Tuesday, 28 May 2013

mostly blues

My eyes are filled with mostly blues at the moment
and I am LOVING it

Himalayan blue poppy ~ Meconopsis

This glorious beauty is blooming at the top of my garden
amazingly, I grew it from seed a couple of years ago
(It shocks me)
I can't stop looking at it
it almost looks unreal

Omphaloides Cappadocica

This little pretty is my NEW favourite
It seems I am a fickle thing ~ my favourite changes almost daily

A bit more blue on our beautiful bluebell walk

. . . . . breathtaking . . . . .

Not blue but deep dark red ~ a Peony almost ready to burst

I am loving this pretty jug filled with the most magnificent Lily~of~the~Valley
I'm sitting next to it right now and the smell is luscious
I stick my nose right up close and inhale
. . . . . Ahhhhh . . . . .

Thank you to all of you for your love on my last post
and all of the brilliant ideas
you are wonderful
Thank you

I have been having a play with my new pocket idea
this little polar bear was destined to decorate a Christmas Stocking
(sorry if the 'C' word has made you shudder a bit)
but I had an idea for a 'baby bear pocket'
for new babies
it will have the new baby's name and date of birth at the top
(I think)
I'll reveal all very soon
lots of sewing to do first.

I have made my photos extra large I love seeing BIG photos
what do you think?
I have been meaning to do this for a while now
but have been putting it off
you know what it's like ~ you change one little teeny tiny thing for the better
and something changes for the worse
and now my banner is wonky and I can't seem to un~wonky it
hopefully my lovely boy will sort it out for me
I will pay him in hugs although his preferred payment is cookies

Back soon

BIG love 
x Jooles x


  1. such beautiful flowers Jooles!!!!!
    your polar bear is a winner!!!
    xxxx Ale

  2. Heloooo there Jooles....loving the blue too at this time of year...liking a lot your larger photos...so clear too....bestest daisy j x

  3. That poppy is beautiful not seen one before what a beautiful shade of blue. My peonies are looking like yours aren't they wonderful when they flower.
    Very cute polar bear, your stitching is so neat Mx

  4. Wow - that meconopsis is stunning and - hold on - yes I can just about smell the lily of the valley (always reminds me of weddings!) Jane x

  5. The poppy is beautiful, well done, they are supposed to be hard to grow.

  6. Zowee that poppy knocks me out every time! I remember it last year, it is so incredible! I love your garden hues, and the polar bear is too cute! Cx

  7. Gosh that blue flowers is amazing! Beautiful garden delights! :) x

  8. Wow such beautiful blue blooms and you left the best till last I love Lily of the Valley. x

  9. Wow, what an explosion of color! I like BIG photo's, so I can see your pretty makings better...;-)

  10. Such beautiful flowers Jools, your garden looks magical
    Thea x

  11. This post has captured my heart~ oh, what beauty! I seriously don't know which one could be a favorite. They are just all so lovely.
    I'm really amazed at that poppy. That is some serious blue. Wow.

    Have a wonderful sewing time and popping out to the garden . . . don't you just love this time of year?!

  12. I love blue flowers, if I had to pick I would say they are my favourite colours for flowers. The first one is beautiful, I always thought meconopsis were difficult to grow.

  13. Wow! Stunning colours and thank you for sharing! I hope this meets with your approval but just had to link your post to my blog today (after purchasing via Amazon a packet of those marvelous flowers!)

  14. Your big photos look lovely! And your blues are gorgeous, especially the Meconopsis betonicifolia, also my favourite but so difficult. Great you have this one from seed, I can imagine, you can look at it all day.

  15. lovely photos Jooles - our garden is FULL of bluebells and forget-me-nots - I adore them both!
    fee x

  16. I did the same thing - started making my pictures extra large, and had to change settings and fiddle about with my banner. I think it's worth it, though, because it's great to see a nice big picture that really shows off the subject. I hate having to peer at tiny pictures on the page!!
    Beautiful flowers!
    Maria x

  17. Wow! That poppy is stunning....blue is such a piercing colour isn't it? I am in the process of starting again in a new border....need to think and get it right now, otherwise it could be very expensive....loving the second blue flowers too, I think we'll look that one out.

