Friday, 24 January 2014

Happiness is .....

..... a green egg

My lovely boy's girlfriend gave this to me
she is a real sweetie
just look at that BEAUTIFUL colour
it will be boiled for my lunch in a while

..... a new little project

I'll share soon

..... cracking open a kind gift

It was Quilt club here on Wednesday
we had scones, clotted cream
 and quince jelly made by my lovely friend Chrissie
Oh MY.
We didn't get much quilting done

My most HAPPY thing this week .....
My Sweet B is coming home for the weekend
what a wonderful surprise
I am SO happy about that
I'm counting the hours


What has been making you happy this week?
 ..... Oh please do tell .....

Wishing you a FABULOUS weekend

BIG love
x Jooles x 


  1. Sounds like a lovely week for you!
    I discovered a new yarn shop, right here in town with great wool; and a neighbour friend learned to crochet so now I have someone to go yarn shopping with:)

    Have a wonderful weekend with your daughter!

  2. I like the colour of that egg. Hope you enjoyed having it for lunch!
    Lovely flowers have been making me happy this week and 'Father Brown' while I crochet.

    Have a fantastic weekend with your daughter!
    Marion x

  3. I've never seen a green egg before! it's a beautiful pastel green colour indeed (I love pastel colours). and that kitty bowl is pretty adorable, too ^_^

  4. That my daughter is happy:)
    Have a great weekend with your daughter<3
    hugs Sif

  5. Happy! I'm happy right this moment sipping a very indulgent hot chocolate made with your scrummy choccy spoon and stitching more of my machine cover while Little Flower naps next to me. Next up is the patchwork bench cover - which actually looks perfect just the way we laid it out on Wednesday! :-) cxxx

  6. Lovely green egg and the bowl with the cat is beautiful too. What made me happy this week: My father of 94 years came home again after 11 weeks hospital.......I went there with my mother every other day, pffff.
    Enjoy your weekend with Sweet B. My daughters and family come tomorrow night for dinner, I love it.

  7. What kind of chicken lays green eggs, jealous ones?
    I'm glad it made you happy though ;-) !
    I'm happy it's weekend and we planned some nice stuff...
    Lots of love from Mirjam.

  8. I hope you had soldiers with your egg scrummy! Playing hide and seek with my two year old grandson made me very happy- he always hides behind the kitchen door and closes his eyes x

  9. Happiness is it being Friday, which means the weekend is nearly here! Saturday usually consists of a little trip to John Lewis haby department for Chloe and if she's happy, then I am :0) Hope you have a fab weekend with Sweet B xxx

  10. Hi Jooles- gorgeous egg, and I adore the kitty bowl, too! So happy to hear your Sweet B will be visiting!
    I am happy today because the twenty bridal shower invitations I was asked to make are finally in the very last, adding the address stage! A huge project I am glad to have done . . . and I'm rewarding myself with a little thrift shopping this afternoon!

  11. haven't seen a green egg. wow. a friend of a friend has a chookie who lays blue eggs, the duckegg blue colour. beautiful! I wish I lived closer, as I would love to be part of the your quilt club. have a great weekend. It's 'Australia Day' here tomorrow. Yeah! flags, fun and lamb chops on the BBQ. Jane x

  12. That is one pretty egg! :) And your little bowl is soooooo cute!!
    Bunny making....that always makes me happy!
    Happy weekend Jooles,
    V x

  13. Catching up with your friends and spending time together is far more important than how much you actually got done! Chrissie's little Christmas trees are so cute aren't they! xx

  14. Have seen blue ones but not green - hope it was scrummy. Happiness for me this weekend is my daughter home for a few days. Have a lovely weekend.
    Jane xx

  15. A very interesting looking egg. Hope it's yummy. So wish I could join in on your quilting fun as I'm just working on my first. Could most probably do with a course but for now everything is just self taught. Let's not look too closely. Enjoy your weekend sweet joules and treasure every minute with your daughter xoxo

  16. I loved coloured eggs - they seem like a real treat. That bowl is so pretty too. May I ask where you got it? Getting through the week has made me happy - we're now half way to half term. I am already in need of a week's break! x

    1. Thank you x
      The little bowl actually came from a shop in Disney world!! Japan in Epcot to be precise!
      I hope you are having a fab weekend
      Love Jooles x x x

  17. Hello Lovely Jooles, what a fabulous bowl, I adore it and your egg looks just perfect sitting in it. Am loving your blog Jooles and always look forward to your posts. I am busy trying to finish my crochet hot water bottle cover - if I don't hurry up it will be high summer already! Have a fabulous weekend and big hugs and cuddles to you Jooles

  18. Lovely blog Jooles, I'll be back again for sure, from a new reader!

  19. Will you be having ham with your green egg ;-) I see a fox in the making too, exciting :D

  20. Lovely pictures Jooles...thanks for visiting me by the way ;)

    I love quince jelly, but have always had it with cheese and crusty warm bread...I have a very sweet tooth so I don't know why I have not had it with scones before! I'll have to invite myself over to your house to try that!

    My happiness is having my daughter return home after 3 weeks of visiting her boyfriend on the I also feel your happiness my lovely...

    Have a lovely week and speak soon xxx

    Love Happy x


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