Thursday, 7 November 2013

Percy is back!

Just popping by very quickly today to say that
Percy Pecker and some of his brothers and sisters
have flown into my shops today
(better late than never ..... hey?)

There is .....
Master Percy Pecker (of course!)
Miss Posie Pecker
Miss Penelope Pecker
Miss Poppie Pecker
Master Pippin Pecker

They would all love a new home in time for Christmas.

You can find them 
here in my Etsy shop

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Back soon
BIG love 

x Jooles x


  1. Percy and his family look adorable!
    What a handsome birds...
    Love from Mirjam.

  2. All of the pecker family are looking wonderful! I hope that they all find some lovely new homes. xx

  3. What a lovely bunch of Peckers (sorry - couldn't resist that one!) They're gorgeous Jooles and I'm sure they'll be flying away very soon x Jane

  4. What a happy flock, just in time to ring in the holidays! Cxxx

  5. Gosh they are so cute. I really need to be organised. I can feel my grip on my sanity loosening at this time of year......and how did I miss a giveaway?!!!!!! Ha ha. Adore Percy Pecker....


    P.s you're right it's Farnham. I worked in that town for 12 years. I haven't been there for a while but was there today. I love it so. Xxx

  6. Hey Jooles! I've seen these little guys each year on your blog (well since I've been following!) and they always get me v.excited and it's a bit like "it's not christmas till you've seen a Pecker" haha! Anyway, I'm moving house (hopefully) soon, so if I ordered one now do you have a rough idea when it might arrive? I could always order to my parents if you're not sure (which is no trouble) Nic x

    1. Hi Nic ..... "it's not christmas till you've seen a Pecker" ..... I love it! you made me proper giggle!

      The little Peckers are all made and ready to fly, so I could post as soon as you like!

      Good luck with your house move, how exciting.
      love jooles xxx

    2. Thank you Jooles! He arrived on Saturday and he is gorgeous! I can't wait to have him on my Christmas tree :-) x

  7. I love those little birdies ~ popping on over to Etsy now :O)x

  8. I always know Christmas is nearly here when Percy and co. come out to play! :-)

  9. Gorgeous little Peckers Jooles!
    Love Caroline xx

  10. Jooles I just love these - am drooling over them and will be popping over to your shop very soon. Would love to win your giveaway. Have a lovely weekend, big hugs

  11. I love your little Peckers :0) xxx

  12. They are so gorgeous Joules, love them!! xoxo

  13. I'm so excited -- Miss Posie Pecker is going to spend Christmas with us!! Too adorable!

    Beata xox

  14. Ooh so excited just ordered the gorgeous miss Posie Pecker, she's gorgeous. Can't wait. Xoxo

  15. You do have lovely ideas - such cute birds.

  16. Dear Jooles,

    Your little robbins are absolutely adorable. I just gazed at the détails on each one for a couple of minutes; quite entranced I was. You must be hugely busy too right now, I imagine?

    Hugs from France,


  17. lovely cuties. You create amazing stuff.

  18. These are adorable. Christmas Percys. how fab. I bet they are flying out of the shop. xx

  19. Christmas isn't Christmas unless the Peckers are in town!


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