Monday, 22 April 2013

Twenty One

Our Sweet B is now 21
(how. on. earth. did. that. even. happen.?)
 We celebrated her special day a couple of weekends ago
over the Easter holidays
21 ..... Oh My.

It wasn't her actual birthday 
but as she was going to be back at uni for that (BOOO)
we celebrated early
her birthday celebrations seemed to go on for weeks
(well days & days anyway)
She got a massive three birthday cakes
two of them from her friends at university
so lovely

Sweet Bee piñata!

 It's so hard to imagine that 21 years ago we had only just met
 my baby girl & I
we would have been just getting to know each other
such wonderful memories

It's funny to think, that at her age now, I had a baby ..... my Sweet B
she was born when I was 20
(almost 21)
I had been married for 9 months!
she was no mistake
well and truly planned for and dreamed of
It was all I ever dreamt about when I was young
to be married to somebody wonderful
have a home of my own
and have a baby, hopefully two
I count myself truly very lucky

We had a fabulous day
lots of fun
and WAY too much food

Here's the cake that I made for our zoologist in training
well ..... I had to get animals in there somewhere didn't I?
golden ones ..... even better.

The cake was orange and raspberry, recipe by Sophie Dhal
you can find it here
I made three layers instead of two
(cos we're cake eating monsters in this house)
and covered the edges with white chocolate cigarellos
and the tie belt to my old cardigan
(yes, you did read that right)

I was so happy with the animal candle holders
ages ago, I was browsing pinterest and found this fabulous tutorial
they look so impressive but are deceptively easy

Sweet B declared it her 'best cake ever'

Before I say 'toodle-pip' for today
I just want to say .....
'thank you so very very much'
for all of your very kind words and good wishes for my new venture

and on top of that
 'thank you thank you thank you' 
for no other reason than just visiting me here
I LOVE it that you do

Wishing you a happy week

Back soon

Lots of love
x Jooles x

P.S The lavender sachets are now for sale in my new shop


  1. Well now that cake looks magical - well done! One of my colleagues at work is currently expecting her first child and is justifiably excited - however I have to stop myself gushing about what a truly life changing experience it is - and continues to be. My eldest is nineteen now and it is difficult to imagine what life was like before her. I often think of a card mum sent to me with the old adage 'a daughter is just a little girl who grows up to be a friend' - how lucky we are when this is true. See - I'm gushing now..... Jane x

  2. A huge Happy Birthday to your sweet 'baby'! I was the same age as you when my first baby was born- twenty, almost 21. I'm so glad I had my babies young because I had so much more energy fourteen years ago then I do now! Your cake for her is GENIUS! and it looks too delicious! I love that you still 'do' birthdays for your kids- mine are way younger and already been deemed 'too old' :( I miss those fancy cakes . . . but not the crazy chaos of lots of sugar-hyper kids in my house! ;)

  3. I am a new reader to your blog (via Chrissie - although we met in person last year briefly at her Thanksgiving party) and your space here is beautiful, gentle and serene. I loved the paragraphs you shared about how much your daughter was longed for - it made my heart (and eyes) slightly weepy! And that cake - phenomenal!

  4. Aaaah how lovely! This post made me smile. I hope to have the same relationship with a daughter of mine one day. I've always shared your dream - to be married to someone wonderful, with two children and a lovely family home. (I wanted it by the time I was 25 - I'm 33 now, and still waiting!! Hopefully it'll happen one day, though!)
    That cake looks scrumptious... my mouth is watering!
    Maria x

  5. Haha, my eldest daughter also was born exactly 9 months and 3 days after our marriage. That cake sounds delighted with raspberries and white chocolate, and it looks so wonderful with those zoo animals on it.

  6. A very happy belated 21st birthday to your Sweet B, what an amazing cake! :)
    V x

  7. Congratulations and happy birthday to Sweet Bee ... and also on your new shop ... you must be delighted ... Bee xx

  8. Happy Birthday to your sweet B, it doesn't matter how old our babies grow, they are always our babies (my prince boy is 25 now, though my sweet girl is only 10). The cake is beautiful, and I love the candles :) xx

  9. Buon Compleanno to yor big girl!!!
    Your cake is (or better : was!!!) amazing!!!! I think yummy, too!!!!
    hugs and xxxxxx Ale

  10. Congratulations ! Those party animals look great and so does the cake ;-)!
    Love from Mirjam.

  11. Happy 21st Birthday, Sweet Bee! The cake is beautiful, truly amazing and original, Jooles!
    Helen x

  12. Well done Jooles on your fab-tastic cake, it's truly gorgeous and it made me get a little tear in my eye! My baby girl is 18 soon; I agree it whizzes by doesn't it?
    Sally x

  13. Hello sweet Jooles! A very Happy 21st Birthday to your dearest sweet B! I am so happy you had her and that is what you always dreamed of and planned for! She is so very blessed to have you for her loving mum! I love the heart and bee decoration and that cake is amazing! Wow! You did a fantastic job sweetie! How wonderful she is studying to be a zoologist and you had the little animal candle holders in honor of that! Perfect! I wish you a happy week too sweetie! Lots of love, Paula xo

  14. Happy birthday to your Sweet B! :-)
    Look at that cake!!! VERY impressive indeed!!!

  15. Happy Birthday to Sweet B! Your love for her (and all your family) always comes across so strongly in your posts.

    The cake is AMAZING. Honestly, it looks professional. And what a good idea to make your own candle holders! Brilliant. I am totally stealing that idea for Angus when he turns four next month... x

  16. What a gorgeous are so talented! I hope Sweet B had a wonderfully happy birthday :)
    Lots of love,
    Caroline xxx

  17. Again, I'm late but hope sweet B had a super birthday. Your cake is amazing and clever you making those candle holders! Time certainly flies, my baby girl was 13 over Easter, very scary indeed! xx

  18. THe birthday wishes keep coming......I hope you had a wonderful day, Sweet "B".
    My son was 21 on 6 February!!
    Best wishes for your happiness and success.....

    Anne xx


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