Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Oh My Boy .....

My lovely boy is now fully employed
a real, grown up person and a fully employed employee
I still can't get my head around it
even though he's 19 and WAY taller than us all.

He just recently completed his 2 year apprenticeship in engineering
 with flying colours
and was offered a FABULOUS position within the same company
in the very department that he'd wished for
he is now a

Development Engineer

apparently this is the very best department to be in 
they have their own Christmas party .....
well you have to get your priorities right I guess!

It feels so odd to me, my little boy .....
because in my head that's what he still is.

He LOVES his job
and to me that melts my heart after all of his struggles.
I have spoken about it here, on my blog before
he is very dyslexic
and struggled endlessly through school
at times it was heart breaking for us all 
but so stressful for my brave and very courageous boy
I just had to say it.
 out loud.
 on my blog.
 for all to read.


I am over protective I know
I must stop that
I need to let go ..... how do you do that?

Yesterday he casually texted me from work 
to say that he had to go on an errand
he had to drive the company car
on his own ..... he was driving it!
130 miles there. 130 miles back
YES I know ..... arrrggghhhhhh
(my head ~ it was a mess OMG OMG OMG)
My baby boy out there in a strange car, in a strange place, miles and miles away
he, of course LOVED it.
When he arrived home, very late, and after a massive, ginormous and humungous hug
(I'm not kidding)
we heard the whole blow by blow account of his day

I asked him if he minded me telling this story
he said he didn't as long as I showed you his new car!

Congratulations my lovely clever boy
you make your mum so proud
I adore you
(with bells on)

Back soon

BIG love
x Jooles x


  1. I do so love a proud mum post! No wonder you're so chuffed.

    I've absolutely no tips on being less protective - it's something I struggle with myself!

    Big congratulations to your clever, clever son. Oh, and cool motor!!!

    Heather x

  2. Well a huge 'Congratulations' to you as a wonderful Mum who walked the hard days with your boy and now you get to see the payoff! That's really fantastic that he loves his job so very much- that is my hope for my boys- that they will end up doing something they enjoy and can put themselves into wholeheartedly. Oh- and I love the car!

  3. Awe, well done to your boy, you've every right to be proud! :)
    V x

  4. You are a few years ahead of me but I feel exactly the same about my 16 year old ( thankfully no scary driving just yet) beautiful words x

  5. Congratulations to your big boy AND to you for being a stellar mum! Hugs, Cx

  6. Oh that's so lovely!! Well done to your boy, no wonder you are proud, that's a flipping good job to have. He's done you proud. xx

  7. Well Done to your clever boy! What a proud mama you must be Jooles - it's so good to hear stories like this where your son is doing what he loves, and doing it brilliantly too! Happy days!
    Love that red car!
    Gill xx

  8. Congratulations to your boy and for you, for being such a supportive mum!!!!
    xxxxx Ale

  9. You should be very proud...sounds like your son is amazing! xo

  10. Well if you work out how to let go let me know! If I'm honest my lovely 22 year old getting married was a trauma! ... And now he is in Malawi for 5 weeks. ... OMG!!

  11. he he - I looked at the car and thought - ooh that tache looks good on a red clio , I wonder how he gets away with covering up his number plate. Doh. (x100)
    How proud you must be...clever boy.
    I passed my #1 unexpectedly yesterday - I drove past as he was walking home. I waved like a loon. He raised ONE eyebrow in return. And no, he wasn't with his mates.ONE EYEBROW.
    Speak soon lovely
    fee x

  12. Congratulations to your clever son. No wonder you are so happy and proud.
    Jacquie x

  13. Good for him! Of course you are bursting with pride :)

    But I bet you'd have done similarly brave things at 19. That's how I learnt to let go ... by reminding myself that at 18 I was living alone a long way from home and entirely responsible for my own well being. Seems I survived ;)

  14. Aw Jooles, so lovely! Glad you shared, it's not just me that bursts with pride then ...

    Have a lovely day xxx

  15. Congratulations to your lovely boy! It must be lovely to watch him making his way in the world and I'm so glad he is enjoying his new job

  16. Congratulations to your son - and to you for being such a fab mum! :-)

  17. Its lovely you are so proud of your son. Mine is nearly 10 now and time seems to fly so quickly that it makes me panic sometimes. Lily. xxx

  18. Oh Jooles, I'm not surprised you are proud of him, well done Lovely G!
    Check out those wheels....what a dude he will be driving around in that!
    Happy weekend,
    Caroline xxx

  19. Congratulations to your son on his achievements. It's kind of scary how they suddenly seem to grow up and at the same time they make us so proud. Best wishes, Pj x

  20. Hi Jooles love your blog, popped over from Chrissy's wonderful post and found you. Would like to make you one of my favourites if you don't mind? I am new to sewing and my blog charts my journey through my little projects. Am desperate to learn how to embroider so any help is fabulous. I will be visiting often. Thanks for a great post Jooles
    Lots of love

  21. What a lovely post, well done George!! Although my boy is much younger than yours, I do hope he turns out to be just as great. He's such a mummy's boy at the moment and can't see that changing anytime soon! I think all us mums are over protective - it comes with the job xxx


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