Wednesday, 1 May 2013

new friends

Happy May

I hope you've had some sunshine this week?
It has been beautiful here
* SPRING HAS (actually) SPRUNG *

Last week the postie delivered a parcel to me
how exciting .....
I wasn't expecting anything
and couldn't imagine what on earth it could be
The parcel was beautifully wrapped
 so I knew it was going to be something wonderful
would you like to see?

Isn't that the cutest face you ever did see?
look at those little heart lips

she has a friend too
Miss Nellie

Oh My Days ..... so cute

Let me fill you in .....

Way back in February I had a giveaway
you can read about it here if you like
the winner was a very lovely lady called Paula
she has a beautiful and very pretty blog Sugar sweet and Pink 

Paula and I have since been getting to know each other by email
(that's why I love blogging so)
she is the most truly beautiful person, inside and out
 The kind of person who just radiates inner love and beauty
I'm probably making her blush, but it just has to be said .....
sweet sweet lady

The precious parcel travelled
all the way from the USA

Paula made these two little treasures to thank me for her winnings
see what I mean? ..... true loveliness
They are just so beautiful
I love all the little details .....
the little hair clips, buttons and cute~some shoes

Thank you my sweet friend
I will treasure them always
I have named the beautiful little lady
Angel ..... after you

They have found a lovely new home in my sewing room
they like it there I can tell.

Do you like my new mug?
I just couldn't resist
just had to get it
It's all Chrissie's fault 
she's a bad influence

I have been working hard in my sewing room this week.
Earlier this evening I looked around the house in such horror
seeing the devastation I had caused
three rooms trashed
(three and a half really)
how is that even possible?
There must have been gremlins here
I'm sure of it.

Once I get wrapped up in something
I lose my sanity
searching for the perfect fabrics, trimmings, the thread .....
I forget it all has to be tidied away
urgh ..... not fun.

I have been designing something new for my NOTHS shop
It's still not quite finished
so I can't reveal all just yet
but soon ..... I promise
I did take it outside in the sunshine this afternoon
 did a little hand sewing
that was lovely, sitting on my swing chair in the spring sunshine
shoes off ..... bare feet in the grass
bliss .....
Here's a little sneak peek

Well I must be off now

Guess what?
Sweet B is coming home for a long weekend visit
I am so excited
Woooo hooooo

Thank you for all of the bunny love from my last post

Back soon

BIG love 
x Jooles x


  1. Lovely post Jooles! Angel and miss Nellie are gorgeous, what a kind lady to send them but very well deserved too. The teacher picture is adorable, and much nicer than the shop bought stuff.

    Enjoy your evening

    Claire xx

  2. isn't it lovely to have sunshine....and two bank holidays to look forward to in May!

  3. Oh what pretty little friends to keep you company in your sewing room! Lucky girl - and I'm off to visit the sweet friend who posted them, sounds like a lovely blog. I envy your sewing in the sunshine, I might gate crash next time! ;-) Chrissie PS I'll bring my own violet mug...

  4. Hello lovely Jooles
    What a coincidence we both wrote about our adorable gifts from sweet Paula at practically the SAME amazing!! She is a sweetie, and her kindness is spreading through blog land!
    I am so pleased you have your NOTHS shop all set make such wonderful things!
    Love your pretty apple applique here, and your lovely new mug!
    Have a wonderful weekend with Sweet B!
    Helen x

  5. Lucky you!!
    Such wonderful new friends for your sewing room AND a fabulous mug! Sounds like a good week- especially with your Sweet B coming this weekend! Yay!!
    I hope I will enjoy my grown up children as much as you do yours . . . that is, if they make it to adulthood! The Oldest is giving me a run for my money, for sure . . . I find it hard at this moment to think I'll be sad when he leaves for college ;)

  6. I was beginning to think I was seeing double as I've just come from Helen's blog, what lucky ladies you are receiving such beautiful gifts!!
    Looking forward to seeing the new design. :)
    V xxx

  7. So cute I love your dolly and the elephant is adorable. Lovely handmades :)

  8. Hello sweet Jooles! Happy May day to you! I am so glad you are enjoying lovely spring weather! I am quite happy to see your new little friends, and I can tell they are very happy to be living with you! Thank you so much for your kind, loving and sweet words! You my friend, are a truly beautiful person inside and out! I have enjoyed our emails so much! I love blogging for the same reason! Your loving words made my heart fill up with joy and blessed me so much! Thank you sweetie! You are so kind! You radiate love and beauty dear heart! You are very welcome and I am thrilled you love them! I love their names!!! That makes me feel so good and special! Your new mug is beautiful, as is the entire vignette! I am so glad you treated yourself. I love your new design! You are so talented and creative sweet friend! I look forward to seeing more. I am glad you enjoyed sewing in the sunshine and your bare feet in the grass. Wish I could have joined you. What fun we would have! How wonderful your sweet B will be home for a long weekend! I am very happy for you and know you two will have the best time! Lots of love, Paula xoxo

  9. PS~ dearest Jooles, I forgot to say how much I love my gorgeous bunting I won in your giveaway! I enjoy it everyday and the darling owl you surprised me with too! Thank you again for both of my pretties and for being such a sweetheart! Lots of love! Paula xo

  10. Oh my they are utterly gorgeous. You are right when you say that the detailing is just amazing. She must be one very talented lady indeed! I bet you definitely will treasure them always.

  11. Aren't bloggy friends great ... Bee xx

  12. your new softies are adorable!!!
    .....but my curiosity has been long for the reveal?????
    xxxxx Ale

  13. Adorable and precious gift from the Paula!! She has such a kind and beautiful heart!! Such treasures to have from her!! Your newest project is so darling! Can't wait to see it all! Have a lovely week! xo Heather

  14. They are so lovely, I especially like the elephants expression! :) x

  15. Paula's so sweet! :-)
    Lovely crafting all-round in this beautiful post!

  16. Joooles such a lovely new 'Angel' you have there what a clever lady Paula let us in on your Reveal asap....not being very patient today!!!
    Daisy j x

  17. Dear, sweet Jooles,

    I am so truly happy you are cheery and full of the joys of spring! Your daughter is coming home and the sun has been shining: marvellous news.

    Your teacher's apple is an absolute delight: so sweet!

    I completely agree with you; Paula is indeed a beautiful soul. I love her blog and the thought she puts into her sweet comments always touch me. Her little pink (my favourite colour) creations are going to brighten up your lovely home as much as the sunshine!


  18. Oh my, such a perfectly pretty parcel to receive in the post from dear lucky you are Jooles to have such lovely company in your sewing room! I'm sure you'll have great success with your new shop and fingers crossed for lots of sunshine this weekend to welcome your Sweet B home,
    Susan x

  19. Hi Jooles---What a sweet package. Thanks for sharing with us. Happy May is finally warm here!! Hooray.
    I love the mug. Is it Irish??
    See you in blogland AND on Etsy.....

    Anne D.T.

    1. Hello Anne :o)
      The mug is British, from Emma Bridgewater .... gorgeous things
      enjoy the sunshine
      love jooles xxx

  20. The gifts are gorgeous. The friendships that spring up from blogging are so unexpectedly lovely, it's a "side effect" of blogging that i did not anticipate but it's the best bit! That doll is fabulous.

    Love your Emma Bridgewater mug, by the way. xx


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