Sunday, 13 October 2013

makings .....

..... there's been lots of makings going on here
some way back in the summer
some I can tell you all about
some that will have to remain secret for now
(that pains me so)

A gift for a dear friend
(sort of a secret still ..... hopefully I will be able to reveal this properly soon)
Inspired by the amazing Amy

A gift for our friends who've had a new baby boy

A new collection of 'Sew Sweet' Christmas buntings
You can find them here in my NOTHS shop

Christmas tag making

All done!
(if only it was that quick!)

You can find my Christmas tags here and here

The beginnings of Sweet B's quilt

Love Love Love red and white at Christmas
It's my favourite colour combination for sure

Christmas ribbon cake toppers
you can find them here and here
I also made them in traditional red & green
and now I'm off to ribbon rehab

Endless rows of advent pockets!
you can find these here and here
I've made an extra one ..... fancy a giveaway?

Last but not least ..... secret (for now) makings

Thank you for popping by
you make my day

Back soon

BIG love
x Jooles x


  1. Jooles, you are like Father Christmas with your secret makings and jolly Christmas colours! Are you sure you're not posting from the North Pole? ;-) Cx

  2. Busy, busy bee! :-) As Vivienne wrote above, it's all so, so pretty!

  3. So many lovely things .... The bunting is epic, but sweet bs quilt is my favourite.

  4. Your colour choices always look so beautiful together! Such lovely makings!
    Maria x

  5. Perfect little stitches there Jooles, your work is always so neat! Beautiful makes! :) x

  6. Hi Jooles, you are so very talented - I'm quite green with envy.
    Have a great week!
    Rose H

  7. Jooles what lovely things - you put me to shame as you have made so many beautiful things, I just love them all. Red is my most favourite colour and really soothes my soul so your post was extra delicious to me. Would love to win a giveway please. Am hopping over to your shop now to have a look. A fab post Jooles, just loved it, thank you
    Lots of love

  8. Such neat sewing I'm in awe... loving the tags and the little Bee!! Cx

  9. Gorgeous things - I love the little bee as well! Jilly

  10. Gosh, just a post brimming with gorgeous sights! I have serious crafting envy....and I cannot....repeat....CANNOT stop staring at the first pic....utter perfection!

    Have a beautiful day!

    Vanessa xxx

  11. You've made my day with this beautiful post many gorgeous things and lots of Christmas reds! You are a busy little bee :)

    Caroline xxx

  12. You HAVE been busy!!! What a lot of beautiful, beautiful makes!!! :-)
    Looking forward to seeing the finished quilt.....

  13. Such a lot of gorgeous things, Christmas in your house must look wonderful.

  14. Wow Jooles you've been seriously busy :o You've got a proper cottage industry going here - minus the little helpers of course ;-) I'm very pro a giveaway although my luck is terrible, but there had to be a giveaway for there to be any chance in the first place hehe

    I love the little embroidered bee on the quilt, your daughter is verrrrry luck indeed!

  15. I am completely in love with everything on this page! Especially those Christmas tags, you are a very talented woman!
    Tammy x

  16. Everything on this page looks so yummie!! What a lot of pretty stuff going on in your it!
    Mirjam xx

  17. Such gorgeous makes. Thought I was following you, but clearly not so off to press the follow button. Xo


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