Friday, 19 April 2013

a Pinky promise .....

here I am ..... as Pinky Promised

with some very exciting news gifts

Oh Yes Indeedy .....
 I now have a Not on The High street shop
EXCITING ..... or what?!
I can tell you, quite honestly, that I found it all ridiculously scary

Not on the High street contacted me waaay back last summer
asking if I would be interested in selling with them
I am such a scaredy cat, I really and totally am
it takes me a long long long time to get used to an idea
I have to wait for the initial terror to subside
and that is what I did
waited and considered .....

When I took my blog holiday
I had no idea that I would actually get brave and do it
but something came over me and that's what I did
so it kind of worked out well

I spent a few weeks creating goodies to stock my bare shelves
many many hours of photography (urghh)
and many many many hours writing 
and just last week I finally went live
So if you fancy taking a look around, please do
I'd dearly love to know what you think

I still have lots to add
and plenty of new products in my messy old brain waiting to come out 
and there will be some old favourites too

Here is a taster of something new .....
I made this lavender sachet for my lovely mum for Mother's day 

and another for my lovely friend Chrissie
whose new blog I mentioned a couple of weeks ago
this one was a 'thank you' for helping me with my new shop
she is my 'writing' angel
I'm not good at writing/spelling/punctuation/grammar
and so Chrissie helped me out
(is always helping me out)
by reading it through
(she's a bit FABULOUS like that)
and pointing out, in a very nice way, my embarrassing spelling mistakes
such as when I listed 'petty' tags

Anyway these gifts got me thinking .....
I thought they would be a perfect addition to my new shop
so I had a play around
and came up with a design that didn't take 100 hours to make
(always a bonus)

I also decided that it would be a lovely touch if I could make them personalised
so I came up with an initial hang tag

I don't know about you but I LOVE lavender sachets
they are so nostalgic and cosy making
and make perfect girly gifts
These should be in my NOTHS shop sometime next week

I am keeping my Etsy shop open 
(for the time being anyway, see how things go)
I think it may be easier to sell 'one off' items on there
(you know, like ..... Percy Peckers ..... )
anyway just to let you know that it's still open for business
and has lots of goodies in stock too

You guys are so sweet
I abandon you for weeks on end and you still remember me
I even had lovely emails wondering if I was ok
thank you thank you thank you
I am chuffed to bits that you are still there
all of your kind comments meant the world to me

Wishing you a FAN-DABBY-DOSEY weekend

Back (again) soon

lots of love
x Jooles x


  1. Those are so lovely -well worthy of a place at NOTHS - well done you! Jane x

  2. Wow Jooles, you have been busy! Love the items in your new shop and those lavender bags are really beautiful...
    So delicate and pretty and so neatly made! I think they'll fly out of your store in no time!
    Love from Mirjam.

  3. You make such beautiful things, I'm glad you're on NOTHS. Love the lavender bags :) xx

  4. Best wishes for the new shop Jooles. :)
    V xxx

  5. Sweet Jooles, I am beyond thrilled for you. I am sure you will enjoy this new venture and make a wonderful success of it!

    Happy dreams to you.


  6. They are lovely - can't wait for those to be added! :) well done you :)

  7. I hope your new venture goes really well Jooles. You make such beautiful things ....I love the lavender sachets and everything you create.
    Jacquie x

  8. Hi Jooles,
    Lovely to have you back in blog land again :) Your NOTHS shop looks really fab and I adore your lavender bags, just gorgeous!
    Best of luck,
    Caroline xx

  9. Oh Jooles, How exciting!!! Your new goodies and shop look fabulous, you clever thing you! I bet you'll do really well on there:)xx

  10. good luck with your new venture, ali

  11. Congratulations! Your shop is absolutely adorable!
    I have always been so drawn to your little birdies!
    Your creations are beautiful!! Trish xo

  12. These are gorgeous! Love the idea of an initial.

  13. Oh Jooles!!!! I'm so so HAPPY for you!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!
    This is big step!!!!! Yay!!!! Hooray!!!!
    Lovely weekend to you, too!!!
    xxxxxxxxx Ale

  14. You are a very talented lady and I wish you lots of success! :) x

  15. It's so good to see you posting again! And then this news to top it off- congrats on your new store! Your sachets are fantastic- really lovely. Good to have you back, and to hear spring is coming soon to you!

  16. I love your cross-stitch sachets - absolutely beautiful. Also love your NOTHS shop - what brilliant ideas you have! Good luck with everything!

  17. Congrats!! All such beautiful creations, and I love the cross-stitched roses!! Happy weekend to you! xo Heather

  18. You are such a talented girl. Just believe in yourself and it will come together....xx

  19. Well done on opening your new shop, Jooles! Your work is sooo worthy of it and I am sure you will be very successful! I love all your sweet makes here, always so stylish and beautiful! Good luck!
    Helen x

  20. I love your pretty lavender sachets. Well done you for opening your new shop. I wish you all the luck in the world xxxx

  21. Fantastic - that's so exciting! Congratulations!
    Maria x

  22. ~ Tis proven then good things do happen to nice peeps! ~ Ever so pleased for YOU, Jooles..I smiled at your punctuation help! so to speak... I ask my daughter to go through mine too, before I send out into the virtual world! hehe... I always make a silly mistake! LOVE your off to take a browse on the site....with twinkly thoughts...Maria ****

  23. I'm still carrying my sachet from room to room, I can't seem to decide where to put it, so luckily it can hang on every door! ;-) love and luck to you! Cx

  24. Wow! Congratulations on the new shop! I'm going to get myself a cuppa later on and have a nose around.....
    I love the sachets - and the little tags with the initials. What a lovely little touch! :-)

  25. Jooles, I am so bloomin' happy and excited for you, I really am!! Your NOTH page looks amazing, slick and professional and gorgeous. The photos are great. Well done for taking the leap, lovely lady. xx

  26. How exciting for you! it all looks wonderful, clever girl!!
    Thea x

  27. Hello sweet Jooles! I am so very happy for you! Your new shop is gorgeous and so are your photos and creations! I am not one bit surprised they asked you to sell with them! You are very creative and talented! I love the lavender sachets you made! So sweet and pretty! I wish you all the best dearest! I know you will do well! I am so proud of you! Lots of love, Paula xo

  28. Oh Jooles, it's lovely to see you back, I have missed you very much. I'm so happy that Sew Sweet Violet is spreading their wings and you now have a new shop, there are big things destined for you and your gorgeous range of makes. I know I'm a little late to congratulate you but things have been very busy here. Wishing you every success xx


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