Thursday, 28 November 2013

P is for .....

..... Paula

Some of you may know Paula
she used to write so beautifully on her blog
Sugar sweet & pink
(sadly for us she's not blogging anymore)
We have become good friends
 writing emails and keeping each other up~to~date
with the comings and goings of family life and just chitter~chattering away
It has been a total joy
 to get to know this sweet, thoughtful and beautiful lady better
and now be lucky enough to call her my friend

Paula made this beautiful soft pink bear for my birthday
when I unwrapped her it was love at first sight
ahhhhh ..... so pretty
she is amazing and so so soft
absolutely beautifully beautifully made too
Paula has such a skill and a magic touch
I feel so honoured that she had put so much love and precious time into a gift for me

I thought very hard to find the perfect name for her
it had to be something sensational

* * *  Mirabelle  * * * 

I think that is the prettiest name, don't you?
I would LOVE to be called Mirabelle

I think it suits her very well

I adore Mirabelle and will treasure her always ..... thank you Sweet Paula

Of course I had to make something in return for Paula's birthday
I love making and giving, it just makes for such a warm feeling inside
I thought long and hard
I mean, how could I possibly come close to Mirabelle?
I decided on something personalised
a cushion of some kind?

Then I remembered a while ago
seeing a cushion on the wonderful nanacompany blog
(Oh. My. Goodness. That lady is SO talented)
when I first saw it I nearly fell off my chair in love ..... 
you know that feeling sometimes, when you see something
that you utterly and totally ADORE, that you just can't get off your mind?
well this was one of those moments with bells on
Paula's birthday was the perfect reason to make one
I adapted it only slightly with the cross stitch 'P' in the centre hexie.
I wrote to Amy to ask if she would mind
I had such a lovely reply from her

Paula has recently moved house
so I also made her this as a little house~warming gift

I expect you all recognise it?!
from the amazing Lucy at Attic24 of course
she is so inspiring
I hadn't crocheted for ages and found it a bit tricky getting started
I think it's a bit wrong in places
but I persevered with it and I don't think it shows
not to me anyhow ..... being bit of a crochet novice.

My armoire looked a bit sad when I packed up Paula's new home gift
so I popped a Pecker on it  ;o)

Master Pippin Pecker to be precise

Just to let you know
there are still a few adorable little Peckers
 hoping to be adopted in time for Christmas
you can find them
here in my Etsy shop
and here in my NOTHS shop

Whilst I'm on the subject of shops .....
both of my shops will close on the 14th December this year
quite early I know, but I'm in need of a BIG rest
business has been brisk (!) this year
and with everything else that's been going on
I feel the need of a proper break
I will be re~opening sometime in late January 2014
I may consider hiring a couple of good elves next year
do you happen to know any?
Anyway, if you think you might like something, please order soon.
After the 14th
 I will most likely be soused in baileys and buried under a mountain of quality street
and at that point I will be good for nothing
 with any luck!

Things are a little better here now
still lots of sadness
but lots of lovely memories too.

My lovely boy is much better
he's very tired but much more like his funny old self
and boy that makes me happy

Sending lots of love your way
and wishing all of my American friends a happy Thanksgiving

Back soon

BIG love
x Jooles x


  1. What beautiful gifts you sent and received Jooles. Blogging brings very special people into our lives x

  2. Oh my! I have just discovered your blog and love it! It is so SO pretty and you are so inspirational. Your hand work is so beautifully finished. Have a lovely day ;o)

  3. both gifts are wonderful!!!!!
    happy to know that you feel a little better,
    xxxxxx Ale

  4. Oh Jooles I was so thrilled to read this post. I used to love Paula's blog and I'm so so happy to hear that she is ok. She has been on my mind a great deal after her move and I would love to get in touch with her. I adore her bears and she is so very talented. I love the cushion you made for her and I sure she will love it. Amy's blog is such an inspiration and you've done a beautiful job with that cushion. Your sweet little heart is gorgeous too. My little pecker is also hanging in a similar spot, it is so sweet. Enjoy your weekend xoxo

  5. Awe your little bear is beautiful........such a treasure and I'm sure your friend was absolutely delighted with her gifts too!
    Glad things are a bit better at home.
    Good luck with the Quality Street and the Baileys....that sounds like a plan! ;)
    V x


  7. A beautiful cushion with the P. of Paula and the bear is so pretty, at first glance I thought it was a little dog, haha. Such fun to find via blogging a new friend and giving each other such a lovely presents.

  8. Mirabelle is just gorgeous....does Paula make these to sell? I also love your cushion........your blog is so inspirational!

    1. Thank you lovely x
      Paula does have an Etsy shop called sweetredcottage, it is closed at the moment but i am sure when she is all settled it will be back up and running.
      love jooles xxx

  9. Mirabelle is very pretty and I love the cushion you have made- two lovely, talented ladies! Glad to hear your boy is improving. I'm sure you will enjoy your well-deserved break when it arrives:)

  10. Aaaah! Mirabelle is gorgeous!!! Paula is SO sweet.
    And your cushion is wonderful - what a special gift! I know Paula will LOVE it! :-)

  11. Mirabelle is the perfect name. She looks so pretty and soft.
    And the cushion you made is also lovely. You and your friend are so talented!
    Marion x

  12. So lovely to read this post, I was thinking about sweet Paula only yesterday and wondering how she is! I have a lovely little doll here that she made for me. Your little bear is so beautiful and I love her name! And your cushion and heart are wonderful gifts in return, Jooles, beautifully made. So glad you are feeling a bit better and that your son is on the mend.
    Helen x

  13. Both the lovely Mirabelle and your cushion are beautiful (and the heart of course!), both you and Paula are very talented crafters I can tell. I'm glad that things are a little easier for you and that your son is starting his recovery. Hope that all goes really well with your shop - have fun with the Baileys and QS!! xx

  14. Such beautiful presents. I am sure Paula will love them.

  15. Hi Jooles,
    If it wasn't for Etsy we would not have met, so I am thrilled that I opened my shop and got to know a wonderful, funny and kind person :) I love our little chats, and of course, your gorgeous blog which I just L-O-V-E to read.
    Caroline xxx

  16. I'm really glad to hear that your boy is improving and that things are a little easier for you all. Friendships that spring up through blogging are wonderful and to be treasured. I love the gifts you have sent each other. x

  17. Jooles what a perfectly lovely gift to make - it is adorable and your bear is simply divine - try not to work too hard dear. Love your blog it is wonderful to read. Big hugs to you Jooles

  18. I am sooooo glad you have posted about that cushion, that is wonderful news! ;-) The bear, well, she is just a dream, what a treasured gift! And well done with that pretty little heart, you'll get back to hooking in no time! See you soon, Cxxx

  19. Mirabelle is absolutely gorgeous, what a fabulous gift. Your cushion is beautiful, I love seeing your makes xxx

  20. Dear Jooles, what a wonderful blogpost; so full of beautiful and happy things!
    Those pictures are so pretty...
    You truly deserve some rest and some Baileys and lots of chocolate !! Enjoy!!
    Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog, I really appreciate it very much :o)!
    Lots of love from Mirjam.

  21. Mirabelle is the perfect name for your lovely teddy and what a beautiful cushion you made in return. If you're a novice at crochet, it doesn't show, you did a really good job - Lucy at Attic 24 is brilliant. I love the thought of being soused in Baileys and covered in Quality Street, what a heavenly combination! Have a lovely weekend. Jane x

  22. Your teddy reminds me of candy floss - she's lovely! So glad your son is much better and your daughter will be home from uni soon. Have a wonderful christmas - make sure you rest and enjoy having all your family around. XX


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