Friday, 1 November 2013

A parade of .....

..... dahlias

Look away now if your not a lover of these show~off blowsy blooms
as there is a LOT coming right this way

I ADORE them
as you will probably tell

They've really made me happy this summer. Really.

I've been collecting photos all summer and into Autumn

I've pick bucketful's and bucketful's
So So SO many

This year I decided that I loved them so much 
that I MUST have a whole cutting patch filled to bursting with them
so that's what I did
armed with, of course, my Sarah Raven catalogue way back
I had a lovely hour or so choosing
it was hard though

I've loved handing big bunches to delighted family, friends and neighbours

Did you notice the little question mark above?
I have slight confusion over this deep dark beauty
I did order Rip city but I have a feeling this is something else.
Anyone know?

We've had our first light frost now
 so that sadly signals their demise for this year
Now I have to decide whether to dig them up
 and store them in the green house until spring
to give them a thick layer of mulch to keep them cosy over winter
I think I'll try the latter
I know it's the lazier option
which I am naturally drawn to
but if it works, they'll flower a little earlier next year
that will mean even more flowers

I'm thinking next year, I'll set up a table at the end of our drive 
and fill jam jars with them for passers by to help themselves to
spread a little joy

Here's my new violet glass I mentioned in my last post
pretty huh?

It really did have to be mine
along with these!

This morning I've wrapped my first Christmas gifts of the year
they'll be on their way to my very best friend in Australia later today
How unfair is it, when your best friend
 lives almost as far away as it's possible to get?

Well, I must dash, I'm knee deep in sewing
I promise the Peckers will be ready soon
I am hoping by the end of next week
but please don't hold me to that!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend
Back soon

BIG love
x Jooles x


  1. Oh my! Those dahlia's are beautiful and each one so different! Have a great weekend:) x

  2. Wow, those dahlias are absolutely beautiful, and so many varietys. I wish I lived close by and could help myself!!

  3. You still have so many beautiful dahlias, so pretty with the name tags. And I really do love the gorgeous violet glass.
    Have a nice weekend!

  4. Your flowers are beautiful. I have a daughter named Juliet and I see a need to buy some special flowers now.

  5. beautiful.......I love the Downham Royal!
    V x

  6. Your blooms are beautiful I think my favorite is Rip City such dark hues fantastic.

  7. Hello Jooles
    well dahlias it is and what glorious blooms so well photographed too ......aren't those colours just....too much!!! Fantastic!
    I think that is a really lovely idea leaving out posies of dahlias for people to take away with you say so others can enjoy too!!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  8. Beautiful photos to remind you of a beautiful summer! Love your violet purchases... Cxxx

  9. Your dahlia's are beautiful Jools. Love the new glass as well, especially with it's pretty straw! xx

  10. These are beautiful Jooles, really stunning! :) x

  11. The flowers are just gorgeous. I love the colours and different varieties!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  12. What a feast to see all those pretty pictures! I love the one with the bee ....
    Love, Mirjam xx

  13. They're gorgeous Jooles ... I love dahlias too :)

  14. I absolutely adore Dahlias too. My Dad use to have hundreds of varieties in our garden when I grew up in SA, but sadly I have never really managed to keep them going, so now I have given up. Having just seen all these beautiful Dahlias, I am back to planting them again next year and hopefully you will be able to tell me just how to keep them going!! Pretty packaging for Christmas, I have the same dilemma facing me soon, South Africa and New Zealand. Enjoy your weekend xoxo

  15. How beautiful. I love your photo of the row of little glass vases with the flowerheads. We moved into our new home in the summer so we were too busy settling in the house to do anything with our garden. Next year I have been inspired to start my very own dahlia bed!

  16. Hi Jooles what a lovely post, the colours are just stunning. What a good girl you are already being prepared for gifts for Christmas, must get my skates on. Have a fab weekend Jooles. Big hug

  17. Dahlias have the most amazing shapes and vivid colours. You have a lovely collection of pics.
    Claire xx

  18. beautiful beautiful flowers, Jooles!!!! I really love how you"ve displayed them in the little glasses!!!
    happy weekend, love xxxxx Ale

  19. Oh how gorgeous!

    I love Downham Royal and Berners Oberland, so beautiful!

    Have a lovely weekend,
    Caroline xxx

  20. Oh my word. So pretty! I grew a few but they died in September and were nothing like yours. Just stunning. I like the Downham Royal best, I think. Gorgeous. x

  21. What a gorgeous riot of colour! Something hot to brighten up these blustery days! x

  22. Super!!! love all of these dahlias....reminds me of my Dad's garden. I love how you displayed each one with a little tag. Happy November, dear Jooles!!


  23. What a feast of prettiness! Amazing colours!!!

  24. Gorgeous! I love dahlias, and your pictures are all stunning!
    Helen x

  25. Beautiful flowers Jooles and lovely to have a record of them all from Summer 2013 here on your blog so that you can look back on them in years to come!
    Love your violet glass's so very pretty....(I need one too :-) )
    Susan x

  26. I wish I was wrapping presents, I haven't bought a single thing yet & I've no idea what to get anyone :o

  27. Your dahlias are gorgeous! I too grew some this year from seed and will be growing more next year. Best wishes, Pj x

  28. Dahlia's rule.
    They are my absolute number one.
    Unfortunately they don't seem to grow in our soil (it is too wet here) such a shame!


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