Friday, 3 May 2013

Friday flowers

Hello sweeties
It's a bit of a photo day today

There is so much loveliness happening outside at the moment
I have been snapping away
it's irresistible.

Ahhhh ..... spring ..... Hello

It's so wonderful having the back door and windows wide open
hearing the bird song

Anyway back to flowers

Posies to pretty up inside

The next of my Narcissi to flower

I have been waiting for this little beauty to reveal itself
Narcissi 'Hawera'
isn't it sweet?
and so very minute
I am no expert
but this is the smallest Narcissi that I've come accross

You can see how titchy these beauties are
I'm holding up Narcissi 'Milner' as a comparison
It looks like a big daffodil but it's not
Hawera are like little fairy flowers
and I think my favourite

Narcissi 'Pueblo'

The little orchard is looking beautiful
I'm waiting for one last variety to show itself to me
It's such a treat to spend even a few peaceful minutes there
I'm tempted to add a few more varieties come Autumn
My new addiction

Narcissi 'Minnow'

..... violets .....


Forget-me-not among Aquilegia leaves

Can you spot a beady little eye?
that shiny black eye belongs to Marjorie
isn't she absolutely beautiful
she has made a nest in a hedge just outside our backdoor
(a strange place really)
She is so content and patient
sitting there hour after hour
such dedication
sweet little Blackbird.
Everyone is under VERY strict instructions
 to be quiet (hard for some it seems!) and calm when near

Sweet B and I are off for a long walk in the woods now
while the boys are hard at work
(I have a little pang of guilt but not too much)
so I must be off
Wishing you a glorious and long weekend
(it's a bank holiday weekend here in the UK ..... hoorah)

Back soon

BIG love
x Jooles x


  1. I love your little 'fairy flowers'. :)
    How lovely to have a mummy blackbird close to you!
    Happy weekend, enjoy your 'girl time'.
    V xxx

  2. Spring has certainly sprung, and so heart-lifting (at last), we all needed it!
    Ah, Marjorie is so sweet, I'm wishing her a healthy brood.
    Hope you and yours have a wonderful bank holiday weekend Jooles :o)
    Rose H

  3. I think though I'm not sure that there are blackbirds nesting in my front garden,I do hope so. Lovely photos of your flowers.

  4. Lovely, lovely, lovely!!!
    We've gor some beautiful sunshine here today - I hope it'll last over the weekend!
    Happy Friday, my dear!

  5. happy weekend Jooles!!!
    your flowers are amazing!!!
    xxxx Ale

  6. Such pretty posies, mother nature is the greatest creator. Have a fabby long weekend... Sarah x

  7. Your posies with the funny bunny are gorgeous and your sweet blackbird Marjorie looks so cute, soon the fat young blackbirds will populate your garden.
    Have a nice weekend,

  8. Beautiful spring photographs lots of lovely colours :)

  9. Hello sweet Jooles, I am so glad you are enjoying such beautiful spring weather! I love how you said the loveliness is irresistible! That is so true! I have been reading Anne of Green Gables and it makes me think of her, "beauty loving eyes." I just love that! Your flowers are so gorgeous and your photos too! Just what my beauty loving eyes needed today! Thank you so much for sharing! The colors are so lovely and cheerful and it is wonderful to see the sweet bunny you made enjoying them as well! She goes perfectly sweetie! I enjoyed seeing your beautiful Narcissi's too! Such a lovely place for you to enjoy peaceful moments. I think you should plant more in the autumn! I love every sweet little flower you shared! Aren't they some of the most wonderful friends! Marjorie is a sweetie pie! What a good mommy! I hope you and Sweet B had a beautiful walk in the woods! Don't feel one bit guilty, we must enjoy moments like that anytime we can get them! I hope your holiday is wonderful sweetie! Love you, Paula xo

  10. Lovely pictures Jooles, unfortunately not very springlike here today, but your lovely flowers have cheered me! Particularly love that beautiful forget-me-not ... what an amazing blue!

    Have a wonderful mweekend and hope the sun shines for you ...

    Love Claire xxx

  11. I do love the pic of the blackbird in her nest.We had a thrush that nested in a rather overgrown clematis that part covered a bedroom window at our old house.It was fascinating because although you couldnt see the nest from outside we could see exactly what was happening from the bedroom.Such a lovely thing to see and when the eggs hatched it was so cute listening to the chicks.

  12. what a beautiful post full of joyful your pretty lovely to have a blackbird nesting outside your door! shh better tiptoe past....

  13. Gorgeous flowers, and there is something about those sweet forget-me-nots that I love!! Hope your walk was wonderful! Happy weekend! xo Heather

  14. Your photos are so lovely - I really need to get a new camera!

  15. Oh Jooles, what a beautiful post...I love your gorgeous spring flowers and that teeny tiny Narcissi is so lovely! How lucky you are to have Marjorie nesting outside your back door, what a treat!
    Have a wonderful Bank Holiday weekend, and a lovely special time with Sweet B.
    Love Caroline x x x

  16. It's lovely to see all those beautiful flowers! Lets hope for a little Bank holiday sunshine-have fun!

  17. What beautiful flowers in your garden! I love this time of year when the garden wakes up suddenly, and everything blooms and changes so quickly. Enjoy your bank holiday weekend. xx

  18. Beautiful flowers in the vase and a cute little bunny to sit beside it too. I've never seen a narcissi flower like that either. I've had some in the garden that were tiny but never ones that drooped. Very special indeed.
    Rosie xx

  19. Hi Jooles, Thanks for sharing your spring gardening and home pics. Everything is waking up after cold, long days.
    It is a wonderful time of year!!My favorite one is of the nesting bird.

    Happy May.....
    Anne xx
    PlumCreek22 Studio

  20. Those tiny flowers ... they're exquisite Jooles, and certainly the smallest of their kind I've seen.

    What is it with blackbirds, we have a pair building a nest in the ivy by the patio door, a most unsuitable place!


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