Sunday, 22 September 2013

B z z z z z z z .....

Happy Sunday

I am joining in with my dear friend Chrissie
she is hosting a 
Sunday ~ Stitch ~ a ~ long
How could I not join in???

It's been running for a few weeks already
but you can join in anytime you like

Chrissie's Sunday posts are packed full of super stitchery tips
pop over for a peek ..... she's very inspiring.

My Sunday stitching this week is bee and Sweet B related

I have been sweet talked into making another quilt!
Oh Yes.
similar the one I made last year
(to be honest it didn't take much persuasion!)

My sweet friend M wanted me to help her make one for her bed
she said to me in her best convincing voice
'I know, why don't we make one together?'
She is such a honey that I just couldn't refuse
I am making one for my Sweet B so that we can work on them together

I got to thinking how nice it would be to have a few little bees buzzing around
so that's what I have been doing
using waste canvas, what amazing stuff that is
have you tried it?
you can baste stitch it to any fabric you like
then do your cross stitch design over it
and then, once you're done
spritz with water, which dissolves the glue and just pull the threads out
I find tweezers are a must and pull just one thread at a time.
Hey Presto!
It's amazing ..... I LOVE it.
and because it gives you an even~weave grid
you can cross stitch onto almost anything!
I'm thinking a little cardigan cross stitch may be in order

So here's my Sunday stitching
(ahem .... excuse my nightie!)
a little cross stitch buzzy bee
I don't want to over~do the whole bee thing
so I am planning on just five of them hiding in the finished quilt
I'll show you some more soon
but for now I need to get busy with the buzzies.

I have another project up my sleeve for stitching Sundays
but I am awaiting supplies
'Come on postie ..... where's my parcel?'

Anyway if you would like to join in the fun
pop over to Chrissie's blog
you can read more about her stitching Sundays here, here and here

Thank you so much for visiting me here
I am over~joyed that you are all still there!
It has been wonderful to return to blogging
with so many kind comments and readers
you warm my heart

Wishing you all a happy and crafty week
Back soon

BIG love 
x Jooles x

P.S I am super dooper excited about the return of Downton Abbey tonight
I will need something to cheer me up after dropping my girly back to uni this afternoon
I'm sending lots of love to all of you in the same position.


  1. Gorgeous! Good luck this afternoon - I visited Big Sis in London yesterday and made it two thirds of the way home before I melted! A good sob, a hot milk and Downton Abbey will be the perfect antidote. And what a pretty nightie!! Jane x

  2. Hello Jooles - I've just pooped in to have a buzzy peep at what you're up to in Sunday Stitchalong with Chrissie and find you very inspiring. The waste canvas project has me very interested - then you mentioned about the water spritzer dissolving the glue, but where was the glue? I can't see where you mentioned it before dissolving it? Of course I do have moments of blindness as well as madness so perhaps I missed it!
    All the best with your projects
    Joy x

    1. Hello Joy ..... how lovely of you to pop over!
      The waste canvas is actually held together with a starch glue, its made that way, when you spritz with water it dissolves the glue ….. just like magic, its brilliant stuff.
      happy stitching!
      love jooles xxx

  3. I'm sure your Buzzy Bee quilt will be beautiful your pretty nightie!
    Hope this afternoon goes well for you.
    Love Caroline xxx

  4. Beautiful post, Jooles! And using waste canvas to sew little bees onto Sweet B's quilt is such an adorable idea!
    Enjoy your lovely stitching and have a happy Sunday.
    Helen x

  5. Hello Jooles, i love that you are stitching in your nightie!
    at least you don't have hairy legs!!!
    gorgeous stitchery as usual to be seen here...
    bestest daisy j x

  6. I absolutely adore your buzzy bee! And the disappearing canvas is simply genius! The qlt will be treasured, no doubt. Thank you for joining in Stitching Sundays! Chrissie x

  7. Hi Jooles, just found you through the stitch along and I love your sweet buzzy bee. It is going to look wonderful on the quilt a great idea! Love the nightie look and I am with you hon, I am chomping at the bit for Downton, its too exciting. Sorry to hear that you had to drop your daughter off, can't be nice. Hope the first episode lifts the spirit! Happy stitching xo

  8. I just love that idea Jooles - your quilt is going to look gorgeous. You've gone and got me all tempted now - I'm quite taken with the idea of embellishing a cardi or two.

    Enjoy Downton!

    Heather x

  9. How brilliant is that disappearing canvas ... love the little bee ... lovely to see you back here :) ... Bee xx

  10. Dear Jooles
    I think your bee is bee-autiful (see what I did there?) Sorry, that was rather pathetic! Anyway, it will be a lovely addition to that labour of love quilt. I'm looking forward to seeing the progress you make. Enjoy the stitching!
    Best wishes

  11. Hello Jooles, I'm intrigued about the waste canvas. Just booked to go to the Knitting and Stitching Show in Harrogate so will be looking out for some. The bees will look great on a quilt, looking forward to seeing the finished result.
    S xx

  12. What a lovely idea! :-)
    Downton was good, wasn't it!?! It feels like we've been waiting aaaaages for its return!

  13. Your bee cross stitch idea is FABULOUS! You are mighty clever :) Now, does Sweet B know about this new quilt or is it a surprise? Either way I'm sure she'll love it- lucky girl! Thank you for the tip, too :)

    1. Hi Jennifer, thank you ..... well ..... I did try to keep it a surprise but the excitement got to me and I just had to show her, i am so rubbish at surprises, but it will be a Christmas gift.
      love jooles xxx

  14. Hello Jooles! My word it is a veeeeeery long time since I have done this. I almost forgot how! Reading blogs and commenting.. not rocket science but a difficult to achieve with two small children! Anyway I'm getting side tracked! As ever I love your beautiful photos, the quilt and the cross stitch are beautiful. I love the idea of being able to stitch onto any fabric using the waste canvas.. wow!

  15. I am so happy you are back blogging! As a new reader, I was just catching up on your posts when you took your (understandable) hiatus. Your workmanship is spectacular, your words soothing and your blog such a treat to read. Really thrilled you are back! xx

  16. Hi Jooles - the waste canvas sounds really interesting. Where did you get it from? xxx

    1. Hi Lily, I got it from ebay, just type in 'waste canvas' and lots should pop up.
      love jooles xxx

  17. Waste canvas, who knew?? Never heard of it until now but I'm so glad I know about it. Thank you Jooles! I've got some linen napkins that I really want to embroider with some cross stitch but was so worried about making a mess of it...but hopefully I wont if I use this stuff. Off to look on ebay now...

    Love the bees, by the way. xx

  18. Hi Jooles, Love this quilt and the waste canvas stitching. Definitely will give it a try. Just curious, do you need a special needle for this type of cross stitch? Now, I just need to get to a bigger town and sewing shop!! Happy late September,


    1. Hi Anne ..... thank you x
      I like to use a blunt ended needle as I find this works best for me, but I think its personal preference really. have fun!
      love jooles xxx


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