Wednesday, 27 November 2013

A little bit of happy

Hello my dear friends

Thank you from the bottom of my heart
for the kindness you sent to me and my family
we are so touched by your lovely comments and kind wishes
I was very teary reading them
very teary
you're the best
Thank you

X ♥ X

A little bit of happy for us all now .....

A very sweet little friend of mine
has opened her own Folksy shop
her name is Chloe and she's only 13 
(I think we have an entrepreneur in the making here you know)
She's been busy making the cutest Christmas tree decorations
I just couldn't resist treating myself

I love the pretty packaging .....

..... but just look at this little reindeer
complete with red button nose
so cute!
I can't wait to hang her on our tree this year
just take a look at that perfect stitching
such a clever girl
GO Chloe!

Please go take a look at Chloe's beautiful handmade Christmas tree decorations
but don't blame me if you can't resist  ;o)

Back soon

BIG love
x Jooles x


  1. What a clever girl Chloe is - her stitching is so neat. Off to take a look at her Folksy store now. xxx

  2. cute.....beautiful work Chloe!
    Hope you're looking after yourselves,
    V x

  3. Keep taking care of yourself and your family Jools, and keep that little reindeer that the oh so clever Chloe has made very close to add some cheer to your days. xx

  4. Gorgeous little reindeer...very impressive stitching!!
    Hope you are doing okay :)
    Caroline xxx

  5. Ah so cute Jooles will certainly have a look. Been thinking of you a lot and wishing you lots of affection and strength. Big hugs to you Jooles, lots of love as always

  6. How neatly sewn the little reindeer is! Going to check that link! X

  7. Gosh, that little reindeer is so adorable! That young lady has some talent, the stitching is wonderful! Let's get her blogging next... ;-) Hugs to you all, cxxx

  8. Wow this is amazing, Chloe is so talented and how fantastic that she has opened a folksy shop. Good for her. I really hope she does well. Enjoy your weekend xoxo

  9. You are a sweetheart Jooles! Thank you, you have made one young lady very happy :0) xxx


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