so pretty! The fine velvet ribbon really sets of the Liberty fabric beautifully, doesn't it?

    I also enjoyed the gentle springtime colours you have shared with us today and my most favourite flower at the moment is the dear old hyacinth! There's a lovely old florists in the city centre which has wonderful fat bunches of hyacinths. I love the scent of them wafting over my work table!

    Happy sighs!


  13. I do hope your son recovers soon. Thank you for such beautiful sunny shots to look at during these awful wet and windy days and nights xx

  14. Such lovely glimpses of springtime anticipation in this post. Love the snowdrops. I think what you call glandular fever we call "mono" or mononucleosis. We've been through it with two of our daughters so I know how tiring it can become. Take heart, your son will improve.

  15. Those flowers are gorgeous! I am so ready for spring! We have so much snow and I am desperate for some sun and nice weather!

  16. What a pretty post. Your flowers are lovely and the little butterfly nesting under the ribbon is so sweet. My favourite photo is the sunshine glowing on your February it a Calendar?? I love the artwork! Sarah xo

  17. Glandular fever is no joke.... hope he feels better soon. Your photos gave me hope for Spring.

  18. Oh, thank you for that little taste of spring, Jooles! The weather's been pretty awful here lately, too - so grey and dull all the time.
    I hope your son will start to feel better soon. I used to suffer from glandular fever a lot during my uni days - and it was not fun!!!

  19. What beautiful photos! I love your blooms, dear Mr Sweet spoils you with flowers, lucky gal! I'm loving the peek at the carrot...what has that lovely butterfly landed on, I wonder? I can't wait to see! Cxxx

  20. Aw I didn't know your little one had glandular fever, I hope he's not bad because I know it can knock you for six! This weather is absolutely terrible but it could be worse for me too, so sorry for everyone who's lost their homes in floods or sinkholes :-( Glad that you have lots of nice flowers to cheer you up though :-)


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