Tuesday, 21 January 2014

A is for .....

Hello lovelies

I was looking (trawling) through my photos yesterday
trying to find something
(Oh dear ..... I really need to sort them! I have started but it's all a bit over~whelming)
I didn't find what I was actually looking for 
but I did find something that I wanted to share .....
It's the cushion that I made for my bestie this Christmas

Her name is Angie

It's very similar to this one that I made for another dear friend

Truly Madly Deeply

Thank you so much for tootling on by to see me here
and thank you too for so many kind comments
I'm always so excited to read them and appreciate each and every one

Back soon!

BIG love
x Jooles x


  1. I have just discovered your blog and it is just fabulous!! What a lovely cushion!! Smiles from South Africa :)

  2. It is a lovely cushion, I'm sure your friend was thrilled to receive it.


  4. It's beautiful ~ you can see all the hard work and love that went in to making it. What a very lucky friend!

    P.S ~ just want to say that I love my Little Percy Pecker ~ he looked very at home hanging from my Christmas tree. Your work is fabulous :O)x

  5. This is so so pretty Jooles and I am sure Angie loved it. I love the pretty fabric and the beautiful cross stitch, I really need to learn to do this as it just looks so so beautiful. Well done you on yet another beautiful creation!! Hope you have a lovely week xoxo

  6. Lovely cushion - front and back. Your hand stitching is perfect.

  7. ....what a lucky lady Angie is! :)
    V x

  8. The cushion is lovely Jooles. Handmade gifts are the best ones to receive, especially when they are personalised with initials. Lucky Angie. Have a good week.
    Jane xx
    PS: I know what you mean about photos, they seem to breed now that we've got digital! :o)

  9. Oh my goodness! You do sew beautifully! So inspirational - thanks for showing us this lovely cushion. Lucky Angie!

  10. This is so darn adorable that it takes my breath away. Your stitching talents are A+ perfection and the colors and the detail . . . oh my . . . what a fortunate friend you have, and what a sweetie and dear friend she has :)

  11. What a beautiful cushion....I bet Angie loves it! Lovely fabric choice :)
    Have a lovely week.
    Love Caroline xxx

  12. Absolute perfection! Lucky Angie! I bet she adores it...Cxxx

  13. Very pretty - I bet Angie was over the moon. x

  14. I thought that I recognised it, and when I looked at the previous one I did, and they are both as beautiful as each other!! I am sure that your friends must love them both. xx

  15. Superb Jooles! the finishing on your work is amazing. love the back too. Jx

  16. Jooles how I love your cushions they are just stunning and I want to make some just like yours - you are so talented and I love your blog. Thanks so much, big hugs

  17. Really beautiful cushion, Jooles!! Your bestie is a lucky gal. Everything you make is so well done. :)

  18. A lovely gift for your friend. The cross-stitched signature is the cream on the cake.

  19. Your cushion is so beautiful, I love the cross stitch monogram, the gorgeous fabrics, the colours and all the sweet stitching.....your bestie is a very lucky lady to receive such a wonderful gift!
    Have a happy week, lovely Jooles!
    Helen xox

  20. I love your cushion especially the monogram .. cross stitch is one of my favourite crafts. A lovely gift for sure.
    Pat xx

  21. I love the bow detail at the back of the cushion and the details are so pretty. xxx

  22. It's beautiful Jolles- you always pay attention to detail and it shows! x

  23. This cuahion is so beautiful! I love your very neat and even stitchings and all the lovely details. Your bestfriend is so lucky to receive such a wonderful gift!
    Marion x

  24. Angie loves her cushion TRULY, MADLY, DEEPLY. I am indeed a very lucky friend xxxx

  25. So beautiful and sweet! Love all the pretty details you added! xo Heather


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