Monday, 30 September 2013

a moan and some pretty pictures .....

Hello my lovelies
How are you?
Better than me I hope .....
Im feeling very sorry for myself at the moment
Ive had a nasty bug for two weeks now
(it seems SO much longer)
It started off as a heavy cold and a cough
Sweet B got it first and then me
we spent the last week of her time at home crashed out on sofas
watching endless films and moaning together
it certainly wasn't the lovely week of fun that we had planned.
We were cheated.

Luckily Sweet B was over it before she had to return to uni
but I just cant seem to shake mine
it has been morphing into ever more annoying symptoms
Ive been left with blocked sinuses and the worst headaches that I've ever had
and a bad back from coughing
I feel quite rubbish
Ive tried it all
medication (lots), inhaling, homeopathy, healthy diet, 
positive thinking, drinking gallons of water .....
I'm having treatment for my back tomorrow so I hope that will help.

I know I WILL feel better soon
 Im just after a virtual get well hug and then Ill stop moaning!

Anyway to cheer myself up 
and to pretend that this blog post isn't just one big grumble
here are some photos of a trip that Mr Sweet and I took 
it was a wet and gloomy day
but her garden is just so beautiful even in the rain.

Pretty huh?
Oh how I would love that sweet little caravan in my garden .....

Thank you so very much for all of your lovely and supportive words on my last post
I found it quite emotional to write
I hovered over the 'publish' button feeling a little nervous.
You're always so great
and my lovely boy was over~the~moon that you liked his new car ..... thank you x

Can you believe that it's October tomorrow?!
! ! !

I have SO many advent bunting orders
I need to be better.

Have a good week my lovelies

Back soon

BIG love 
x Jooles x


  1. Nice pictures. Sorry you have been sick. When I had pneumonia my back hurt horribly .Make sure that isn't what you have. Take care and feel better.

  2. Oh my dear, you need to ask Sarah if you can hide in that caravan for a week to convalesce...cxxx

  3. Sorry you have been so ill especially when you had a lovely time planned.
    The pictures of Sarah Raven's garden look beautiful, I love her house too and the caravan-well, I am sooo jealous!!!

  4. So sorry you are ill, hope you will recover soon now. When I see Sarah Raven's garden I only can sigh, so gorgeous, the long beds with cuttingflowers it is just amazing. And that little caravan, when you should have it in your garden, laying in that oversized bed, dreaming of beautiful gardens (not of advent calanders, haha), you should feel much better immediately.

  5. Hello Jooles, sorry to hear you are feeling poorly, Beautiful pictures of your day out at Perch Hill.. I love the idea of having a bed in the garden room..mind you I would not get much done, can you imagine just lying there listening to the birds singing... bliss,
    hope you are feeling better soon
    Thea x

  6. Sending get well hugs from North Wales lovely ... hope you're back on your feet again soon x

  7. Hi Jooles! Oh, you poor poor thing! I say that with no sarcasm whatsoever as it sounds to me like we have (somehow) been laid low by the same exact bug! Mine sounds just like that and then it transformed itself into a sinus infection. We may live half-way across the globe from each other, but evidently the germs are all for global community ;) A great big cyberspace hug to you! Get better soon!
    ps, Gorgeous garden!- drool. drool.

  8. Sorry to hear you've been so poorly :-( Some nasty bug has been going around my work but thankfully I've not had it; yet...

    Your garden photos are beautiful, what an amazing garden and house :o

  9. {{Jooles}} I hope you feel better soon - it's far too early for those winter colds, but my OH and I have had them too. A bad back and a cough are not good together - wishing you a speedy recovery. Best wishes, Pj x

  10. Hi Jooles hope you are feeling better soon, keep warm with lots of drinks and cuddles. Love your photographs - oh how I would love a garden like that, breathtaking. Get well soon
    Lots of love
    Dorothy's Room

  11. Oh Jooles!!!! Hope today you are feeling at least a little better than yesterday!!!!!! Stay calm and treat you with a lot of rest and some lovely cuddles!!!!
    The pics of the gardens made me drooling!!!! Nice place indeed!!!!!
    A big big hug, xxxxxx Ale

  12. You will feel better soon I promise. I've had something similar by the sounds of it. It lasted a few weeks too and I was just totally exhausted but now i'm beginning to feel a great improvement as I'm sure you will too.
    Rosie xx

  13. Dear Jooles I hope you are feeling much better today. Those bugs can make you feel exhausted so take care of yourself and have lots of rest. I loved seeing the gorgeous photos of Sarah Raven's garden, especially the zinnias and the little garden bedroom which looks like such a peaceful place to sleep!
    Wishing you a happy October!
    Helen x

  14. Lots of virtual hugs coming your way xx really hope you feel better soon, blocked sinuses and a headache is the worst combination. Loving your pics of the garden, so pretty even when wet and gloomy! xxx

  15. Oh no! So sorry to hear that you're under the weather, my dear! Sending get well hugs.....

  16. Pretty garden- the shepherd's hut looks so cosy! Sorry to hear you are poorly-that's rubbish for you:( I hope you are soon over the bugs. Sending a big virtual hug your way xx

  17. Hi Jooles - what a beautiful garden; I can't imagine being able to create or look after something like that. I am keen but hopeless in the gardening department. Hope you feel better soon; those virus nasties can drag on a bit can't they. xxx

  18. Oh Jooles, poor you, I do hope you feel better's a lovely virtual hug just for you :) Sarah's garden is so beautiful, gorgeous pictures! Well done on your Advent Calendar orders, not suprising really, they are so pretty...:)
    Caroline xxx

  19. Oh my...this is how paradise must look like!! I could live in that hut; well, a weekend anyway....
    Hope you feel better soon; get well hugs from me, Mirjam.


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