Thursday, 11 July 2013

Thank you Delia & Mother Nature .....

My garden is giving me so much joy at the moment
when life is tricky, just stepping outside the back door for a little while
just calms my soul
it fills me with hope and promise

It's bursting at the seams
with an abundance of beauty and tasty treats

Last week I picked some gooseberries
from our little fruit patch at the very top of the garden
then sat on the garden swing chair to 'top and tail' them
bare feet in the grass .....

I cooked them in the oven
that's how Delia told me to do it
and she never lets us down ladies, does she?
you can always trust Delia.
(except for that 'cheat' phase she went through, I didn't like that much)

I had a rice pudding plipping away in the oven that day too 
and the baked gooseberries on top were sensational
(I had planned to add some elderflower cordial but had run out ..... boo)

The rest I turned into gooseberry fool with greek yoghurt
this is the recipe I used
and it was scrum~diddly~umptious ..... let me tell you.

That little white flower there is Philadelphus
the smell ..... GOSH.... that smell is intoxicating
and such a pretty little thing

I have a new absolute favourite colour combination
thanks to mother nature
I stepped out into the garden a few mornings ago
to be greeted by this

Soft violet and peachy pink
my heart did a little skippy thing


That beautiful poppy just turned up
I could never have planned such magnificence
what do you think, isn't it lush?

The rose is a David Austin one called 'Queen of Sweden'
It's a really really pretty rose and is not too big either
so takes care of itself without any bother
the actual roses are quite shallow and such a pretty shape
it smells beautiful too
can you tell I love it?!

Thank you for visiting me here
I'm sorry not to have been visiting you very much lately
but soon, I hope things will be calmer here
and I will have time to enjoy wondering around blogland again
I've been missing you all
Thank you for all of your kind comments on my last post
I can't wait to return to the 'fairytale' woods
I'll let you know when I do of course

Back soon

BIG love
x Jooles x


  1. Your goosberries and rice look gorgeous, my mouth is watering at the thought. And, what wonderful flowers.

  2. Your garden certainly is blooming! The weather this year seems to have been good for crops of fruit. Always lovely to spend a few happy moments with you :)

  3. Hope life becomes less tricky for you soon, that beautiful garden of your must help!
    V x

  4. your gooseberries look sooo mouth is watering

  5. Hi Jooles,
    I hope things are a little easier for you at home?
    Oh my word, that poppy is breathtaking, what a stunning colour!
    Your gooseberry fool looks mouthwatering, hope it tasted as good as it looked!
    Lots of love,
    Caroline x x x

  6. I'm not sure why but the poppies seem splendid this year, amazing colours and so many of them! :) x

  7. ...just stopped here to say "ciao" and give you a big hug, xxxxx Ale

  8. Hi Jooles- I know just what you mean in the way the garden just soothes our tattered souls. I really don't think I could go on without mine...
    That poppy is amazing. What a gift! All your flowers are looking so healthy and lush!
    I have never ever had gooseberries . . . not even sure if they are available in my area at all. They look like little grapes. I'm so curious at to what they taste like! Just another reason I desperately need to visit your lovely country!

  9. Beautiful garden and love the gorgeous "Queen of Sweden" rose!! So pretty!! Wishing you a lovely summers week! xo Heather

  10. Welcome back dear Jooles! Lovely post, full of nature and nurture! I wish I had a spoonful of that gooseberry concoction right now! And the poppy, oh what beautiful colour! So nice you're getting so much enjoyment from the garden this year, cxxx

  11. Delicious gooseberry fool, mmmmm. You made an amazing photo of the poppy. Take care of yourself don't work too hard and go in time to your fairytale woods.

  12. I know that feeling so well - a garden is such a restful place to be. I hope your FIL is feeling better. Best wishes, Pj x

  13. You're right, that poppy is sensational! What a beautiful flower, and the more so for being unexpected :)

  14. How are you doing my friend...sorry it has taken me so long to pop over for a visit...My grandma use to pick gooseberries! I have such fond memories of those little guys. Happy Summer days to you. xo

  15. The gooseberries are so green! And I love how you cooked them. I hope things are calming down a little for you and that you are finding your equilibrium. Take care. xx


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