Tuesday, 29 October 2013

The winner and an exciting shopping trip

Well my sweets, hello
 ..... it's Tuesday and that can mean only one thing

It's giveaway winner day!

Thank you so much to everyone one who entered.
The random number generator has done its magic
and the winner is .....

* * * * *

The very lovely
Gillian from
 tales from a happy house

* * * * *

Well done Gillian!
I'll be in touch shortly for your details
and then get your advent bunting in the post to you.

To everyone who didn't win
I'm very sorry that it wasn't you
but I will be having another giveaway quite soon
so don't be too sad

I am also offering a 10% discount
 on EVERYTHING in my Etsy shop until midnight on Friday
just use code SWEETVIOLETS at the checkout

On Saturday my lovely mum and I had a shopping trip
 I really felt the need to get organised for Christmas
I went with my highly detailed list 
and determination to cross lots off it.
I did fairly well
But Oh My Giddy Aunts .....
I both love and hate those 3 for 2 deals
I found two perfect gifts
could I find a third?
I spent forever ..... picking up ..... putting down ..... changing combinations
in the end I'd had enough and jut grabbed something
I guess it was a 'free' something
and was very nice 
but it did make my brain explode a little.
Is it just me? 
anyone have the same issues?

After the brain explosion 
we were walking up Guildford high street
chitter chattering away
when I had the most exiting surprise
Anthropologie had opened a new store there
my poor mum didn't know what had hit her
we were in that shop in a flash
Of course I had to make a few purchases ..... 
four in fact
but only one was a Christmas gift
three were just for me
(these were most certainly NOT on my highly detailed list)

Want to see?
Of course you do ;o)

This super pretty glass stand

The reason for my purchase .....
purely because I imagined all the things I could display upon it 
for blog eye candy
Sometimes I wonder what having a blog has done to me

and this 'just had to have' plate ..... 
well I probably don't need to explain to you, my lovely readers
why I had to make this mine

and the third .....
well I had to have that just because it's violet.
I'll save that for next time

 I hope you are all ok
the weather has been a little crazy hasn't it?

 Back soon

BIG love
x Jooles x


  1. Ooohhh Jooles, THANK YOU! I am utterly thrilled, I really am. Purchases like these have been very much off limits for some time now (boo to the redundancy budget) and I have been feeling in need of a treat of late, and this is that and much, much more. I feel very lucky indeed and am already wondering where and how to hang it. Thank you again.

    Love your eye candy. I saw a little cupcake stand in M&S recently, a totally useless thing if ever there was one, only big enough for one cake, but I thought "This could be a brilliant prop for the blog!" Not a sentence I ever thought I'd utter! xx

  2. Congratulations to Gillian! I so love that little dish...such pretty colours.

  3. Congrats to the lovely Gillian, sniff sniff!! Oh my you bought some very lovely goodies. I love the colour of hat gorgeous blue cake stand, I love those glass cake stands and even more now I have seen the blue colour. Beautiful and beautifully displayed!! Very pretty plate too, can completely see the attraction. I think I will be broke if I ever had to set foot in an anthropology shop, I'm sure it was heaps of fun though xoxo

  4. Wonderful purchases, I'm shopping with my highly detailed list tomorrow & I have no doubt in my mind I will have the same issues with 3 for 2 as you did. However more unfortunately for me there is no Anthropologie near me.

  5. Lucky Gillian!!! And lucky you with your beautiful new acquisitions, I can't wait to see the violet...cx

  6. Congratulations to Gillian! Love your gorgeous Anthropologie treasures, Jooles.....that bee plate was waiting just for you! Btw, I am just the same with those 3 for 2 offers......so stressful I usually wish they didn't have them, it takes me so long to find the third thing!
    Wishing you a happy week.
    Helen x

  7. Congrats to the winner! Loving your new goodies Jooles, they are really pretty, can't wait to see the third! xxx

  8. Awww your Bee plate is very special :) Love it!


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