Friday, 25 October 2013

Happiness is .....

..... making progress on Sweet B's Sweet Bee quilt

Note To Self :
Next time don't be a cheapskate .....
..... buy enough safety pins to pin the WHOLE quilt
 dress makers pins are not good ~ they hurt. A LOT.

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and thank you to all of you who have already entered
and for such lovely comments

Wishing you a FAB.U.LOUS weekend darlings ;o)
(loving strictly)

BIG love
x Jooles x


  1. the quilt looks beautiful Jooles!!!!
    happy weekend, xxxx Ale

  2. Dear Jooles
    The quilt is looking A..MAZ..ING! (I'm loving Strictly too!)
    Best wishes

  3. The quilt is looking so beautiful! It is really coming together...sorry about the safety pin shortage, I have about a dozen of yours to return...whoops! ;-) Who will finish first, eh? I'm stitching the binding this weekend...race ya! Cxxx

  4. The quilt looks lovely, the bee is very sweet.

  5. Your quilt is lovely, but those little bees are just divine!

  6. Beautiful quilt, and sweet little bee :) xx

  7. Oh just adore the blanket. I so envy your sewing skills. My sewing machine positively hates me! One day I'll master day......!

    Have a super weekend xxxxxxxx

  8. What a gorgeous quilt!!!!! I love the little bee and all the fabric you used. It is beautiful.

  9. oooh how lovely. We are well into strictly too DHARling,
    happy weekend Jooles
    fee x

  10. Oh Jools that quilt looks wonderful. Yes, I did buy enough safety pins I hope, now I just need to get around to actually making the quilt. My little girls is second on the list, I need to get through the first small one first. Enjoy your weekend xoxo

  11. So bright and cheery and love the busy bee! xx

  12. Beautiful quilt! Really looking forward to Strictly too!!! Have a good weekend:)

  13. Wow such a beautiful blanket, just adorable
    hugs Sif

  14. What a fabulous quilt Jooles, love it love it love it. It is stunning, just like all the work you do. Have a fabulous weekend, big hugs

  15. Such a gorgeous quilt, Jooles! And the little embroidered bees are just adorable!
    Wishing you a happy week!
    Helen x

  16. It's so pretty Jooles ... she's going to love it :D

  17. Beautiful .....lucky Miss B!!

    Happy late October....
    Anne xx

  18. That is beautiful! So cheerful, and I love the little bees :)

  19. That is one gorgeous quilt! Your seams are so, SO neat! Lucky Bee, she will love it I'm sure. I love the little bees hidden here and there. x

  20. oh my gosh, the little bees are so cute!!!

  21. Such a lovely quilt - that little bee is so adorable! Best wishes, Pj x


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