Friday, 6 December 2013

Soul soothing

Hello my friends

It has been an emotional time here
A couple of days ago we said our sad goodbyes to my lovely Father~in~law
it was a day that none of us wanted to arrive
but his funeral was beautiful
so full of love, kindness and respect for a wonderful man's life
Mr Sweet read out a tribute to his dad
and my niece read a poem
they were both so brave and eloquent
So proud.

We brought some of his flowers home to cherish
Sweet B took a little posy back to uni with her too
her grandad would have loved that

This poem was read at the very end of the service and it was perfect

When I come to the end of the road
And the sun has set for me
I want no rites in a gloom-filled room.
Why cry for a soul set free?

Miss me a little - but not too long
And not with your head bowed low.
Remember the love that we once shared,
Miss me - but let me go.

For this is a journey that we all must take
And each must go alone.
It's all part of the master's plan,
A step on the road to home.

when you are lonely and sick at heart
Go to the friends we know
And busy your sorrows in doing good deeds.
Miss me - but let me go.

Edgar A. Guest

When I find myself sad ~ worried ~ emotional
I soothe my soul with a strange thing
it always seems to happen
it really does soothe my soul
I feel compelled
I think because it doesn't require too much brain power
it allows me time to sort my feelings into the right compartments.

So I've been
cleaning, organising and generally keeping myself very busy.
I've cleaned and sorted my freezer, fridge and pantry
(that was one BIG job)

I even got to the bottom of my ironing mountain
and that rarely happens here

helped along with my pretty new ironing board cover

There has been daily baskets of Sew Sweet Violet parcels to post

I have written almost all of my Christmas cards
I was a ninja.
Just a few special ones to make.

I've done just a little crafting
(more on that next time)

A little shopping always helps too
(a little TOO much shopping so I've been told)
a lush new book accompanied by fresh coffee and banana bread

and a beautiful angel from my inspirational and sweet new friend Federica

My lovely boy went back to work two days ago
after his nasty bout of glandular fever
I have felt very anxious about him
but he seems to be doing fine
and it's so wonderful to see him up and about
he may be a little fed up with his mum's over~protectiveness now though
but never mind, that's my job!

We are all a little
'All over the place'
 right now, but we're getting there
It has been a long few weeks
I feel like my nerves are just jangling about
We're not ready to embrace Christmas just yet 
Soon though

Thank you Thank you Thank you
for all of your kind messages
they have truly meant the world to us

I hope you're all ok
the weather has been fierce in some places of the UK
I hope you're all warm, dry and safe where ever you may be.

Back soon

BIG love
x Jooles x


  1. That poem is so wonderful I could (almost) cry....
    So good of you to keep busy; It works therapeutic doesn't it?
    I wish you a cosy and warm weekend, lots of love from Mirjam.

  2. That's a lovely poem.
    So glad your boy is feeling better!
    V x

  3. Busy hands really do allow the mind to wander and sort things out. I find that when I do housework, too. Which is awaiting me patiently as I read blogs.
    The poem is lovely. Stay warm and cozy.

  4. That poem is gorgeous Jooles.
    So glad your lovely boy is feeling better.
    I find housework very therapeutic (which may be why I do so much, haha!!)
    Lots of love,
    Caroline xxx

  5. Lovely Jooles there are no words to help but we are here for you - we never forget the ones we love, they are always present in our hearts - at this time of the year it can be such heavy going - take care dear. Sending you big hugs and lots of love

  6. That was a lovely poem Jooles. Glad it went okay XX

  7. I'm sorry. It sounds like a hard time for all of you. Take care of yourself.

  8. Such a moving poem Jools. It isn't right to say glad you had a good day, but glad you had a good day if you know what I mean. Glad also that your son is on the mend. xx

  9. Finding solace in the comforts of home, I tend to do housework in times of emotional stress as well - it just seems to reaffirm your family, your life...when all else is beyond your control, you can at least straighten up the shelves! It really does help, doesn't it? Thank you for sharing the beautiful poem, of course I'm teary, oh my deary, we need another evening to stitch and eat cake! Cxxx

  10. Hi Jooles. Thanks for sharing with us that lovely poem. Sending hugs and prayers to you and your family.
    Marion x
    ps. I find housework therapeutic too. I always feel better when things around me are clean and in order.

  11. Oh Sweetheart, such sad times....sending you all a big hug xxx

  12. So sorry to hear about the loss of your Father-in-law, Jooles. I'm glad his funeral went well. Also glad your son is on the mend. Give yourselves a little breathing space- it will take a while to begin to settle back into anything like normal. Take care- sending you hugs xx

  13. Hello lovely Jooles and what a beautiful post filled with so much emotion and love! The poem read at the funeral is simply beautiful, in fact it made me cry. It is exactly what we all want when we go and I am sure you will all hold on to the beautiful memories that he has left behind. My heart goes out to you all. I am pleased to hear that your son is now feeling better, make sure he takes it slow as it takes our bodies months and months to get over these viruses and you really want to make sure you load him with extra vitamins and probiotic to strengthen his little immunity again (sorry if I sound like the mother now.. I am sure I am teaching you to suck eggs). I too find these cleaning and tidying jobs the most therapeutic, especially going through cupboards, freezers it gives me such a sense of new perspective and I completely understand why the ironing is making good progress, it is a rather lovely cover to iron on after all. Sending you much love and wishing for a lovely week xoxo

  14. Beautiful flowers and a beautiful poem. I'm so glad your son is better now. Love your new ironing board cover, always makes that job much nicer to do....and I do know what you mean about keeping busy and organising the house at such times, it somehow puts things in perspective while you work.
    Love to you all.
    Take care, lovely Jooles.
    Helen x

  15. That is such a beautiful poem.

    Jooles I am so behind with everyone that I'd missed your sad news, I'm so sorry for your family's loss. But happy to read that your son is well again. Here's hoping your little family will travel a smooth road now into the Christmas holiday x

  16. That poem brought quite a large tear to my eye, Jooles. I'm glad the funeral went well (as well as any funeral can go) and hope that you and your loved ones can settle back into family life and adjust to your loss. Losing a loved one is especially painful when Christmas is looming, but there is still much joy to be found and cherished, I am sure. I'm so glad your boy is better and over the glandular fever, what a relief.

    You've been in my thoughts lately, and every time I walk into the hall and see the calendar I think of you and am thankful for your friendship and creative talents. It's so nice to have a little of Sew Sweet Violet's magic weaving it's way into our family's Christmas traditions. My children will remember and love your advent calendar when they are grown up! x

  17. I'm so sorry you've had such sadness Jooles and hope that the healing qualities of time will lead you to brighter days. Best wishes x


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