Monday, 9 December 2013

December makings .....

Hello my lovely friends
It's so good to see you

I wanted to pop by to show you what I've been up to
on the making front
(not the housework front ..... although that urge still continues ..... its all becoming very 'shiny' here!)

Two Christmas gifts have been ticked off my list
for my sweet little nieces
a woodland wreath each
to hang on their bedroom doors

The racoon and fox patterns were from Mollie Makes ~ issue 23 
(I made them a little bigger though)

Yesterday I spent a lovely couple of hours
playing with stamps, ink and buttons

I like to make a few Christmas cards each year
I saw this one on Pinterest
and because I don't seem to have my own brain working at full power just yet
and I had the perfect supplies already to hand
I was VERY heavily influenced!

Here's a little kind~of secret stitching
I will fully reveal after the twenty~fifth

I've also busied my hands and my mind
 with some easy and straight~forward knitting in recent weeks too
which produced a pair of lovely cosy hand warmers to match my 
Seasalt rain coat

I'm off now to clean my kitchen windows and make goulash for tea

Thank you from the bottom of my heart
for your sweet comments lately
I have been so touched by each and every one.
Sad things have happened
 but they have been counteracted by so many kind and thoughtful moments
heart~warming messages and thoughtful gestures
so much love and kindness has come our way
it has really touched our hearts
It has been beautiful

Wishing you a beautiful week

Back soon

BIG love
x Jooles x

P.S My Sweet B is home for her Christmas holidays on Friday
I CanNot tell you how excited I am
I miss that adorable girly of mine so much


  1. What a lucky nieces to have an aunty like you :)!
    Lots of beautiful makings.... Well done, since you are so busy cleaning the house as well ;-).
    Love from Mirjamxxx

  2. You are such a creative crafty bee!!!
    Love your woodland wreaths and your knitted hand Warner's!!!
    Xxxxxxxxx Ale

  3. Awe your nieces are going to love their pressies........I love them!!
    Gorgeous knitting, I have that pattern in my Ravelry library, it is beautiful! :)
    V xxx

  4. Beautiful makes and pretty hand have been a busy bee!
    Have a lovely week,
    Caroline xxx

  5. You will have two very happy nieces, without a doubt! The knitting is so very pretty, you know that's my resolution for next year...and the cards are just gorgeous! Cxxxxx

  6. Oh my goodness, those wreaths are just gorgeous Jooles. How lucky are your nieces to have such a talented aunt?

    Love your hand warmers too, they're the loveliest colour.

    Now, if you still have excess energy, do feel free to pop over to my house and give it a good clean!!!

    Wishing you a gentle week my friend.

    Heather xx

  7. I just love the way your turned those Mollie Makes creatures into a woodland themed wreath, that's inspired. The mitts are really beautiful and very stylish but most of all I LOVE those cards you made! You've made me want to go out and buy some more stamps and ink pads now... x

  8. Gosh, you have been the little fox! :) x

  9. Jooles, you have been busy.Did you use wire for the rings?
    Glad your daughter is home this weekend, you must miss her terribly. It is starting to hit home that my youngest son and family arent here this year (having emigrated to Australia in may this year). I miss them all so much.

    1. Hi Anne ..... yes I did, its just that green plastic coated gardening wire, I wrapped mine around a big round tin a few times to make it more sturdy.
      It must be hard with your son and family so far away x
      love jooles xxx

  10. The wreaths are beautiful, I am sure that they willbe a big hit, and all of your other things are lovely too! I cannot remember the exact quote, but I remember reading in a book years ago something about if you are sitting and waiting for news you might as well get on and do some housework, you will still be waiting for news, but you will have done a lot in the meantime. When my Dad's Mum died earlier this year my house was cleaner than it had been for ages, so I know the feeling. It is good for keeping the mind occupied though isn't it. xx

  11. You've been busy and everything looks beautiful! I absolutely love the wreaths. My daughter would love one in her room, I might have to try to make something like it for her.

  12. The wreaths are so sweet and beautifully made, lucky girls.

  13. Wow these wreaths are so gorgeous Jooles, I love the detail on each of them and the sweet acorns, oh my!!! The girls are going to LOVE them, I mean who wouldn't. I WANT ONE too for my bedroom door please. Love the arm warmers you knitted and I think I might be popping down for tea, it sound delish! xoxo

  14. You have been a busy with your December makes, the wreaths are gorgeous. Your nieces are very lucky to have an aunt like you. The stitching on their names is beautiful :0) xxx

  15. Creative and gorgeous, well done you. I'm sure your nieces will love your wreaths - woodland creatures were (and are still) always a hit with my girls. Jane xx

  16. Those woodland wreaths are adorable! I'm sure your nieces will love them. And those hand warmers are pretty. I'd love to make them too if I had the time and your knitting skills.
    Do you use stamps for the letterings on your cards?
    Enjoy your week and your time with your daughter.
    Marion x

    1. Thank you Marion :o)
      I am sure you could make the hand warmers,as long as you can do basic knit and purl, they are knitted flat and with just a gap in the side seam for thumbs!
      Yes i do use stamps for the messages.
      love jooles xxx

  17. Oh I just love the little woodland critters! So many great ideas out there; I wish my kids could just stay this age for a couple of years so I could make it all for them!
    The cards are gorgeous - I love the lacy stamp sets. Will have to look for something similar:)


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