Tuesday, 18 June 2013


Hello lovelies

It's been birthday season here .....
so much going on
I've hardly had the time to take photos
but here a few .....

My new favourite perfume from Mr Sweet
I have been enjoying spritzing this ..... it smells divine
he knows how I love everything Liz Earle

My mum is treating my to a Liz Earle facial too
I have booked it for next month
 when, hopefully, life has settled down bit
they are heavenly
I am looking forward to it with longing

Take a look at this!
I NEVER EVER thought I would be lucky enough to own my very own kitchen aid
Mr Sweet was obviously feeling very generous this year
maybe he thought there would be more baking
either way
I am one very happy lady

I had hinted (heavily) that if he ever fancied treating me to one
 that it would most definitely HAVE to be pale pink
I am so in love
and I have to say, I think it is the prettiest pink I have ever seen

He also made me a cake
it was very sweet of Mr Sweet ..... I thought
it was his first ever cake
he did trash the oven and my cake tin in the process
can you see those nutty looking bits in the cake?
they, in fact, turned out not to be nuts at all
but lumps of baking powder
the icing was very good!

It's the thought that counts after all
and I love him for trying

From my Sweet B I got some lovely Burt's Bees lip balm
(very appropriate ~ bees just follow that sweet girl)
always love lip balm, couldn't live without it
and from my lovely boy a gorgeous Emma Bridgewater mug
they know me so well.

Mr Sweet's birthday cake from me

I was so excited to be able to use my new pretty pale pink best friend
 for the very first time and she didn't let me down

Delia's ultimate carrot cake

OMG it was delish!
it lasted just 2 days
the icing is cinnamon mascarpone ..... heaven

Oh how I love Delia
she never lets me down
I would urge anyone to give this a try.

Maybe life sounds good here
all roses and pretty pink things
and mostly it is
my mind is so full of worries
too many to count
that I am struggling to think straight
I've hardly had time to catch my breath
life is being tricky
but this is my happy place and I don't want to fill it with sadness
just feel the need to share a little

My lovely boy had a car accident
thankfully he is ok, which is more than can be said for his beloved car
things like this really make you count your blessings

 My father-in-law is very poorly
he was admitted to hospital on Saturday morning
it has been very upsetting and worrying
it is his first ever stay in hospital
at 87 that's good going
He has amazed us all and is making a good recovery

 How fragile life is

take care lovelies

BIG love 
x Jooles x


  1. Happy belated birthday Jooles, to you and Mr Sweet! What lovely pressies!
    So glad your boy is ok, wishing your father-in-law a speedy recovery .
    V x

  2. Big hugs to you and your family. And believe me when I say that a good baking session with that perfectly pink KitchenAid really, truly soothes the soul. And your baked goodies will comfort those around you, as always. Cxxx

  3. Thank goodness your son is ok Jooles and I do wish your FIL a continued recovery. Yes, you're absolutely right, life is precious.

    Tell your husband I'm extremely impressed with the look of the cake he made, blobs of baking powder and all!!! I can't bake for toffee and will do everything I can to avoid it.

    So many congratulations on your MM tutorial - it's absolutely fabulous. I bet you're tickled pink!

    Heather x

  4. Wow!!!!!
    xxxxx Ale
    Again: buon compleanno!!!!!

  5. big hugs for you, your boy and father in law
    xxxx Ale

  6. Oh Jooles, sending faerie hugs and love, life has a nasty habit of biting us on the bum now and again. I do hope things get better for you soon. Belated Happy Birthday's ... that mixer is far to pretty to make cake in ~ Sarah x

  7. Happy birthday, you've had some great gifts there! Glad everyone is one the mend, it's awful when this stuff happens, makes you realise what's important doesn't it! :) x

  8. Hope the bad bits get better Jooles. I love the mixer and it definitely needs to be pink! Lily. xxx

  9. Happy belated birthday, your cakes look yummy, Lucey x

  10. It sounds like you had a lovely birthday and what fab presents you received! I'd love a kitchen aid and I'd definitely have pink too :0) I hope all the worries pass over soon and that everyone is ok xxx

  11. Happy birthday, I have a super shiny red kitchen aid and love it. Did you know you can mash potatoes in it too? So half your boy was OK, life is precious. X

  12. Dearest Jooles, I am so glad that your lovely boy is okay, that must have been a frightful shock for you :( I hope your father-in-law recovers soon, what a worrying time you've had.

