Monday, 20 May 2013

Rhubarb crumble :: Two ways

Hello sweeties
Monday again
(I'm trying hard not to groan)

I hope you had a wonderful weekend
Ours was a good balance of jobs that needed doing and restfulness

I have a * Ta Da * for you today
It's been a loooong time in the making
but here it is

Rhubarb crumble :: Way one

My Rhubarb crumble granny blanket

Ta :: Da!

What do you think?

I am not entirely happy if I'm being honest
 but it is my first granny square blanket
so I'll let myself off the hook
  (he he there's a joke there)
I'm certainly not a relaxed crocheter
and it shows
I joined the squares too tightly
but never mind.
I will remember that next time.

I made a wide border
partly because I thought it would look nice
(and I think it does)
and partly because I got bored making the squares
I gave up a bit too soon
making a rather small blanket
so the border made up for it.
I used Lucy's fabulous pattern for the granny blanket edging
and I love it.

I used cascade 220 pure wool
it is gorgeous
and comes in a bewildering array of luscious colours
very hard to choose from
the ones I (eventually) chose were .....

Natural 8010
Oyster 8407
Dusty rose 8114
flamingo pink 7805
Mauve heather 9441
soft pink 4192
cotton candy 9478
framboise 2428

Well my title says 

'Rhubarb crumble :: Two ways'

so here is
Rhubarb crumble :: Way two

I bet you didn't see that one coming!

Before I say toodle-oo for today
I would just like to say a BIG hello to all of my new followers
Hello ..... it's lovely to welcome you here
In fact 'hello' to all of my followers and readers
it would be no fun at all without you here
x x x

Back soon
BIG love 

x Jooles x


  1. Well I love your rhubarb crumble BOTH ways !!!! :) Both are equally delicious!
    V xxx

  2. Rhubarb crumble for us tonight as well, am so envious I just cannot seem to get crochet at all. Your blanket is lovely x

  3. Jooles- your blanket is absolutely beautiful! I love the colours and the it's so neat:) I could just eat some of that crumble with some lovely warm custard-yum!xx

  4. That m'lady is one lovely blanket....x

  5. I absolutely love this blanket. The colours are fabulous and bright. I'm so jealous, my latest blanket is such a long way of being finished!!
    Rosie xx

  6. Wow - that blanket is fab - I love the way the circles look like they are different sizes. Well done x Jane

  7. Both look soooo scrumptious! Big congrats on finishing the blanket, and for finding the perfect border! Cx

  8. your blanket is lovely!!!!
    xxxx Ale

  9. Hi Jooles-

    I am SO impressed! Fabulous blanket, really, truly! I am smitten with the wide white border- it's perfect!

    Glad your weekend was such a good balance. Ours was also a nice mix of puttering about and a few more things done. Had a lovely family walk in a local garden for exercise, too. :) Happy Monday!

  10. I love your rhubarb crumble - both blanket and edible!! Gorgeous and so cosy, love the border too! You are very clever, would never have believed it was your first granny square blanket! Hope your week is a lovely one, Pam xx

  11. I love your blanket it's so pretty the colours are wonderful x

  12. You should be entirely happy - it looks fantastic!
    Maria x

  13. It's lovely Jooles and the border does work really well. A proper girly blanket! Watch out, I suspect B will be after it, I would be :p x

  14. Hello my sweet Jooles, I am so glad your weekend was good! I hope you have a lovely week too! Your rhubarb crumble blanket is gorgeous! I love the colors! You did a fabulous job crocheting it sweetie! Like you, I tend to crochet tight. Hee hee, I am glad you are letting yourself off the hook! :) I would have never known this was your first granny square blanket. It is truly perfect and very well made! You should be proud of yourself! I really like the large border, it is a very lovely frame for the squares. Thank you for sharing the colors! I must get some wool. I have been using acrylic and am not really enjoying it! Oh, I love your cushion too and your rhubarb crumble way two! It looks very yummy! Beautiful photos and sweet words! It is always a joy visiting you dear friend! Much love, Paula xo

  15. What a gorgeous blanket Jooles, and mmm - rhubarb crumble II !

    Rose H

  16. What a super duper, absolutely gorgeous, crochet blanket! I love it.
    Hope you enjoyed your delicious looking rhubarb crumble :)

    Caroline x x x

  17. It's amazingly gorgeous, you're so talented.

    And the crumble looks delish too!

  18. Two gorgeous crumbles but only one will go well with custard. The granny squares look fabby ... Sarah x

  19. I think it's wonderful Jooles....the colours are so pretty and the border is perfect.
    Jacquie x

  20. Love them both! Your blanket colours are beautiful and rhubarb crumble, what more can I say? I live in what is known as the rhubarb triangle and we have a rhubarb festival early in the year!!

  21. Jooles it's just beautiful!! You are clever. I don't like crocheting sqaures together so I sew them or join them on the go. The colours you've chosen are perfect together, and I like the border I have to say. xx

  22. Love your rhubarb blanket and your crumble! xxx

  23. I found your blog through instagram (thank you for the follow by the way)! I love the colours in your blanket, it looks wonderful! x


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