Sunday, 19 January 2014

Stitching Sundays :: My cross stitch challenge

Hello there my dear readers
Happy Sunday to you
We have SUNSHINE here, at last ..... I can't quite believe it!
I hope you do too

I'm not normally around here at weekends
but since my lovely friend Chrissie is hosting her
'Stitching Sundays'
and I really wanted to join in the fun
I couldn't really do this post any other day!
She has been up to all sorts of wonderful things

Around September last year I came across a fabulous website
and kind of fell in love
totally and utterly head~over~heals in fact
the designs of The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery are just adorable
there are so many that I'd like to try

So I have set myself a small monthly challenge .....
this is January so far and let me tell you, I am loving it.
I'm very into cross stitch at the moment
(you may have noticed!)

They came up with such a clever idea .....
you pay for your subscription and then each month they email that months design
like a little surprise arriving in your inbox each month
I have all my designs now because mine was for 2013
 I was late to the party
(as usual)
but they have launched a Once Upon A Time sampler for 2014
I a SO tempted .....

I'll keep you updated on my progress
that should keep me motivated too

Do you like my Bertie Blue thread tin?
I LOVE it!
It's perfect for storing my thread colours for each month
It was part of my Christmas gift from my bestie
she knows me so well
My Lovely Angie

Oh look at the sunshine in my bedroom this morning
Ahhhhhhh .....
I did a little excited jig
I've really missed catching a little glimmer of brightness now and again
It made me Sooooo happy
and talking of 'Happy' .....
I adored reading all of your 'Happy' comments on my last post so much
they made me happy too
Thank you for joining in

Well, I'm off into the garden to see what's happening out there
I NEED vitamin D and sunshine on my face

Back soon

BIG love 
x Jooles x


  1. enjoy the sunshine!!!! We have a lot of rain here!!!!!
    xxxxxx Ale

  2. Sunshine sounds amazing right about now, I'm tired of snow and gray! Your cross stitch is looking great, those deer are adorable! I came across Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery lately and the patterns are fantastic but I haven't tried any yet! The Once Upon a Time sampler is tempting!

  3. Yippee! Thank you for linking up, especially with such an amazingly adorable project! I cannot wait to see this sweet little sampler develop! And you bet your sweet bippy I'll be checking out the Once Upon A Time one...hope you're enjoying time in this gorgeous sun! Cxxx

  4. We have had only a little sunshine today but I did manage a bit of weeding in the garden.Its so nice to be able to feel it on your face, completely agree with you Jooles.

  5. Your blue tit tin made me smile on this wet dreary day, I have the same wallpaper as you! x

  6. Hi Jooles. We have sunshine here today as well, what a change it makes from torrential rain. I love your sampler; I have a softspot for little bambies. What is the fabric you are using as the base? Its a lovely texture and colour. Enjoy the rest of Sunday. Lily. xxx

    1. Hi Lily :o)
      thank you so much ..... I used Cashel raw linen 28ct, it is what was recommended and it's really gorgeous, I shall certainly be using it again.
      love Jooles x x

  7. awe those little deer are so sweet and I really love your blue-tit tin! :)

  8. Your cross stitch is looking lovely, and the little tin for your silks is so cute! Sun is shining here today - thank goodness!! Hope that you have a good week. xx

  9. We've been enjoying the sunshine today too - so lovely to see the sunlight streaming through the windows. That little Woodland Sampler is too cute - and thanks for sharing the link to Chrissie Crafts - it is such a lovely blog. Now I'm off to link up my own stitching makes :)

  10. This is gorgeous lovely Jooles!! I hope you made the most of the sunshine and got some much needed vitamin D. Thank you so much for your lovely and supportive comment, I really appreciate it. Take care honey xoxo

  11. Darling cross stitch sampler! Fabulous idea to have it in bits each month- makes it feel less overwhelming.
    We have sunshine here too . . . and blue sky as well. Enjoy that vitamin D!

  12. I use a tin box for my threads, too. I love cross stitch - the patterns are getting so much more whimsical - love it!

  13. Aah, thanks for those lovely, light pictures, I needed them!
    That tin is the best....
    Love from Mirjam xxx

  14. It's very cute and I love the tin too! Thanks for the link to the stitching site:)


  15. Hi Jooles so love your stitching, I cannot do this for love nor money but so wish that I could as I think your design is just adorable. Love the cute little box too. A great post Jooles, thanks so much, big hugs

  16. Those little kissing deer are so sweet Jooles...and I LOVE your Bertie Blue tin!
    Hope you had a lovely weekend,
    Caroline x x x

  17. I love your Bertie Blue, thread tin too! Jacqui x

  18. Hello lovely Jooles. Your cross stitch is adorable and so is your little birdie tin.....very you! Wishing you a happy week.
    Helen xx

  19. Dear Jooles
    Your stitching is so lovely and I look forward to seeing how this progresses. It's a great idea to give a little pattern each month and build up the picture gradually.
    It looks like you'll be having a lot of fun with this.
    Best wishes

  20. Sweet little stitches there Jooles! :) x

  21. Hi Jooles, glad you had a lovely sunny day where you are yesterday - we had sunshine too and we've had more this morning with a bit of frost. Your little cross-stitch woodlanders are so sweet and so is your thread tin. Happy stitchy times and have a good week.
    Jane xx

  22. Oh I so admire anyone that has the patience to sew....and you sew so beautifully Jooles...great work there.

    Love Happy x

  23. I did a bit of cross stitch last month and really enjoyed it.After seeing your beautiful stitchings (those bambies are sooo cute!) I'm tempted to pay that website a visit and try it again.
    Hope you had a lovely weekend.Btw, love the wallpaper in your bedroom!
    Marion x

  24. Hi Jooles. Well it's so good you are getting the sunshine. We have an excess here right now and 'lets get ridiculous' high temperatures! I will follow with excitement as you work on your sampler! Jane x

  25. Tres neat cross stitch Jooles, love the little deers :-) I think you should sign up for the 2014 stitch along, it looks cool! We had a lovely bit of sunshine too, fingers crossed for this weekend too

  26. that is such a sweet sampler, i've seen others around blogland


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