Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Almost ready .....

Hello my dear friends
thanks for stopping by at such a busy time
I hope your 'To Do' lists are behaving?!

I think I've rather exhausted myself on the housework front now
Boy Oh Boy 
I feel tired today
all my own fault
don't feel sorry for me
at least I have a shiny home
(for now at least)

Well ..... I'm almost ready to be soused and buried
I now have the vast quantities of Baileys and Quality street required for this task
(I also have a bottle of Advocaat on stand~by ..... Mr Sweet makes a mean snowball)

(Ok ..... I may have tested just one sweetie)

The reason for this?
Both of my shops will be closing on Saturday for Christmas
they will re~open around the end of January
(a holiday that long feels a bit naughty)

My NOTHS shop has been SUPER~DUPER busy lately
(so lovely)
Purdey (sewing machine) and I are quite exhausted
she will be off to the spa and all I need is alcohol and chocolates

I'm low on stock on a several things now
sold out on some
but there's still LOTS of prettiness available
and as we all know, Christmas is not Christmas without a Pecker!

To allow my Etsy shop to catch up with my NOTHS shop
I am offering 20% off EVERYTHING
in my Etsy shop
until I close the doors on Saturday

Please use the code
when you checkout

By The Way ..... 
You don't need to have a PayPal account to purchase from my Etsy shop
you can now pay by credit card
Etsy have made some good improvements to their site lately

Thank you for all the love on my December makes
your'e so kind

 Although my shops are closing soon
I'm still planning on popping in here to see you
 so until next time .....

BIG love
x Jooles x


  1. Enjoy your break Jooles! I love your remedy for rejuvenating - Baileys and chocolate - hmmmmm, perfect!

  2. A very merry chocolates and alcohol season to you and congrats on those well deserved....
    bestest festive wishes to you and yours
    Daisy j x

  3. Have a wonderful break and indulge yourself a little. The Baileys and chocolate seem like a good place to begin.

  4. Are to do lists supposed to get longer?? ;) I love the idea of soused and buried. :)
    So happy for you that your shops are doing so surprise really!!
    V xxx

  5. Sounds like you have earned a nice break Jooles- it's great to be busy but a little bit of R&R will do you good. Baileys and chocolate- just the job.xx

  6. Enjoy your break-you deserve it!
    Hope Purdey has a lovely time at the spa.
    Marion x

  7. Lovely wonder your shops do so well, everything you make is so special! I am glad you have got the quality street in, I have too :) Enjoy your break and being soused and buried.....sounds marvellous! And yes, how do we manage to blog in sync like this??
    Take care, lovely Jooles.
    Helen x

  8. I hope that you really enjoy your break, you deserve it after recent times. I hope that the Baileys and QS do their thing for you! Add a scenty candle and you have to be in a good place! xx

  9. Beautiful candles Jooles...have a well deserved break from your crafting :) Hope Purdey enjoys her time at the spa and I hope you enjoy your choccies, yummy!
    Take care hun,
    Caroline xx

  10. You really deserve your chocolate!!!!!
    xxxxx Ale

  11. Beautiful candle pics Jooles and your festive makes are just gorgeous!...Well, it's almost Friday and our girls will all be home!..Enjoy your time with your lovely daughter and make the most of that nice long break...(along with the alcohol and chocolates of course)...It all sounds perfect to me and I'm planning to do the same! :-)
    P.S Soused and buried?...I definitely have to go find out....
    Susan x

  12. Enjoy your well-earned rest Jooles, I hope being soused and buried proves therapeutic and rejuvenating. I ordered my pecker and looking forward to her arrival :o)
    Jane xx

    1. Ahhh thank you Jane ..... He will be flying off to you tomorrow!
      love jooles xxx

  13. Big hugs to you Jooles too, I just love the things you make as they are really special - you sound as if you really need to have a relax for a little while and I hope you enjoy your special time with your family. Have a wonderful time Jooles, lots of love as always

  14. I might just have to pop over with an offer of chocolate and baileys, oh boy how I love the combination of that. Gosh it is times like this I so wish I didn't know I had an allergy. You will have to have double to enjoy some on my behalf. I have just realised that I haven't photographed my litte Pecker, so I will do that for my next post, she is so pretty! I do hope you have a wonderful Christmas and best wishes for a fabulous new year. xoxo

  15. Wow, I bet you're ready for that rest! You've been busy. I'm glad your shops are so very successful Jooles, that makes me happy. And well done for giving yourself January off, it will be a proper long rest for you. x


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