Friday, 31 May 2013

Miss Doris

Please let me introduce to you

Miss Doris

{Doris was my maternal granny's name}
{Violet was my paternal granny's name}

I knitted her!
I can't quite believe that I did
but it's true ..... I did.

I used a pattern created by the delightful and supremely talented Julie
whose blog Little Cotton Rabbits, I have been addicted to for a long time now
as I am to Julie
such a sweet and kind lady

I am not an experienced knitter at all
so when Julie, very recently, made her beloved bunny pattern available
I wasn't sure if I would be able to make her
or if I could, do her sweet pattern justice
Julie's pattern writing is incredibly detailed
it felt as though she was there, beside me, holding my hand
and how nice that was

Miss Doris is not perfect I know .....
she is wearing slightly odd sized shoes for starters
and the polka dots on her dress are not perfect
(I won't point out all of my mistakes!)
but I'm pretty happy for a first attempt
there's a boy bunny to make too

Thank you Julie

I have to say that this is my FAVOURITE photo
a bunny's bottom
you just can't get cuter than that

Now a few more pretties from the garden
(I hope I'm not boring you with these?)

Look more buds!
Oh my.

These beautiful aquilegia are popping up all over the place
they remind me of ballerina tutu's

 This is some kind of Clematis, although I have no idea of it's name

My wisteria is just about to blow my mind!
come on ~ do your thing
I can barely contain myself
(have I spelt barely right? I'm not quite sure)

My Sweet B has been having a stressful time of it
along with so many other students at this time of year
exams revision exams revision exams revision

We saw her for just a couple of hours last weekend
(that's all we were allocated!)

Poor little thing
she has got all skinny
luckily I took cupcakes

I am longing to have her back home
she has one more exam left

Good luck my lovely girl
you are so nearly there

I have some BIG news to tell you about next week
and maybe a little giveaway too

Wishing you a beautiful weekend

BIG love
x Jooles x


  1. Jooles ... Miss Doris is adorable and I never tire of looking at your lovely garden ... good luck to Miss B with the exams, such a tough time my lad is doing GCSE's but he's so laid back and chilled it's unbelievable. Sarah x

  2. Miss Doris is just lovely, I too am knitting one of Julie's bunnies. I think she's made a lot of people very happy. Your flower photos are very bonnie - it's lovely to see such pretty blooms.

  3. Oh! She is pretty darn cute! Saw her on your instagram feed and had to pop over and find out the details. I was looking for a little project to make on a camping trip this weekend and I think I've found it! Thanks for showing her to us!!

  4. Miss Doris is so sweet. I too have bought Julie's bunny patterns, but I haven't bought the wool yet. Best wishes, Pj x

  5. your bunny is so so beautiful Jooles!!!!
    xxxxx Ale

  6. Love your bunny, I have Julie's pattern too, I must try and make time to knit her!
    Your garden is looking lovely Jooles.
    V xxx

  7. You've done a fantastic job with Julie's knitting pattern Miss Doris is lovly and I love the colours you've used. Your photo's of the garden a beautiful. Hope you have a good weekend.
    Joanne x

  8. That little bunny is so cute (love the tail!) and 'mistakes' just add to its uniqueness! Sounds as if Julie is an exception with her detailed pattern! I usually struggle, don't you?
    I find many people love the Himalayan poppies, stunning colour aren't they?

  9. Super flower... ain't nature just fab!!

    The bunny looks great to me... loving her tights! Cx

  10. Your knitted bunny is fab Jooles!! My little granddaughter would absolutely love it, one of her first words was rabbit (or a variation of!!).

  11. Wow, you can do anything, can't you?! What a sweet rabbit you made!
    And those garden pictures are never boring... ; beautiful ! Hope you have a great weekend, love from Mirjam.

