Wednesday, 8 May 2013

I'm confused .....

..... do you remember Marjorie from my last post?

 Well .....
she had been sitting happily in her nest for ten days or more
but then
she just disappeared
no sign of her for a couple of days.
A sneaky snoop in her nest revealed 
..... absolutely nothing
NO eggs
no broken eggs
no evidence of broken eggs
no broken eggs on the ground
in fact nothing, but a beautiful but empty nest

What's going on do you think?
we're all sad that she has just disappeared
maybe she was just testing the nest out
and decided not to lay her eggs there after all
all that hard work for nothing
poor Marjorie
it just seems so strange.
Who knows .....

On a happier note .....
Percy Pecker and his lady friend are now nesting in hole in our rockery
even closer to our back door than Marjorie was
it's very exciting but an odd place yet again!
I think they are messing with me
naughty birds.

I haven't managed to get a photo of the super-sonic Percy as yet
so how about some blossom?
pretty huh?

The birds are not the only misguided creatures in our garden
Oh No
We had frogspawn in the watering can of all places
along with two frogs!

I was trying to water my seedlings with the watering can
which I had filled up to the top with water
but something was blocking the rose
(makes me cringe now that I know what)
so I took the rose off of the spout and poured
out plopped a whole heap of slimy frogspawn
all over my garden
it wasn't pretty
poor frogs ..... what a shock it must've been
mind you
it gave me the shock of my life too.
Sweet B sorted it out
they have been carefully decanted into a large bucket
with a stone 'ladder'
(the frogs have since leapt away)
luckily my zoologist in training was on hand
I would NOT have wanted to pick up that slimy spawn!
Sweet B loved it ;o)

Talking of Sweet B
she was home all weekend ..... bliss
but we had to take her back to uni on Monday
I feel lost
it's always the same when we take her back
I miss her
it will soon be the summer holidays
(sorry I don't mean to frighten anyone ;o)
and I have LOTS to do
my shop is busy busy busy
(Yippee :o)
and its my lovely boy's birthday next week too

I hope you had a wonderful weekend
we had glorious weather
lots of beautiful sunshine
it's raining today
I like that too

Back soon

BIG love
x Jooles x


  1. That nest is so pretty! Maybe Marjorie isn't the type to sit still for a long period...;-) ?
    Good that Sweet B was there to help...Yuk!!
    Love, Mirjam.

  2. Goodness Jooles it's all very 'David Attenburgh' at yours, isn't it !!! :)
    Raining here too but I on't like it! :(
    V xxx

  3. An empty nest, sigh, perhaps she will return. So glad your shop is keeping you busy. I can't wait for the summer holidays either :) xx

  4. Now I know who to call when I have frogspawn or any other icky nature to rescue! Sweet B's Nature Rescue Service...
    Can't wait to see what you whip up for your boy's birthday! Cx

  5. Oh no :( wonder what happened to Marjorie. Perhaps she'll be back? What a beautiful nest she made x

  6. Hello lovely Jooles...Our posts do seem to be synchronized don't they?? I'm sorry to hear Marjorie has disappeared, what a sweet little nest she left behind. Big sigh. Your description of your frog spawn experience was sooo reminded me of when my watering can wouldn't pour owing to a big snail blocking the spout. Lucky that Sweet B was there to deal with the nature conservation aspect! Just read your lovely comment on my post, and the bit about the blackbirds and the seed markers made me LOL (and I use that expression very sparingly usually so I really mean it!)
    I'm so glad your shop is doing well, your makes are always gorgeous so am not surprised!
    Have a wonderful week.
    Helen x

  7. My garden bird visitors have taken offence at the new brand of bird seed I have put out for them so I don't get many of them anymore. I think I would hate to pick up frogspawn too, how could you hold it? I'm sure it would slip out of your hand.

    1. Sweet B used her bare hands ..... urrhgh!

  8. Hi Jooles-

    I love a bit of rain after sunny days, too :)

    I'm so glad you had such a great weekend with Sweet B and that she was there to rescue you in your time of need!

    And I'm with you on Marjorie's behavior- perhaps she didn't get the dimensions on her nest quite to her liking? We women can be picky! But goodness, that is a gorgeous nest! I hope she comes back to it- does Sweet B with all her animal giftings have any idea?

  9. Hello lovely :o)

    Maybe that's it .... just being picky! Sweet B has no idea either ....a mystery .....
    love jooles xxx

  10. Naughty Marjory - do you think she was just a bit broody? Never mind you have some little 'peckers' (!) to look forward to and a lawn full of frogs! Summer holidays are certainly just around the corner - Big Sis is home for a couple of nights this week and I'm so excited - not sure how we'll manage for a whole ten weeks though! Your blossom is looking beautiful x Jane

  11. So sad Marjorie disappeared, may be another animal or bird has stolen her eggs. I wonder if she will return her nest looks so perfect. You are lucky Sweet B was there to rescue the frogspawn, haha.
    Love Janneke

  12. Marjorie ......I think she was testing the residential area....she could be back soon!!!
    happy to know that your shop is going on so well!!!
    xxxx Ale

  13. I don't know what happened to Marjorie (birdwatching is not my strong suit - I can barely identify a blackbird) but I am mighty impressed by how perfectly round and tidy her nest was! She was some housekeeper, that's for sure. xx

  14. Hello sweetheart Jooles, I am sorry to hear about dear Marjorie! Her nest is perfect! I hope she is okay and just decided to move. Maybe she will come back! I am glad Percy Pecker and his lady have a special place close to your home. They can feel your sweetness and want to be near you! The blooms are beautiful! Oh, sweetie! Bless your heart! Those naughty frogs! I am glad Sweet B was there and could take care of them and help you out, and that she loved it! She will be a fantastic zoologist! Has she watched Zookeeper? I loved it and thought is was so funny! I know you miss her so much and she misses you too! You are right, summer will be here before long and I know you will treasure every moment of her being home. How exciting your sweet son's birthday is next week! That will be wonderful and fun! I know lots of chocolate in is order! :) I am so glad your shop is busy! Yay! I am not one bit surprised sweetie! Enjoy the sunshine and rain! We need both don't we? I hope your Friday and weekend will be beautiful dear friend! Love you lots! Paula xo

    1. Hello sweetie ..... thank you for your lovely words x
      Sweet B has watched every animal show around so i am guessing yes, but i shall ask her. When she is home every time i turn the tv on an animal programme is on and when she is a away a sport channel is always on!!!
      happy weekend
      love jooles xxx

  15. I'm going to suggest something startled Marjorie and she's rebuilt elsewhere and absolutely not mention cats.

    Love that you had frogspawn in your watering can, and that you had Sweet B on hand to sort it out!

  16. Hi
    really sorry to hear about Marjorie, it could well be the dreaded magpie that has taken her eggs, sadly I know this all too well as it happened to the blackbirds in our garden last year. However on a cheerier note they did return to build another nest and all was well so fingers crossed for Marjorie.
    : )

  17. What a perfect nest, maybe the husband was not as perfect?!! I am so glad that Sweet B was able to sort out the frogspawn and you now have many happy frogs to help out in the garden. XX

  18. I did smile at the frogs and frogspawn in your watering can! My biggest boy is starting to look around at university places right now and I am a little scared to think it's not long before he may fly the nest!

  19. Frogspawn in the watering can? :-)
    Well done to Sweet B!
    Hope you have a good week.....


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