Wednesday, 20 February 2013

I would be a rubbish accountant

Hello lovely peeps
how you doing?

If you have arrived here looking for my giveaway
you can find it here 
 Thank you to everyone who has already entered
It will run until next Wednesday
so still plenty of time to enter

A couple of days ago I MADE myself do my accounts
Whaaaaaa .....
I had been putting it off for so long
It was BAD

I spent from 9.30am till 4pm with my head in a messy heap of paperwork
It was frustrating .....
"Yes, Mr Sweet, I HAVE learnt my lesson"
(thank you for pointing it out)
I am going to try and do it month by month from now on

I tried to make it as  bearable as possible
even so, it was still only just

A couple of 'catch-up' photos for you

Pancake day

A Valentine cake for Mr Sweet

A sweet personalised bunting

You can find the listing to my Personalised applique buntings
here in my shop

My next job to tick off the list
 is to find the bottom of the ironing basket
..... fun

Back soon

BIG love
x Jooles x


  1. I put things off tie at minute. Like.....I am flying to Colorado in a couple of hours and I can't find my suitcase.
    Are you going to sell your bunnies in your etsy shop. I see the tothfairy ones but the ones with arms and legs? They are so cute.

    1. On no Debby ..... I hope you find your suitcase!

      I have a few bunnies in my shop, but only 3 left! they are in the 'birdies and bunnies' section, here is the link .....

      have a lovely trip
      love jooles xxx

  2. At least they're out of the way for now, well done for doing such a horrible job :) Lovely cake, and such pretty bunting xx

  3. Accounts and ironing, yuck! Just keep sewing Jooles! :) x

  4. ....some sweets and we all are fine!!!!
    have a good week Jooles, xxx Ale

  5. I love the Grace bunting! And if you don't mind, I'll just pop over for some of that cakes :) Looks gorgeous!
    Tammy x

  6. Yes accounts - I have started an online accounting/book keeping thing which I hope will enable me to do my accounts more regularly! Such a chore, lovie the cakes and bunting tho!

  7. I hope you are now at the end of the ironing pile! I don't know what's worse, accounts or's a fine line. The cake looks delicious and with those lovely chocolates, they wouldn't have too many calories would they??! Take care. Chel

  8. what a terrible way to spend the day! ali

  9. Mmmm cake, coffee and flowers, my favourite!!

    Helen xx

  10. Oh! Pancake day!!! I wish it could be pancake day EVERY day!!! :-)

  11. Gorgeous cake, such a sweet ellie and lovely flowers! Doing accounts is my least favourite thing! Well done on getting yours done.
    Have a lovely rest of the week!
    Helen x

  12. Hello sweet Jooles! I am sorry your accounts have been such a pain! Bless your heart! All of your treats look so pretty and yummy! The bunting is beautiful! That elephant is so sweet! I have a pile of ironing too! I hope you enjoy the rest of your week! Much love, Paula xo

  13. aaahhh, I know the hunt for the bottom of the ironing basket very well. Honestly, I think I'd rather iron than deal with accounts, though.
    Your banner and it's elephants is super cute! And that cake is stunning- lucky Mr. Sweet!

  14. I'm not convinced the ironing baskets bottom is meant to be found!

  15. Gorgeous Valentine's cake. I will have to remember that for another year. Sweet elephants on your bunting. Good luck with the ironing - I know it seems never-ending in this house! Best wishes, Pj x

  16. Well done for doing your accounts, you are a braver woman than me. The thought of that pile of receipts brings me out in a cold sweat. The bottom of the ironing pile - I don't believe I've seen that in some time. Enjoy you weekend, Jooles.

    Gillian x

  17. Mr Sweet is a very lucky man! What a gorgeous cake. I really love your little elephants on your personalised bunting, very cute!
    Have a lovely weekend :)
    Love Caroline xx

  18. Oh Jooles. Same. I had a little fright myself yesterday with regards to our bills. We obviously weren't born to be accountants! who cares, it would be boring. I would much rather be creating! Jane x

  19. I hope that you have found your way to the bottom of the ironing basket - I think that I would almost prefer to do accounts ... keep eating the cake and it'll be all right!

    Pomona x


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