Saturday, 22 June 2013

It's the little things .....

..... like all those beautiful comments you left
on my last post
from you to me
Oh My ..... I am so thankful
you are the sweetest


You were my sunshine in a very tricky week

I 'm sorry I haven't managed to visit
but please know that they cheered my soul amazingly 

 My Father-in-law is out of hospital now
but is struggling
it's so sad to see
he needs lots of care
it's all so worrying

Tomorrow is his birthday though so a cake is in order

..... One Day At A Time .....

Here are a few other things that have cheered my soul this week .....

Gazing at my new cushion
made by my lovely friend who is new to the world of sewing
you'd never believe that, would you?
it was my birthday gift
I was beside myself when she handed it to me ..... even a few tears
what a thoughtful gift ..... made with such love
you can read all about its creation here
thank you Chrissie I will treasure it ALWAYS

Just look at that perfect stitching
and the beautiful Liberty of London violet fabric
It even features our dear friend Mr Percy Pecker!

Sew Sew Sweet

Foxgloves ..... grown from seed ..... Sutton's apricot
they've cheered my soul too

bringing some inside with some other delights

 ahhhhh .....

  This poppy ..... papaver orientale 'Patty's Plum'

took my breath away

I treated myself to two new buzzy bee candles today
who would've guessed how much joy a couple of candles could bring?

It really is the little things that mean so very much

Three wishes for us all this week .....


BIG love
x Jooles x

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  1. Jooles the photos on your blog are so serene and relaxing. I adore all of your flowers! I'm do pleased to hear about fil being out of hospital.... happy birthday to him!! And your new pillow is lovely.

  2. Sorry to read about your dear father in law. I'm sure with the love and help from family and friends all will come right :o)
    Your foxgloves are truly beautiful - one of my favourite flowers, another being poppies, really knock out!
    The candles are very sweet, hope they help to light your way a little.
    Keep seeing the good and beautiful around you dear Jooles, it helps to smooth the rough pathways out no end.
    Thinking of you and your family...
    Rose H

  3. Oh I love your cushion Jooles, it even has a little Percy Pecker, brilliant! :)
    Love those foxgloves too, I have some of those seeds coming on in my greenhouse at the moment.
    Hope your father-in-law feels much better soon and I hope he enjoys his birthday.
    V xxx

  4. Such pretty colours in this post. I am sorry to hear about your father in law, I think yoy are right to take one day at a time.
    big hugs to you

  5. the cushion is really gorgeous....I love the sewn details so much!!!
    I wish your father in law a quick recovery,
    xxxx Ale

  6. Hey Jooles, your flowers are just delightful, love the Foxgloves and Poppies and what is the other flower in the jug. It's certainly very interesting.
    Good to hear your FIL is out of hospital, but I'm sorry it's a struggle for him. I hope you are able to access community health care and home care for him......
    I'm sure you'll make a wonderful cake for his birthday and yes, one day at a time is the way to go. Sending birthday wishes from Oz to him.
    Your birthday cushion from Chrissie is amazing, she certainly has a steady hand with her embroidery. Whenever I tried satin stitch it always ended up on a slant! It's a beautiful cushion and very personal too, definitely something to treasure......
    Hope the coming week is smoother sailing for you all......

    Claire X

    1. Hello Claire x
      thank you for your lovely words. The other flower in the jug is Astrantia
      love jooles xxx

  7. Gosh, so my beauty here, your flowers are stunning, they are a fantastic plant aren't they?! And a adore your cushion! Happy Sunday, I hope the sun shines for you (yucky here!) :) x

  8. Hi Jooles,
    I just love your cushion, what a thoughtful and creative gift....Chrissie is a clever lady!
    Wishing your FIL well....such a difficult time for you all.
    Hugs and kisses,
    Caroline x x x
    PS. Stunning flowers, love the soft colour.

  9. Ooo, I'm blushing a bit! I'm so happy that you like your cushion so much my friend! I so enjoyed making it...and I'm glad life is settling down somewhat, having FIL home will do him good, surrounded by love and care. And your garden photos bring us all such pleasure, I can't imagine how much more delight they bring you as you stroll around your garden! Cx

  10. I forgot to say your pillow is fabulous!

  11. Love the photos - I've never been able to grow foxgloves from seed and as for that poppy - it's poppy perfect! Glad your father in law is out of hospital - it sounds like you are surrounded by very special family and friends who are supporting you through a tricky time. I've just finished making a cake for my dad as it's his birthday today too! Have a good week x Jane

  12. Sorry to hear about your father in law these things are never easy. Your foxglove photos are lovely. Really love your pattis plum there my favourite. Very cute cushion x

  13. Beautiful photos ... the foxgloves are stunning ... so sad to hear your father-in-law is struggling ... I hope all is well again for you very soon ... Bee xx

  14. How beautiful those flowers look on your mantle :)

    I missed your news about your father-in-law ... my mother struggled when she was allowed home after her op but although it took a while she did get her strength back ... the old can take a lot longer to heal but they get there x

  15. Thinking of you all and hoping your father-in-law continues to improve. Those flowers are so beautiful but that cushion your friend made - lovely! She obviously knows you well. Friends like that are the best. xx

  16. I love love love that cushion - and the lovely girl who made it for you :-) xxx


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