Sunday, 28 April 2013


I hope you're having a lovely weekend
it's a bit on the nippy side again here

I have just stopped by to introduce you to my new friend

I adore her

I made her from a kit 
'Miss Maggie Rabbit Softie Kit'
designed by the absolutely wonderful Alicia Paulson
I'm sure most of you read her blog Posy gets Cozy
but if you don't .....
what are you waiting for? ..... it's beautiful beautiful beautiful
get over there quick smart

I was feeling under-the-weather last week
and it turned out to be the perfect opportunity 
to settle down make my rabbit
some quiet stitching and convalescing
was just what I needed
it was better than any medicine

Violetta loves violets 
It's no wonder we're friends

I think the bunny kits are temporarily sold out
although you can still purchase the pattern
Alicia's pattern is so detailed and very easy to understand and follow
I highly recommend it

I am also VERY excited by the fact, that 
Alicia is designing a whole wardrobe of clothes for the gorgeous Rabbits to wear
it just brings out the little girl in me ..... little teeny cute clothes .....
Oh. My. Lordy 

Whilst I was stitching her, lost in my own thoughts
I imagined that, one day
Violetta may be played with and loved by my grandchildren
that thought makes me ridiculously happy
although NO hurry there
NO hurry at all

Thank you for all of your kind comments on my little orchard
I have been picking a few of those pretties to bring inside today
Oh So P R E T T Y
I do love this time of year
don't you ?

Next time, I have two other new friends to introduce to you
so many friends ..... how wonderful

Back soon

BIG love 
x Jooles x


  1. Violetta is beautiful! I may just have to buy that pattern as I fell in love with her just after the kits sold out, and so love the idea of making a gorgeous wardrobe of clothes!

  2. Oh my goodness I was just admiring how pretty she was when I scrolled down and saw her standing next to her legs - quite disconcerting! How exciting to think she could soon have her very own wardrobe of clothes to choose from! Jane x

  3. She's beautiful Jooles, so cute! :)
    V x

  4. Oh I wish I had a bunny like that sitting pretty in my garden! She is just adorable, I can't think of a better way to lift one's spirits when under the weather! Cx

  5. Happy sunday evening to you Jooles! You've done a wonderful job on Violetta! Being a bit of a bunny lover I was most excited at the thought of purchasing one of Alicia's Maggie kits but they sold out super fast! I know exactly how you feel about making tiny clothes because I'm always so happy when I make up new little outfits for my hares and mice. Such simple pleasures...

    I also adore violets: they are possibly my favourite flower. Infact my penultimate post was all about violets.

    Happy week to you and your family.


  6. She's fantastic Jooles! It's nice to actually make something for ourselves, isn't it? I think I need to do something like that for me, too- as soon as all these other makey-things for friends and family get done, of course! ;)

  7. Violetta is gorgeous!!!!
    xxxxx Ale

  8. So cute this hare Violetta !

  9. How adorable is Violetta? Such a pretty name. .. Sarah x

  10. She is beautiful, and perfect to come and live with you :) Love your sweet photos, Jooles....especially the tiny bunch of violets!
    Helen x

  11. Aw so cute and beautiful photos :)

  12. She is so pretty - what a lovely little make.

    Nina x

  13. You got a Maggie kit!! I am so jealous, they sold out so fast I didn't get one. Violetta is just gorgeous. x

  14. Hello sweet Jooles, I love Violetta! Oh, you did a beautiful job sweetie! I was so sad I missed out on a kit, but I plan on getting one the next go around. So glad to hear how easy her pattern is to follow! Yay! I am sorry you were not feeling well sweetie, but I am glad you rested and enjoyed stitching this adorable bunny! Your photos are gorgeous too! She is such a sweet and darling bunny girl. I love the fabric you chose! I know she will be loved by those future grandchildren one day! You are a dear heart! I love this time of year too! Much love, Paula xo

  15. Oh my gooodness, Jooles! She's so beautiful! And you did such a good job - she's so neatly-done!!!
    I'm off to check out that site now.....

  16. These relatives of the original Miss Maggie are popping up everywhere ... one could be forgive for thinking they were breeding like, um, rabbits ;)

    I totally identify with your thoughts on grandchildren Jooles :)


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