Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Happiness is .....

..... spending time with special friends
we had a lovely quilting meet up this morning
and enjoying the last of the garden roses

I'm finding that when I upload photos onto my blog
that they have a greyish tinge and seem a bit grainy
It's not nice
and it's making me cross
it's only happened recently
same camera
is anyone else finding this?
I've been told that if I join google+ then I can uncheck an 'auto-enhance photo' box
I don't really want to join google+
Any of you clever peeps know how to fix the problem?
I would be eternally grateful

Meet me back here on Tuesday ..... It's time for a treat!

BIG love
x Jooles x

UPDATE ..... Thanks for all the advice ladies
I am pleased to say that my photos 
are no longer to be 'auto-enhanced'
(the cheek of it) 
I had to succumb and joined google+
but only by the teeny~tiniest of threads!


  1. Beautiful roses Jooles....your photos don't look grainy to me :)
    Love Caroline xxx

  2. Lovely photo of your roses & not at all grainy that I can see. My roses finished a while back but yours look beautiful.

  3. I agree your images don't look grainy or grey to me either... I don't want to join google + either! But i'm finding it hard to follow some blogs that are with google+. Cx

  4. Lovely, lovely roses - what a wonderful colour (and a great reminder of summertime)! :-)

  5. Rich swirly butter coloured roses - gorgeous! No idea about google+ I'm afraid but I must agree your photos look fine from here. Looking forward to seeing what's happening next Tuesday now - hmmmmmm...Jane x

  6. Don't look grainy to me either Jooles - they're beautiful :o)
    (I don't want to join Google + either.)
    Rose H

  7. I've your same problem and I don't know how to solve it!!!!!
    xxxxx Ale

  8. Dear Jooles,

    Those roses are magnificent. and your pics always look fabulous! Where, oh where is the wallpaper from, it's beautiful ...

    Looking forward to your big reveal next Tuesday!

    Love Claire xxx

    1. Hello Claire :o) Thank you
      The wallpaper is from Cath Kidston, it is pretty isn't it? if I could get away with it I would wallpaper my whole house in it!
      love jooles xxx

  9. Hi Jooles, I can't help with the photo problem, but they look good to me- beautiful roses. Have a good weekend.x

  10. Hi

    I stumbled on your blog recently and have also noticed that my photos didn't look right on blogger. I discovered that since mid May, all photos I have uploaded have been auto enhanced by Picasa web albums and the majority of the time, this made the photos look worse. I've since gone through all my albums and un-auto enhanced them and also turned off the option to do this automatically so I hopefully won't have any more problems. I did have to join google + to do so but this hasn't changed anything except the way I see my albums displayed - I haven't added anything to my new google + profile or anything and it hasn't changed the way I upload photos and blog.

    Those roses look beautiful, what a lovely colour.

    1. Thank you so much for all the info, I may just have to man up and join google+ then! sounds like my only option, you are so kind to take the time to let me know all this.
      love jooles xxx

  11. Your yellow roses are beautiful, is this Graham Thomas? I like your wallpaper very much too.

    1. Hello Janneke ..... thank you x
      It's Teasing Georgia
      love jooles xxx

  12. Gorgeous roses, such a happy colour and I adore the cath wallpaper! I do not understand google + at all! X

  13. Can't help you with any bloggy techie stuff Jooles, but I know your photos look good this end! Your roses are gorgeous, I bet they smell divine too xxx

  14. Those roses are beautiful, I have that wallpaper in my bathroom xx

  15. Lovely coloured roses! And that pretty floral wallpaper is divine!
    Can't help with the photos thingy I'm afraid - I too have avoided Google + so far too....
    Gill xx

  16. I too have brought in the last roses from my garden. They don't look as beautiful as yours! Mine look a bit sorry for themselves as they were bashed about a bit in the cold and rain before I got to them. Beautiful wallpaper too!

    I found the same with my photos. They looked terrible. I detest that they automatically put auto enhance on them without my permission. It really made me cross too that in order to uncheck it, I had to join google+. I did though, through gritted teeth. I just made sure that I unchecked all the boxes so everything still stayed the same...well I hope so.....I'm sure I'll find out soon enough!

    Have a super weekend xxxxx

  17. Yet more beautiful blooms from your amazing garden! They look so lovely, especially against that pretty floral wallpaper! Chrissie x


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