    LOVE your gorgeous new Kitchenaid...you are so lucky that your hubby took the hint!! I bet your delicious baking made everyone feel happy :)

    Hope you had a fab Birthday.

    Lots of love,
    Caroline xxx

  13. What a wonderful, thoughtful husband you have, the cake was so wonderful and what a beautiful present (loving the colour). Hope your worries can lessen soon and good health returns all round :) xx

  14. Beautiful images of the rose, and what prefect gifts from your family who obviously know you well and love you very much. I'm so glad your boy is ok, how worrying, and fingers crossed your father in law continues to make a good recovery. Things like this make us realise how precious life is. xx

  15. Happy belated birthday Jooles. Glad your son is ok. The mixer is fab! I treated myself to one earlier this year and have used it loads.Its the cream one I got and it looks fabulous in the kitchen!!

  16. What a lovely catchup post Jooles ... hope you are all well and that the stresses in your life disappear soon ... Bee xxx

  17. Sending you belated birthday greetings, and wishes that the hard times will pass by quickly....
    Hugs on both accounts!

  18. Hope you had a happy birthday. What lovely presents you've had. I really like the mixer fab colour. Hope everything gets betters soon x

  19. Life is so fragile and so messy, good bits and bad bits all mixed together. Thank you for posting about both.

  20. Happy birthday! I have a red mixer like yours and love it lots, it makes lovely mash potato too! Life is very precious,so pleased your boy is ok x

  21. Praise God that your son is okay! You're so right, life is so so fragile.
    I hope that your father in law recovers quickly, I'm sorry that he is ill, it's amazing that he's never been in the hospital and he's in his late 80's!
    My blog is my happy place too, once in awhile though you just have to vent and get support from your blogging friends.
    Happy Belated birthday, it looks like you were a spoiled girl, and we all deserve that from time to time! So pleased you had a great day!

  22. Belated birthday greeting to you Jooles - what perfect gifts, and your Mr is a honey to bake you his first cake :o)
    Sorry to read of your worries..hope all will be well very soon.

    Rose H

  23. Oh Jooles- So much for you to process! I'm so glad your boy is alright! and that your father-in-law is recovering. Thank you God for those pale pink silver linings in between the hard stuff. Especially when they mix up delicious goodies! Your husband is a dear for making you a cake! Happy happy belated birthday. I hope you get much rust ahead!

  24. Happy Birthday to you and your Hubby. Such a sweet man to bake a cake for you and such lovely gifts. Sorry to hear that your FIL has been unwell Wishing him a speedy recovery and so glad to hear that your son is ok. It is such a worry for us Mum's when our babies start driving. Deep in birthday season here too, so must fly. Best wishes, Pj x

  25. Such pretty pictures... all your birthday gifts are gorgeous, and how lovely that Mr Sweet made you a cake :) I'm sorry about your father in law being ill, and your poor boy being in an accident, such a terrifying thing for you to experience, worrying about what might have happened. I hope you feel less anxious soon, and that all the worries recede.
    Helen x

  26. Happy birthday to everyone!!!!! wow, look at that stunning pink appliance. lucky girl. Never heard of Liz Earle on this side of the world, unless I am mixing in the wrong circles! will be looking for it now though. You must have been beside yourself when you found out about your boys accident, thank goodness he's ok. Your dear father-in-law. I wish him well. All will be well Jooles, because we have to trust the process of life, tough as it is sometimes. My precious dad is not well, so hard to accept, but one of the tough and bumpy roads we are forced to travel sometimes. love and hugs, Jane x

  27. Hey Jooles, belated birthday wishes to you all.........certainly some lovely thoughtful gifts there.
    That kitchen maid is gorgeous and the colour reminds me of yummy pink meringue, my mouth
    is watering just looking at it, hehe.....
    It's been birthday month here too, both hubby and myself enjoying our special days.
    Good to hear your son and FIL are ok, worrying times, but just take one day at a time and you'll
    get through it.
    Been a while since I visited, so have some catching up to do.......

    Claire x

  28. Dear Jooles,

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to everyone! You are a lucky girl. The kitchen maid looks so great.I love the colour! Hope your father-in-law will be fine soonest. Take care. Nicolexxx


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