  12. I'M IN BUNNY LOVE - she's absolutely gorgeous (and after all haven't we all got one foot bigger than the other?) That little fluffy tail brought a huge grin to my face (I think I must be a bit hormonal as I'm getting way too carried away about a knitted bunny!) My wisteria has just opened up and the smell is delicious - looks like yours will be open just in time to welcome your daughter home x Jane

  13. Aw miss Doris is so cute what a lovely little bunny I love her little tail too, I Awwwed out loud haha.
    Oh and more buds on that lovely poppy what a beautiful blue Mx

  14. Miss Doris is just gorgeous!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  15. Your bunny looks amazing......well done....once I finish my latest project Ill be knitting one too! Beautiful flower photos, Alison

  16. Miss Doris is adorable, well done you on your first attempt. Btw, Chloe was going to be a Violet, such a pretty a name. Your flowers are beautiful, it must be a joy to be in your garden :0) Looking forward to hearing your big news xxx

  17. Oh gosh...wish I could knot more than a scarf! What are the very blue flowers? They are amazing!

    1. Hi Linda ..... thank you x
      the blue flowers are Himalayan blue poppies ~ Meconopsis, they knock my socks off every time i see them!
      love jooles xxx

  18. Miss Doris is darling! Love the colors!! Gorgeous flowers!!! Wishing you a lovely and crafty weekend! xo Heather

  19. Hello my dear friend Jooles, I am delighted to meet Miss Doris. I love that you named her and your blog after your dear grannies! Miss Doris is adorable and you did a beautiful job knitting her! You should be very proud of yourself! I think you are a natural knitter sweetheart! Oh, just look at that happy bunny face and her adorable outfit! Your dots are perfect and so are her shoes! The colors you used are wonderful! I am glad to hear the pattern was easy to follow. Julie sounds very lovely indeed! I agree, the bunny bottom is very cute! Love that little tail! I cannot imagine being able to knit something like this. You are so talented my friend! I look forward to seeing the bunny boy too! You could never bore us with your gorgeous flowers! They are all so pretty and your photos are amazing! I love each one and seeing what is blooming in your beautiful garden. The wisteria is lovely! I am pretty sure you spelt barely correctly. It is one of those words, that never looks right to me! :) I am so sorry to hear about your sweet B! Bless her heart! I will be praying for her! I am glad you could see her and take her cupcakes! I hope she will be home very soon! You are such a good mum!!!! I know she will do very well on her last exam! I look forward to hearing your big news and seeing your giveaway. I enjoy my gorgeous bunting and adorable owl everyday! Love to you and happy weekend! Paula xo

  20. Oh my golly gosh the bunny is beyond cute!!! I am totally smitten - and I must relearn to knit! Hang in there with B, you know she will be ok, and you can fatten her up so very, very

  21. Miss Doris is gorgeous, I love her, you are a natural!
    Best of luck to lovely Sweet will all be over soon and she can relax....and so can you! ;o)
    Lots of love,
    Caroline x x x

  22. Cute rabbit and what a lovely flowers!

  23. Miss Doris is perfect! I didn't notice any mistakes until you pointed them out - I was too busy admiring her. Her fluffy tail is my favourite bit.

    Good luck to Sweet B - she'll be back home soon where you can look after her and feed her cake. :-) xx

  24. Miss Doris is adorable and knitted so well.....xx

  25. Miss Doris is absolutely gorgeous! I've always loved Julie's patterns, and you have knitted the bunny beautifully, and dressed her in such pretty 'sew sweet violet' colours...delicious! I love your blue poppies too...I want some now!
    Have a wonderful week, Jooles.
    Helen x

  26. Miss Doris is absolutely delightful :)

    Good luck in her exams to Sweet B x

  27. Miss Doris is adorable! And your blue flowers...sigh..wish I had some of those in my garden. xo

  28. Look at your fabulous garden! Such gorgeous flowers especially those amazing blue poppies. Please show us some more pictures of your wisteria when it's fully out - I love wisteria. Miss Doris is a beautiful bunny. I'm so glad that you had fun with the pattern and made such a cutie with it. Thanks so very much for your kind words xxx


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