  18. Wonderful flowers Jooles. Great to be able to see them without having to 'click' :o)
    Rose H

  19. Gorgeous blooms! The colour of the blue poppy is indeed enchanting.

  20. That blue is absolutely stunning! That poppy is going on my list for next year. I know what you mean about being surprised to grow something from seed. When I manage it I tend to think 'Oh wow! It works!'. Enjoy. xx

  21. That blue poppy is spectacular. I'm glad you're celebrating blue in this post cos there isn't a lot of it in the sky right now! Only grey. And rain. Boo. xx

  22. That first flower is gorgeous!!! And, love the pretty Lily-of-the Valley, too! Darling polar bear! Have a lovely day!! xo Heather

  23. Dear Jooles
    I finally got some quiet time to come and visit you properly... well what can I say?! I LOOOOOVEEEEEE everything you make and show, your lovely crafts, ALL your pics, the styling, the colours, the corners of your house and your garden.... aaaaahhh (deep sigh) I am so happy to have found you! also, you are so sweet and funny and it's a pleasure to read your posts (the "c" word made me laugh so much!!!) .. and that snowbear.. oh my... SERIOUSLY extra-cute... too cute to be true I dare to say!!!
    Looking forwards to keep on being inspired by your crafts and your beautiful pics both here and on IG.

    A big hug :)


  24. Hello sweetheart Jooles! Your photos are gorgeous! I love that blue Himalayan poppy! It is absolutely stunning! I can see why you can't stop looking at it. How wonderful you grew it from seed. That always makes me happy to grow something from seeds! The little flowers are beautiful too and so sweet! I love all the different shades of blue and lavender. Is it forget~me~nots? The bluebells are gorgeous too! I love how they hang their heads over as if they were drowsy from blooming! hee hee! It is breathtaking to see them all together. I can imagine what it was like in person! The dark red peony is beautiful as well and I look forward to seeing it bloom! Your jug is very pretty and the Lily~of~the~Valley is so sweet and delicate! Oh how I love flowers! The polar bear is adorable! He has such a sweet and happy face. I love the fabrics you used too.. Tilda? :) Your sewing and stitching is absolutely perfect sweetie! I love your idea for it and anticipate the reveal. I love your photos extra large! I like big photos too and you are truly a gifted photographer! I am glad you made the change. Your banner looks perfect. You are so sweet to pay your lovely boy in hugs! I am sure he loves that more than cookies! Love you dear friend! xo Paula

    1. Hi Sweet Paula .....thank you x
      The little blue flower is very similar to forget-me-nots but is actually called Omphaloides Cappadocica, its common name is Navelwort (i think) but it is a delight and just pops up without any fuss every year.
      and yes, you know me too well Paula, i have used my beloved Tilda fabrics for the polar bear pockets!
      take care sweetie
      love jooles xxx

  25. So so beautiful...love blue flowers...and lily of the valley has always been my favourite. xo

  26. Your Himalayan poppy is beautiful Jooles...I seem to remember seeing it last year and it's such a treat! Bluebells are just so pretty, aren't they?..I really love them and your Lily-of the Valley look gorgeous in the little jug.
    Yes, I love large pics too...it shows off your beautiful work here,
    Susan x

  27. Oh Jooles,
    I just love your colourful posts, they are so pretty. I love your larger photographs, seeing the prettiness up close is fab! Your poppy is completely gorgeous....I soooo need to start working on our back garden, it's just slabs and grass at the moment and I can't wait to start planting....I guess that's what happens when one buys a brand new house! Oh well, something to look forward to (perhaps you could send me some clippings from your garden, wink, wink!!).
    Love Caroline xx

  28. Wow... a blue poppy -- lucky you!! You have a lovely blog, by the way...

  29. Gorgeous Himalayan Poppy, sadly I can't grow them in my garden because of the soil. I adore the scent of Lily of the Valley. Best wishes, Pj x

  30. Ohh Jooles I've pinned those Omphaloides Cappadocica because they're so cute so I want to look out for some! Hopefully if I get a garden soon I'll be able to have my own :)

    It's funny to think about Christmas but I guess you have to when you're making things to sell, looks like a lovely idea though and I like your larger images, very nice :)

  31. Thanks for the great flower photos! They're beautiful.


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