Thursday, 18 July 2013

Summer time makings .....

Hello lovelies
I'm not naked ..... I promise

Last weekend
 Sweet B and I finally found time to make some elderflower cordial
I think we were just in time
we had to hunt for the flowers a bit
but with Sweet B's stick contraption and my ninja moves
we bagged our booty

It was a fun and fragrant job
and those flowers, gosh they are so frothy and delicate

It was really easy ..... Why Oh Why have we never tried it before???
It's delicious

Of course I had to decorate the bottles

I love making these pretty fabric patch labels
in fact I've had a busy time with them lately!

I love the way they turn a jar of homemade jam or bottle of cordial
into a beautiful gift

If you would like some
they are available in my Not On The High Street shop
either in packs of ten of the same 'flavour'
I thought you may like some of each ..... so there is also a mixed pack containing two labels of each 'flavour'

My shop over there has been really busy
Now that I have had time to settle in
I feel happy, very lucky and glad that I was brave enough to take the leap
it was a scary ordeal for me!
I really feel settled into it now and thats a nice feeling

I am starting to to work on Christmas things
I can tell you that is really messing with my mind in this heat!

Cake buntings are super~duper popular over there
I sell three different types with lots of colour choices of each
Sweet B is a great help and is my cake bunting elf
she came up with two new colour~ways in the Tilda heart option

Aren't they pretty?
I even managed to sneak some flowers from the garden into the shots!
All my cake buntings are now also available in my Etsy shop

I am missing my lovely girl
she is back at uni
she desperately wants to come home ..... and I desperately want her here
she has spent all week in the lab, doing experiments and recording data
she is in mid~swing of her dissertation
(It sounds horrid and very stressful if you ask me)
Guess what she is doing it on?

The learning behaviour of honey bees

It does make me giggle
how bees seem to fill her life one way of another
so many coincidences just fall into place
Bees zzz Bees zzz Bees zzz

Anyway, she comes home this weekend
 for three weeks of honey bee watching and data collection
and then back to uni once again for yet another stint in the lab.

Back to some more shop news .....
(I keep getting distracted today)

Do you remember my 'Sew Sweet' buntings?
you can read more about them here if you fancy
Well, they have been selling like hot cakes
so I decided to add some more colour options

I love making these pretty little mini buntings
they are so cute
The last two Tilda ones will also be featuring in my Christmas range
but we won't talk about that just yet, hey?!

Do you like my new labels?

Thank you so much for all of your kind messages
enquiring about my Father~in~law
he is doing so much better now
and long may it last
thank you for being so thoughtful

Stay cool
Back soon

BIG love
x Jooles x


  1. your tags and the buntings make me so happy!!! they are really beautiful!!!!
    xxxx Ale

  2. First of all ... I'm so glad you're not naked... especially if you're doing your ninja moves:)
    I've heard of "Not on the high street" but I thought it was just a regular shop. Is it like etsy?
    Your creations are gorgeous!

    1. Hi Tammy ..... he he he .....cheeky!
      Not on The High street is a shopping website and is very similar to Etsy, you can buy unique products that I guess you can't buy on the high street!
      thank you, you're so kind
      love jooles xxx

  3. The blue and green cake bunting is GOregGeous!

  4. So much gorgeousness, I love it all!!!
    V x

  5. Love those labels - I'd never want to open the jars! Well done x Jane

  6. I hope you and Sweet B (and the bees) enjoy some special time together. Not long now! x

  7. I absolutely adore all your sweet makes for NOTHS! The labels are just the prettiest way to package homemade foodie gifts - I think I'll have to buy some once preserve 'season' really kicks in at harvest time...and don't get me started on bunting, you know I'm an addict! So glad life is grand with you and yours! Cxxxx

  8. Hi friend I love your blog always has nice things here, hugs ...

  9. My you have been busy, such lovely goodies in your shop, am so glad to hear it's going well ~ Sarah x

  10. Elderflower cordial is delish!
    Love the labels and gorgeous bunting, and your handmade tags are beautiful - keep up the good work :o)
    Christmas!*%%*£% No wonder it's messing with your mind!

    Sweet B and honey bees - wonderful! Tell her I've been watching some leafcutter bees making their tube nests in the bug box this morning, it's fascinated me.

    Keep cool

    Rose H xx

  11. Ooooh Jooles, you've certainly been busy!! I'm sooo excited - I've just ordered some teale pink bunting from your noth shop!!! LOVE those fabrics - just need my kitchen to be built now and these will adorn the dresser that I am yet to makeover ;0) Your colour combo's are just gorgeous. I'm so glad that your business is doing well - you deserve it! Enjoy your weekend, J9 x

    1. Hello Janine :o)
      Thank you so very much! that is such a pretty colour-way isn't it? i like your priorities! Good luck with the kitchen work.
      have a wonderful weekend
      love jooles xxx

  12. so many beautiful creations, eldeflower cordial is soo delicous and all the nicerr for being hand picked and homemade, and I adore your labels! hope your daughter soes takes me back! Emmax

  13. I love seeing all your makes, Jooles. Your labels are gorgeous and make the gift extra special. And your bunting is totally lush, you mix and match pattern and colour so well. I'm really glad your NOTH shop is going well. :-) xx

  14. oh my that bunting is beautiful - and your labels!
    If your little elf gets bored send her my way - I could do with an army of elves!!
    (how I wish my boys were remotely interested in what I do..they are only interested in what I cook!)
    Have a wonderful summer Jooles - love to you and yours for some happy memory making time in the sunshine
    fee x

  15. Oh my goodness your jams and elderflower cordial look lovely...the sweet little tags are so so darling. We were just at Ikea and saw an elderflower drink mix...I should of bought time. Hope your summer is going well. xoxo

  16. Hi Jooles,
    I love your beautiful tags and your cute little buntings...glad to hear your NOTHS shop is thriving!
    Lots of love,
    Caroline x x x

  17. Hello Jooles!

    Oh my, if you could hear me squeals of excitement when I saw your pretty, pretty labels. They are honestly some of the lovliest jam labels I've ever seen :-)

    Elderflower cordial is delicious, isn't it? This year we were literally flooded with elderflower. The banks of the Loire seem to be the perfect place for them to grow and flourish. I love the smell of them.



  18. Your jams and elderflower cordial look so wonderful!! Love your sweet labels, too!! And, you new pretties are all so sweet and beautiful!! Wishing you a lovely week! xo Heather

  19. So much sweetness -- love the labels!


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