Tuesday, 2 July 2013

A fairytale walk

Last week, Sweet B and I went to visit one of our favourite places
The 'fairytale' woods
We walked here in June last year, you can read more about it here if you like
It is a truly magical place

I made a little Instagram video for fun too

This place just floors me with its beauty everytime

We took refreshments this time too
and hatched plans to spend a whole lazy picnic~y afternoon here another day
 ..... soon

My Father-in-law was taken back into hospital just over a week ago
we have EVERYTHING crossed that he will come home later today
he has had quite an ordeal, poor thing.

The last few weeks have been frantic
with no time to catch our breath
but at the weekend Mr Sweet and I actually got away for the day
 a treat for us both
Mr Sweet: The David Bowie exhibition at the V&A museum 
(a belated birthday treat from me)
Me: a trip to Liberty

It did us good
A truly lovely day which made us both realise how stressed we have been. ARE.
On the train journey home I was thinking, thinking hard, how to make things calmer
I have felt in such a big muddle lately, balancing far too many balls.

I decided to close my NOTHS shop for a couple of weeks
and sort life
catch up on things, you know?
Yesterday was spent food shopping and finishing and packing orders
and today ..... four and a half hours ironing has been completed
it wasn't all bad, I managed to watch two episodes of Miss Marple
I have a long list of jobs to complete
but it feels good to be getting organised
a step closer to a calmer life perhaps .....

Wishing you all a calm and happy rest of the week
and thank you, as always, for your sweet comments
I truly appreciate each and everyone of them

Back soon
BIG love
x Jooles x


  1. Your flower photos are lovely. Hope you are winding down and trying to relax. Enjoy summer (if it ever arrives)!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. A fairytale wood, so beautiful! With a bottle of rose lemonade....... I think the best place to relax, but a visit to Liberty is not bad too. Hope all is going well now and that you can enjoy a lot of beautiful summerdays.

  3. Beautiful flowers as always Jooles....it's so nice sometimes to just take a breather and catch up on all your jobs isn't it. I hope you start to feel refreshed and organised very soon.
    Lots of love,
    Caroline xxx

  4. Such a beautiful place, I can see why you go again and again. I hope the relentless pace of life eases up a little for you. xx

  5. Foxgloves always cast magic, don't they dear Jooles?

    It's so important to take time out regulary. I sympathise with you about the fullness of everyday life. Most of it is good stuff but it can be challenging to fit everything in a 24 hour day.

    Hugs to you,


  6. Ah, sounds like you need a lot more fairytale walks and fewer hectic orders to fill - glad you're taking a break, it will do you and your family a world of good. Enjoy these days! Cxxx

  7. Hi Jooles, hope your father in law recovers quickly. If you look really closely into those lovely photos you might spot a little fairy or two, I'm sure I did! :) x

  8. What an enchanting woodland ... I can imagine fairies dancing there ... so glad to hear you had a little break and I do hope everything settles down for you soon ... Bee xx

  9. Beautiful pictures, hope you feel better and more relaxed soon :) xx

  10. Hi Jooles. What a beautiful woodland. The foxgloves are so pretty. Perfect place to sip pink lemonade. Best wishes to you x

  11. doing normal, boring things as chores, can help our inner balance!
    xxxxx Ale

  12. a walk like that is my kind of afternoon - just lovely! Your photos are really great, capturing the height of those trees beautifully.
    BH x

  13. Dear Jooles, Here's to more fairytale walks and rose lemonade. I hope your father-in-law is back home soon.
    Thinking of you and all your family.....Happy July to you!

    Anne xx
    PlumCreek Studio

  14. Your photos of the foxgloves are just exquisite, Jooles! I love the bottles of rose lemonade too...and are those little cakes called melting moments by any chance? Your day out sounds just perfect, and I hope your father in law is recovering well. Life can feel overwhelming sometimes, and that's when you need to step back a bit. Wishing you a peaceful and happy July.
    Helen x

    1. Hello lovely Helen ..... Thank you x yes they are melting moments! how funny you knew that. They are my sons absolute favourite, I'm rather partial too ;o)
      love jooles

  15. Love the fairytale woods Jooles, the foxgloves have been wonderful this year, sounds like you have been on a lovely trip for your birthday
    Hope your father-in-law is back home soon
    Thea x

  16. Your 'fairy woods' is enchanting- a magical picnic spot for sure.
    Much prayer and cheer for your father-in-law- and all your family. I'm so glad you and the Mr. were able to get away for a bit. Stress certainly sneaks up on us, doesn't it? I hope you'll be able to get caught up with life a bit . . . LOVE Miss Marple- actually, really love Agatha all in all and even the Husband is in agreement there. Just finished "The Seven Dials Mystery" last week while I was away. Something so calming and 'all's right with the world' about her stories . . . kinda strange considering they're all murders. . . hmmmmm ;)

    lots of peace to you and your family!

  17. Your photographs are beautiful and magical Jooles!
    It's good to take a step back...my girls are home from uni now for the summer and I'm definitely planning a few much quieter weeks enjoying the simple things..
    I hope all is going well for your father-in-law in his recovery.
    Susan x
    P.S Your visits would be top of my list too!

  18. Your pictures of the woods are stunning - and I love the bottles, straws and fancy biscuits too;0) Hope you manage to put a few of those balls you're juggling aside in the next few weeks and feel more calm in the coming days. Enjoy the sunshine, J9 x

  19. That really is the most magical place, and it sounds as if your day away worked it's magic too. I know that feeling of being stretched too thin and find that stepping away, if only for a little while, is always the best cure.

    I do hope your father-in-law is on the mend and that things calm down for you a bit dear Joolesx


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